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Crossing Lines
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An elite team of cops from different countries are assembled under the mandate of the International Criminal Court with the power to cross borders in pursuit of criminals... a kind of global FBI.

Season One: 10 episodes
1/2Jun 23/13(US)Pilot (two hours)
3Jun 30/13(US)The Terminator
4Jul 07/13(US)Long-Haul Predators
5Jul 14/13(US)Special Ops, Part 1
6Jul 21/13(US)Special Ops, Part 2
7Jul 28/13(US)The Animals
8Aug 11/13(US)Desperation and Desperados
9Aug 18/13(US)Scars and Wounds, Part 1
10Aug 18/13(US)Scars and Wounds, Part 2

Season Two: 12 episodes
11Jul 20/14The Rescue
12Jul 20/14The Homecoming
13Jul 27/14The Kill Zone
14Jul 27/14Everybody Will Know
15Aug 03/14Home is Where the Heart Is
16Aug 03/14Freedom
17Aug 10/14The Velvet Glove
18Aug 10/14Family Ties
19Aug 17/14Truth and Consequences
20Aug 17/14The Long Way Home
21Aug 24/14The Team, Part 1
22Aug 24/14The Team, Part 2

Season Three: 12 episodes
23Sep 25/15(DE)Redux (part 1)
24Sep 25/15(DE)Whistleblower (part 2)
25Oct 02/15(DE)Dragon
26Oct 07/15(DE)In Loco Parentis
27Oct 13/15(DE)Recoil
28Oct 20/15(DE)Executioner
29Oct 27/15(DE)Lost and Found
30Nov 03/15(DE)Heat
31Nov 10/15(DE)Expose
32Nov 17/15(DE)Enemy of the People
33Nov 27/15(DE)Penalty
34Dec 04/15(DE)Obscura
Crossing Lines
Genre: action, crime, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 34
Broadcast Run: 2013 - 2015
Starring: Tom Wlaschiha
Donald Sutherland
Lara Rossi (season 2-3)
Goran Visnjic (season 3)
Elizabeth Mitchell (season 3)
Stuart Martin (season 3)
Naomi Battrick (season 3)
William Fichtner (season 1-2)
Marc Lavoine (season 1-2)
Gabriella Pession (season 1-2)
Richard Flood (season 1-2)
Moon Dailly (season 1)
Created By: Edward Allen Bernero
Broadcast Network: TF1
NBC (season 1)
Production Company: Tandem Communications
Bernero Productions
TF1 Production
Sony Pictures Television
Country of Origin: France
United States
IMDb: Crossing Lines