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Being Erica
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Erica Strange is 32 years old and her life is going nowhere. Full of regrets about choices she made in her life, she meets a mysterious man who offers to fix all her problems, guaranteed. What she didn't foresee is that his brand of therapy means actually going back in time to the moment of her regret and allowing her to make a different choice.

Season One: 13 episodes
1Jan 05/09(CA)Dr. Tom
2Jan 13/09(CA)What I Am is What I Am
3Jan 20/09(CA)Plenty of Fish
4Jan 27/09(CA)The Secret of Now
5Feb 03/09(CA)Adultescence
6Feb 12/09(CA)'Til Death
7Feb 19/09(CA)Such a Perfect Day
8Feb 24/09(CA)This Be the Verse
9Mar 03/09(CA)Everything She Wants
10Mar 10/09(CA)Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma
11Mar 17/09(CA)She's Lost Control
12Mar 26/09(CA)Erica the Vampire Slayer
13Apr 02/09(CA)Leo

Season Two: 12 episodes
14Sep 22/09(CA)Being Dr. Tom
15Sep 29/09(CA)Battle Royale
16Oct 06/09(CA)Mama Mia
17Oct 13/09(CA)Cultural Revolution
18Oct 20/09(CA)Yes We Can
19Oct 26/09(CA)Shhh... Don't Tell
20Nov 03/09(CA)The Unkindest Cut
21Nov 10/09(CA)Under My Thumb
22Nov 17/09(CA)A River Runs Through It... It Being Egypt
23Nov 24/09(CA)Papa Can You Hear Me?
24Dec 01/09(CA)What Goes Up Must Come Down
25Dec 08/09(CA)The Importance of Being Erica

Season Three: 13 episodes
26Sep 21/10(CA)The Rabbit Hole
27Sep 28/10(CA)Moving On Up
28Oct 05/10(CA)Two Wrongs
29Oct 12/10(CA)Wash, Rinse, Repeat
30Oct 20/10(CA)Being Adam
31Oct 27/10(CA)Bear Breasts
32Nov 03/10(CA)Jenny From the Block
33Nov 10/10(CA)Physician, Heal Thyself
34Nov 17/10(CA)Gettin' Wiggy Wit' It
35Nov 24/10(CA)The Tribe Has Spoken
36Dec 01/10(CA)Adam's Family
37Dec 08/10(CA)Erica, Interrupted
38Dec 15/10(CA)Fa La Erica

Season Four: 11 episodes
39Sep 26/11(CA)Doctor Who?
40Oct 03/11(CA)Osso Barko
41Oct 10/11(CA)Baby Mama
42Oct 17/11(CA)Born This Way
43Oct 24/11(CA)Sins of the Father
44Oct 31/11(CA)If I Could Turn Back Time
45Nov 07/11(CA)Being Ethan
46Nov 14/11(CA)Please, Please Tell Me Now
47Nov 28/11(CA)Erica's Adventures in Wonderland
48Dec 05/11(CA)Purim
49Dec 12/11(CA)Dr. Erica
Being Erica
Genre: drama, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 49
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2011
Starring: Erin Karpluk
Reagan Pasternak
Morgan Kelly
Kathleen Laskey
Joanna Douglas
Michael Riley
Adam Fergus (season 3-4)
Michael Northey (season 3-4)
Vinessa Antoine (season 1-3)
John Boylan (season 1-3)
Brandon Jay McLaren (season 3)
Bill Turnbull (season 3)
Sebastian Pigott (season 2,4)
Tyron Leitso (season 1-2)
Adam MacDonald (season 1-2)
Paula Brancati (season 1-2)
Sarah Gadon (season 1)
Devon Bostick (season 1)
Laurence Leboeuf (season 1)
Created By: Jana Sinyor
Broadcast Network: CBC
Production Company: Temple Street Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Being Erica