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Being Human
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Mitchell, a vampire, and George, a werewolf, move into an apartment haunted by the ghost of Annie, who had died there. Aside from their supernatural origins they all have one other thing in common -- their desire to live normal lives.

Season One: 6 episodes
Feb 18/08(UK)Pilot
1Jan 25/09(UK)Episode 1
2Feb 01/09(UK)Episode 2
3Feb 08/09(UK)Episode 3
4Feb 15/09(UK)Episode 4
5Feb 22/09(UK)Episode 5
6Mar 01/09(UK)Episode 6

Season Two: 8 episodes
7Jan 10/10(UK)Episode 1
8Jan 17/10(UK)Episode 2
9Jan 24/10(UK)Episode 3
10Jan 31/10(UK)Episode 4
11Feb 07/10(UK)Episode 5
12Feb 14/10(UK)Episode 6
13Feb 21/10(UK)Episode 7
14Feb 28/10(UK)Episode 8

Season Three: 8 episodes
15Jan 23/11(UK)Lia
16Jan 30/11(UK)Adam's Family
17Feb 06/11(UK)Type 4
18Feb 13/11(UK)The Pack
19Feb 20/11(UK)The Longest Day
20Feb 27/11(UK)Daddy Ghoul
21Mar 06/11(UK)Though the Heavens Fall
22Mar 13/11(UK)The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
Mar 20/11(UK)Becoming Human (spinoff webseries)

Season Four: 8 episodes
23Feb 05/12(UK)Eve of the War
24Feb 12/12(UK)Being Human 1955
25Feb 19/12(UK)The Graveyard Shift
26Feb 26/12(UK)A Spectre Calls
27Mar 04/12(UK)Hold the Front Page
28Mar 11/12(UK)Puppy Love
29Mar 18/12(UK)Making History
30Mar 26/12(UK)The War Child

Season Five: 6 episodes
31Feb 03/13(UK)The Trinity
32Feb 10/13(UK)Sticks and Rope
33Feb 17/13(UK)Pie and Prejudice
34Feb 24/13(UK)The Greater Good
35Mar 03/13(UK)No Care, All Responsibility
36Mar 10/13(UK)The Last Broadcast
Being Human
Genre: fantasy, horror, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (resolved)
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 36
Broadcast Run: 2008 - 2013
Starring: Lenora Crichlow (season 1-4)
Russell Tovey (season 1-3)
Aidan Turner (season 1-3)
Sinéad Keenan (season 2-3)
Michael Socha (season 4-5)
Damien Molony (season 4-5)
Kate Bracken (season 5)
Created By: Toby Whithouse
Broadcast Network: BBC Three
Production Company: Touchpaper Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Official Website: Being Human
Becoming Human
See Also: Being Human (2011)
IMDb: Being Human