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The Bureau of Magical Things
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Season One: 20 episodes
1Jul 08/18(AU)A Magical Mishap
2Jul 15/18(AU)Magic in the Air
3Jul 22/18(AU)All the World's a Stage
4Jul 29/18(AU)Gone to the Dogs
5Aug 05/18(AU)A Knight to Remember
6Aug 12/18(AU)The Test
7Aug 19/18(AU)Fairy For a Day
8Aug 26/18(AU)Short Cut
9Sep 02/18(AU)On the Beach
10Sep 09/18(AU)Uncharted Waters
11Sep 16/18(AU)A Fairy Tale
12Sep 23/18(AU)Aisle 13
13Sep 30/18(AU)Forces of Attraction
14Oct 07/18(AU)The Eye of Horus
15Oct 14/18(AU)Judgement Day
16Oct 21/18(AU)Prize Day
17Nov 11/18(AU)Accused
18Nov 18/18(AU)On the Case
19Nov 25/18(AU)End of the Road, Part 1
20Dec 02/18(AU)End of the Road, Part 2

Season Two: 20 episodes
21Jul 10/21(AU)Vanished
22Jul 10/21(AU)A Dangerous Secret
23Jul 11/21(AU)Fortuna's Compact
24Jul 11/21(AU)The Big Sneeze
25Jul 17/21(AU)Welcome to the Jungle
26Jul 17/21(AU)Mirror Image
27Jul 18/21(AU)Testing Times
28Jul 18/21(AU)Almost Famous
29Jul 24/21(AU)The Key to the Past
30Jul 24/21(AU)The Message
31Jul 25/21(AU)The Enchanted Wood
32Jul 25/21(AU)Liar, Liar
33Jul 31/21(AU)Let the Games Begin
34Jul 31/21(AU)New Tricks
35Aug 01/21(AU)Party Time
36Aug 01/21(AU)Revelations
37Aug 07/21(AU)The Heist
38Aug 07/21(AU)Beginning of the End
39Aug 08/21(AU)A Desperate Plan
40Aug 08/21(AU)No More Secrets
The Bureau of Magical Things
Genre: comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 40
Broadcast Run: 2018 - 2021
Starring: Kimie Tsukakoshi
Elizabeth Cullen
Mia Milnes
Julian Cullen
Rainbow Wedell
Jamie Carter
Christopher Sommers
Created By: Jonathan M. Shiff
Broadcast Network: Eleven (season 1)
10 Shake (season 2)
Production Company: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions
Country of Origin: Australia
IMDb: The Bureau of Magical Things