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Anthology series consisting of remakes of the original series along with new stories in a variety of suspenseful mysteries.

Season One: 26 episodes
182127aMay 05/85Incident in a Small Jail
282127bMay 05/85Man From the South
382127cMay 05/85Bang! You're Dead
482127dMay 05/85An Unlocked Window
560707Sep 29/85Revenge
660711Oct 06/85Night Fever
760716Oct 20/85Wake Me When I'm Dead
860703Oct 27/85Final Escape
960714Nov 05/85Night Caller
1060705Nov 10/85Method Actor
1160715Nov 17/85The Human Interest Story
1260701Dec 01/85Breakdown
1360718Dec 08/85Prisoners
1460704Dec 15/85Gigolo
1560708Dec 22/85The Gloating Place
1660713Dec 29/85The Right Kind of Medicine
1760717Jan 19/86Beast in View
1860723Feb 16/86A Very Happy Ending
1960730Mar 01/86The Canary Sedan
2060724Mar 09/86Enough Rope For Two
2160727Mar 16/86The Creeper
2260734Mar 23/86Happy Birthday
2360732Apr 06/86The Jar
2460731Apr 13/86Deadly Honeymoon
2560722May 04/86Four O'Clock
2660702May 11/86Road Hog

Season Two: 13 episodes
2778101Jan 24/87The Initiation
2878103Jan 31/87Conversation Over a Corpse
2978105Feb 07/87Man on the Edge
3078106Feb 14/87If the Shoe Fits
3178102Feb 21/87The Mole
3278107Feb 28/87Anniversary Gift
3378108Mar 07/87The Impatient Patient
3478111Mar 14/87When This Man Dies
3578110Mar 21/87The Specialty of the House
3678109Mar 28/87The Final Twist
3778112Apr 04/87Tragedy Tonight
3878113Apr 11/87World's Oldest Motive
3978104Apr 18/87Deathmate

Season Three: 21 episodes
4078301Feb 06/88Very Careful Rape
4178303Feb 13/88Animal Lovers
4278304Feb 20/88Prism
4378307Feb 27/88A Stolen Heart
4478302Mar 05/88Houdini on Channel 4
4578309Mar 12/88Killer Takes All
4678306Mar 19/88Hippocritic Oath
4778310Mar 26/88Prosecutor
4878308Apr 23/88If Looks Could Kill
4978311Apr 30/88You'll Die Laughing
5078312May 07/88Murder Party
5178320May 14/88Twist
5278313May 21/88User Deadly
5378331May 28/88Career Move
5478332Jun 18/88Full Disclosure
5578317Jun 25/88Kandinsky's Vault
5678325Jul 02/88There Was a Little Girl...
5778305Jul 09/88Twisted Sisters
5878318Jul 16/88The 13th Floor
5978314Jul 30/88Hunted, Part One
6078315Aug 06/88Hunted, Part Two

Season Four: 20 episodes
6178334Oct 08/88Fogbound
6278335Oct 15/88Pen Pal
6378339Nov 12/88Ancient Voices
6478340Nov 19/88Survival of the Fittest
6578321Jan 06/89The Big Spin
6678324Jan 14/89Don't Sell Yourself Short
6778329Jan 21/89For Art's Sake
6878336Jan 28/89Murder in Mind
6978338Feb 03/89Mirror Mirror
7078330Feb 11/89Skeleton in the Closet
7178326Feb 17/89In the Driver's Seat
7278323Feb 25/89Driving Under the Influence
7378316Mar 10/89In the Name of Science
7478341Mar 25/89Romance Machine
7578343Apr 14/89Diamonds Aren't Forever
7678342Apr 22/89My Dear Watson
7778344Apr 28/89Night Creatures
7878346Jul 08/89The Man Who Knew Too Little
7978345Jul 15/89Reunion
8078348Jul 23/89South by Southeast
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Genre: mystery, crime, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 80
Broadcast Run: 1985 - 1989
Hosted By: Alfred Hitchcock
Created By: Alfred Hitchcock
Broadcast Network: NBC (season 1)
USA Network (season 2-4)
Production Company: Michael Sloan Productions
Universal Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Alfred Hitchcock Presents