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Buffy Summers looks like your typical high school cheerleader type, with nothing to worry about but grades and boys. Change that to vampires and demons and you'll be right. For Buffy is the "chosen one," the latest in a long line of Slayers whose destiny it is to fight evil.

Season One: 12 episodes
Jul 31/92(US)Buffy the Vampire Slayer (86 mins)
14V01Mar 10/97(US)Welcome to the Hellmouth (part 1)
24V02Mar 10/97(US)The Harvest (part 2)
34V03Mar 17/97(US)The Witch
44V04Mar 25/97(US)Teacher's Pet
54V05Mar 31/97(US)Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
64V06Apr 07/97(US)The Pack
74V07Apr 14/97(US)Angel
84V08Apr 28/97(US)I, Robot -- You, Jane
94V09May 05/97(US)The Puppet Show
104V10May 12/97(US)Nightmares
114V11May 19/97(US)Out of Mind, Out of Sight aka Invisible Girl
124V12Jun 02/97(US)Prophecy Girl

Season Two: 22 episodes
135V01Sep 15/97(US)When She Was Bad
145V02Sep 22/97(US)Some Assembly Required
155V03Sep 29/97(US)School Hard
165V04Oct 06/97(US)Inca Mummy Girl
175V05Oct 13/97(US)Reptile Boy
185V06Oct 27/97(US)Halloween
195V07Nov 03/97(US)Lie to Me
205V08Nov 10/97(US)The Dark Age
215V09Nov 17/97(US)What's My Line
225V10Nov 24/97(US)What's My Line, Part 2
235V11Dec 08/97(US)Ted
245V12Jan 12/98(US)Bad Eggs
255V13Jan 19/98(US)Surprise (part 1)
265V14Jan 20/98(US)Innocence (part 2)
275V15Jan 27/98(US)Phases
285V16Feb 10/98(US)Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
295V17Feb 24/98(US)Passion
305V18Mar 03/98(US)Killed by Death
315V19Apr 28/98(US)I Only Have Eyes For You
325V20May 03/98(US)Go Fish
335V21May 10/98(US)The Becoming
345V22May 17/98(US)The Becoming, Part 2

Season Three: 22 episodes
353ABB01Sep 29/98(US)Anne
363ABB02Oct 06/98(US)Dead Man's Party
373ABB03Oct 13/98(US)Faith, Hope and Trick
383ABB04Oct 20/98(US)Beauty and the Beasts
393ABB05Nov 03/98(US)Homecoming
403ABB06Nov 10/98(US)Band Candy
413ABB07Nov 17/98(US)Revelations
423ABB08Nov 24/98(US)Lover's Walk
433ABB09Dec 08/98(US)The Wish
443ABB10Dec 15/98(US)Amends
453ABB11Jan 12/99(US)Gingerbread
463ABB12Jan 19/99(US)Helpless
473ABB13Jan 26/99(US)The Zeppo
483ABB14Feb 09/99(US)Bad Girls
493ABB15Feb 16/99(US)Consequences
503ABB16Feb 23/99(US)Doppelgangland
513ABB17Mar 16/99(US)Enemies
523ABB18Sep 21/99(US)Earshot
533ABB19May 04/99(US)Choices
543ABB20May 11/99(US)The Prom
553ABB21May 18/99(US)Graduation Day
563ABB22May 25/99(CA)Graduation Day, Part 2

Season Four: 22 episodes
574ABB01Oct 04/99(CA)The Freshman
584ABB02Oct 11/99(CA)Living Conditions
594ABB03Oct 18/99(CA)The Harsh Light of Day
604ABB04Oct 25/99(CA)Fear, Itself
614ABB05Nov 01/99(CA)Beer Bad
624ABB06Nov 08/99(CA)Wild at Heart
634ABB07Nov 15/99(CA)The Initiative
644ABB08Nov 22/99(CA)Pangs (Angel crossover)
654ABB09Nov 29/99(CA)Something Blue
664ABB10Dec 13/99(CA)Hush
674ABB11Jan 17/00(CA)Doomed
684ABB12Jan 24/00(CA)A New Man
694ABB13Feb 07/00(CA)The I in Team
704ABB14Feb 14/00(CA)Goodbye Iowa
714ABB15Feb 21/00(CA)This Year's Girl (part 1)
724ABB16Feb 28/00(CA)Who Are You? (part 2)
734ABB17Apr 03/00(CA)Superstar
744ABB18Apr 24/00(CA)Where the Wild Things Are
754ABB19May 01/00(CA)New Moon Rising
764ABB20May 08/00(CA)The Yoko Factor (part 1) (Angel crossover)
774ABB21May 15/00(CA)Primeval (part 2)
784ABB22May 22/00(CA)Restless

Season Five: 22 episodes
795ABB01Sep 25/00(CA)Buffy vs Dracula
805ABB02Oct 02/00(CA)The Real Me
815ABB03Oct 09/00(CA)The Replacement
825ABB04Oct 16/00(CA)Out of My Mind
835ABB05Oct 23/00(CA)No Place Like Home
845ABB06Nov 06/00(CA)Family
855ABB07Nov 13/00(CA)Fool For Love
865ABB08Nov 20/00(CA)Shadow
875ABB09Nov 27/00(CA)Listening to Fear
885ABB10Dec 18/00(CA)Into the Woods
895ABB11Jan 08/01(CA)Triangle
905ABB12Jan 22/01(CA)Checkpoint
915ABB13Feb 05/01(CA)Blood Ties
925ABB14Feb 12/01(CA)Crush
935ABB15Feb 19/01(CA)I Was Made to Love You
945ABB16Feb 26/01(CA)The Body
955ABB17Apr 16/01(CA)Forever (Angel crossover)
965ABB18Apr 23/01(CA)Intervention
975ABB19Apr 30/01(CA)Tough Love
985ABB20May 07/01(CA)Spiral
995ABB21May 14/01(CA)The Weight of the World
1005ABB22May 21/01(CA)The Gift

Season Six: 22 episodes
101/1026ABB01/02Oct 01/01(CA)Bargaining (two hours)
1036ABB03Oct 08/01(CA)After Life
1046ABB04Oct 15/01(CA)Flooded
1056ABB05Oct 22/01(CA)Life Serial
1066ABB06Oct 29/01(CA)All the Way
1076ABB07Nov 05/01(CA)Once More, With Feeling
1086ABB08Nov 12/01(CA)Tabula Rasa
1096ABB09Nov 19/01(CA)Smashed
1106ABB10Nov 26/01(CA)Wrecked
1116ABB11Jan 07/02(CA)Gone
1126ABB12Jan 28/02(CA)Doublemeat Palace
1136ABB13Feb 04/02(CA)Dead Things
1146ABB14Feb 11/02(CA)Older and Far Away
1156ABB15Feb 25/02(CA)As You Were
1166ABB16Mar 04/02(CA)Hell's Bells
1176ABB17Mar 11/02(CA)Normal Again
1186ABB18Apr 29/02(CA)Entropy
1196ABB19May 06/02(CA)Seeing Red
1206ABB20May 13/02(CA)Villains
1216ABB21May 20/02(CA)Two to Go
1226ABB22May 20/02(CA)Grave

Season Seven: 22 episodes
1237ABB01Sep 24/02Lessons
1247ABB02Oct 01/02Beneath You
1257ABB03Oct 08/02Same Time, Same Place
1267ABB04Oct 15/02Help
1277ABB05Oct 22/02Selfless
1287ABB06Nov 05/02Him
1297ABB07Nov 12/02Conversations With Dead People
1307ABB08Nov 19/02Sleeper
1317ABB09Nov 26/02Never Leave Me
1327ABB10Dec 17/02Bring on the Night
1337ABB11Jan 07/03Showtime
1347ABB12Jan 21/03Potential
1357ABB13Feb 04/03The Killer in Me
1367ABB14Feb 11/03First Date
1377ABB15Feb 18/03Get It Done
1387ABB16Feb 25/03Storyteller
1397ABB17Mar 25/03Lies My Parents Told Me
1407ABB18Apr 15/03Dirty Girls
1417ABB19Apr 29/03Empty Places
1427ABB20May 06/03Touched
1437ABB21May 13/03End of Days (Angel crossover)
1447ABB22May 20/03Chosen (Angel crossover)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Genre: fantasy, action, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 144
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2003
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Nicholas Brendon
Alyson Hannigan
Emma Caulfield (season 5-7)
Michelle Trachtenberg (season 5-7)
James Marsters (season 4-7)
Marc Blucas (season 4-5)
Anthony Stewart Head (season 1-5)
Seth Green (season 3-4)
David Boreanaz (season 2-3)
Charisma Carpenter (season 1-3)
Created By: Joss Whedon
Showrunner: Joss Whedon (season 1-5)
Marti Noxon (season 6-7)
Broadcast Network: The WB (season 1-5)
UPN (season 6-7)
Production Company: Mutant Enemy Productions
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Angel (1999)
IMDb: Buffy the Vampire Slayer