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BURN NOTICE (bûrn nō'tĭs) n.
1. An official statement by one intelligence agency to other agencies, domestic or foreign, that an individual or group is unreliable.

While on assignment, agent Michael Westen gets a "Burn Notice" and becomes untouchable. Having no idea what or who triggered his demise, Michael returns to his hometown, Miami, determined to find out the reason for his sudden termination. Unable to utilize his normal contacts and needing to stay under the spy network radar, he puts his Special Ops training to use to help those who the police can't or won't, in order to fund his ongoing personal investigation.

Season One: 12 episodes
110105-06-179Jun 28/07Pilot
25037-07-102/S101Jul 05/07Identity
35037-07-103/S103Jul 12/07Fight or Flight
45037-07-101/S102Jul 19/07Old Friends
55037-07-105/S104Jul 26/07Family Business
65037-07-104/S105Aug 02/07Unpaid Debts
75037-07-106/S106Aug 09/07Broken Rules
85037-07-107/S107Aug 16/07Wanted Man
95037-07-108/S108Aug 23/07Hard Bargain
105037-07-109/S109Sep 13/07False Flag
11/125037-07-110/111/S110/S111Sep 20/07Loose Ends (two hours)

Season Two: 16 episodes
135037-08-201/S201Jul 10/08Breaking and Entering
145037-08-202/S202Jul 17/08Turn and Burn
155037-08-203/S203Jul 24/08Trust Me
165037-08-204/S204Jul 31/08Comrades
175037-08-205/S205Aug 07/08Scatter Point
185037-08-206/S206Aug 14/08Bad Blood
195037-08-207/S207Aug 21/08Rough Seas
205037-08-208/S208Sep 11/08Double Booked
215037-08-209/S209Sep 18/08Good Soldier (part 1)
225037-08-210/S210Jan 22/09Do No Harm (part 2)
235037-08-212/S211Jan 29/09Hot Spot
245037-08-211/S212Feb 05/09Seek and Destroy
255037-08-213/S213Feb 12/09Bad Breaks
265037-08-214/S214Feb 19/09Truth & Reconciliation
275037-08-215/S215Feb 26/09Sins of Omission
285037-08-216/S216Mar 05/09Lesser Evil

Season Three: 16 episodes
295037-09-303/S301Jun 04/09Friends and Family
305037-09-301/S302Jun 11/09Question and Answer
315037-09-302/S303Jun 18/09End Run
325037-09-304/S304Jun 25/09Fearless Leader
335037-09-305/S305Jul 09/09Signals and Codes
345037-09-307/S306Jul 16/09The Hunter
355037-09-306/S307Jul 23/09Shot in the Dark
365037-09-308/S308Jul 30/09Friends Like These
375037-09-309/S309Aug 06/09Long Way Back
385037-09-310/S310Jan 21/10A Dark Road
395037-09-311/S311Jan 28/10Friendly Fire
405037-09-312/S312Feb 04/10Noble Causes
415037-09-314/S313Feb 11/10Enemies Closer
425037-09-313/S314Feb 18/10Partners in Crime
435037-09-315/S315Feb 25/10Good Intentions
445037-09-316/S316Mar 04/10The Devil You Know

Season Four: 18 episodes
455037-10-402/S401Jun 03/10Friends and Enemies
465037-10-403/S402Jun 10/10Fast Friends
475037-10-401/S403Jun 17/10Made Man
485037-10-404/S404Jun 24/10Breach of Faith
495037-10-405/S405Jul 01/10Neighborhood Watch
505037-10-406/S406Jul 15/10Entry Point
515037-10-407/S407Jul 22/10Past and Future Tense
525037-10-408/S408Jul 29/10Where There's Smoke
535037-10-409/S409Aug 05/10Center of the Storm
545037-10-410/S410Aug 12/10Hard Time
555037-10-411/S411Aug 19/10Blind Spot
565037-10-412/S412Aug 26/10Guilty as Charged
575037-10-413/S413Nov 11/10Eyes Open
585037-10-414/S414Nov 18/10Hot Property
595037-10-415/S415Dec 02/10Brotherly Love
605037-10-416/S416Dec 09/10Dead or Alive (part 1)
615037-10-417/S417Dec 16/10Out of the Fire (part 2)
625037-10-418/S418Dec 16/10Last Stand

Season Five: 18 episodes
BDN198Apr 17/11Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (two hours)
63Jun 23/11Company Man
64Jun 30/11Bloodlines
65Jul 07/11Mind Games
66Jul 14/11No Good Deed
67BCI504/S505Jul 21/11Square One
68BCI506/S506Jul 28/11Enemy of My Enemy
69BCI507/S507Aug 04/11Beseiged
70BCI508/S508Aug 11/11Hard Out
71BCI509/S509Aug 18/11Eye For an Eye
72Aug 25/11Army of One
73Sep 01/11Better Halves
74BCI512/S512Sep 08/11Dead to Rights
75Nov 03/11Damned if You Do
76Nov 10/11Breaking Point
77Nov 17/11Necessary Evil
78BC1516/S516Dec 01/11Depth Perception
79Dec 08/11Acceptable Loss
80Dec 15/11Fail Safe

Season Six: 18 episodes
81BCI602/S601Jun 14/12Scorched Earth
82BCI601/S602Jun 21/12Mixed Messages
83BCI603/S603Jun 28/12Last Rites
84BCI604/S604Jul 12/12Under the Gun
85BCI605/S605Jul 19/12Split Decision
86BCI606/S606Jul 26/12Shock Wave
87BCI607/S607Aug 02/12Reunion
88BCI608/S608Aug 09/12Unchained
89BCI609/S609Aug 16/12Official Business
90BCI610/S610Aug 23/12Desperate Times
91BCI611/S611Nov 08/12Desperate Measures
92BCI612/S612Nov 08/12Means and Ends
93BCI613/S613Nov 15/12Over the Line
94BCI614/S614Nov 29/12Down and Out
95BCI615/S615Dec 06/12Best Laid Plans
96BCI616/S616Dec 13/12Odd Man Out
97BCI617/S617Dec 20/12You Can Run
98BCI618/S618Dec 20/12Game Change

Season Seven: 13 episodes
99BCI702/S701Jun 06/13New Deal
100BCI701/S702Jun 13/13Forget Me Not
101BCI703/S703Jun 20/13Down Range
102BCI704/S704Jun 27/13Brother in Arms
103BCI705/S705Jul 11/13Exit Plan
104BCI706/S706Jul 18/13All or Nothing
105BCI707/S707Jul 25/13Psychological Warfare
106BCI708/S708Aug 01/13Nature of the Beast
107BCI709/S709Aug 08/13Bitter Pill
108BCI710/S710Aug 15/13Things Unseen
109BCI711/S711Aug 22/13Tipping Point
110BCI712/S712Sep 05/13Sea Change (part 1)
111BCI713/S713Sep 12/13Reckoning (part 2)
Burn Notice
Genre: action, drama, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 111
Broadcast Run: 2007 - 2013
Starring: Jeffrey Donovan
Gabrielle Anwar
Bruce Campbell
Sharon Gless
Coby Bell (season 4-7)
Created By: Matt Nix
Showrunner: Matt Nix
Broadcast Network: USA Network
Production Company: Flying Glass of Milk Productions
Fuse Entertainment
Fox Television Studios
Location Filming: Miami, Florida, United States
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Burn Notice