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Charlie Jade
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Detective Charlie Jade is on the trail of the killer of a woman with no identity -- an impossiblilty in the corporate-run world of the Alphaverse. He follows him to a Vex-Cor facility in the desert where a dimension piercing experiment is taking place. At that moment, on the utopian world of the Gammaverse, the environmental activist Reena sets off an explosion that destroys the facility and throws them both out of their own worlds into a third dimension. The Betaverse -- OUR world.

Season One: 21 episodes
1101Apr 16/05(CA)The Big Bang
2102Apr 16/05(CA)Sand
3103Apr 23/05(CA)You Are Here
4104Apr 30/05(CA)The Power of Suggestion
5105May 07/05(CA)And Not a Drop to Drink
6106May 14/05(CA)Dirty Laundry
7107May 21/05(CA)Diamonds
8108May 28/05(CA)Devotion
9109Jun 04/05(CA)Betrayal
10110Jun 11/05(CA)Identity
11111Jun 18/05(CA)Thicker Than Water
12112Jun 25/05(CA)Choosing Sides
13113Jul 02/05(CA)Through a Mirror Darkly
14114Jul 09/05(CA)The Enemy of My Enemy
15115Jul 16/05(CA)Things Unseen
16116Jul 23/05(CA)The Shortening of the Way
17116aJul 28/05(CA)Can of Worms (clip show)
18117Jul 30/05(CA)Spin
19118Aug 06/05(CA)Bedtime Story
20119Aug 13/05(CA)Flesh
21120Aug 20/05(CA)Ouroboros
Charlie Jade
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 21
Broadcast Run: 2005
Starring: Jeffrey Pierce
Michael Filipowich
Patricia McKenzie
Michele Burgers
Tyrone Benskin
Danny Keogh
Marie-Julie Rivest
Created By: Chris Roland
Robert Wertheimer
Broadcast Network: Space
Production Company: CinéGroupe
Jonsworth Productions
Park Entertainment
The Imaginarium
Country of Origin: Canada
South Africa
IMDb: Charlie Jade