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On my first day of school at A. Nigma High I got detention for a whole year for pulling the biggest prank in high school history. Only thing is, I didn't do it. Now I have to break out of detention every day to try and track down who set me up. Yeah, I'm breaking rules to prove I didn't break any rules. How messed up is that?

Season One: 14 episodes
1101Sep 12/11(CA)Blitzkrieg Bop'd
2102Sep 13/11(CA)Jock n' Roll High School
3103Sep 14/11(CA)Skate or Die
4104Sep 15/11(CA)Math Math Revolution
5105Sep 16/11(CA)Friday Nights Bites
6106Feb 09/12(CA)Dudes of Darkness
7107Feb 16/12(CA)28 Sneezes Later
8108Feb 23/12(CA)Disco History Times
9109Mar 01/12(CA)15th Graders
10110Mar 08/12(CA)Welcome to Factory Island
11111Mar 22/12(CA)The Tag Along
12112Mar 29/12(CA)The Down With Lee Club
13113Apr 05/12(CA)The Hair Incident
14114Apr 05/12(CA)Chaz's Corner

Season Two: 13 episodes
15115Aug 31/12(AU)If the Shoe Fits
16116Sep 03/12(AU)The Cam-didate
17117Sep 04/12(AU)Outcast Times at A. Nigma High
18118Sep 05/12(AU)Double Date
19119Sep 06/12(AU)Mastermind
20120Sep 07/12(AU)Finding Finnwich
21121Sep 10/12(AU)School Hard
22122Sep 11/12(AU)A. Nigma Prison Blues
23123Sep 12/12(AU)Tales From Decrypt
24124Sep 13/12(AU)The Theme Team
25125Sep 14/12(AU)Knock Knock
26126Sep 17/12(AU)The Dance, Part 1
27127Sep 18/12(AU)The Dance, Part 2

Season Three: 13 episodes
28128Jun 06/13(AU)Return of the Ping
29129Jun 07/13(AU)Clogspiracy
30130Jun 10/13(AU)Misadventures in Babysitting
31131Jun 11/13(AU)Escape From Fort Nigma
32132Jun 12/13(AU)The Curse of Earl Nigma
33133Jun 13/13(AU)All That Taz
34134Jun 14/13(AU)Fence-o-palooza
35135Jun 17/13(AU)The Outcasts Strike Back!
36136Jun 18/13(AU)Bed Bugged
37137Jun 19/13(AU)The Hydra
38138Jun 20/13(AU)Fight or Flight
39139Jun 21/13(AU)Corndog Day Afternoon
40140Jun 24/13(AU)Pyramid Scheme (part 1)

Season Four: 13 episodes
41141Nov 08/13(AU)Follow That Finnwich (part 2)
42142Nov 15/13(AU)Enter the Serpent
43143Nov 22/13(AU)Big Chicken
44144Nov 29/13(AU)Splitting Hairs
45145Dec 06/13(AU)Revenge of the Cycle Killers
46146Dec 13/13(AU)The Common Denominator
47147Dec 20/13(AU)Serpent Strike
48148Dec 27/13(AU)Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil
49149Jan 03/14(AU)Game of Clones
50150Jan 10/14(AU)Band of Heroes
51151Jan 17/14(AU)From Bad to Wurst
52152Jan 24/14(AU)Mannifestum Rising
53153Jan 31/14(AU)Date With Destiny
Genre: comedy, action, mystery
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 53
Broadcast Run: 2011 - 2014
Starring: Jonathan Tan
Fabrizio Filippo
Ryan Belleville
Zachary Bennett
Seán Cullen
Krystal Meadows
David Berni
Melanie Leishman
Julie Lemieux (season 3-4)
Stacey DePass (season 3-4)
Helene Joy (season 1-2)
Created By: Daniel Bryan Franklin
Charles Johnston
Broadcast Network: Teletoon
Production Company: Nelvana
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Detentionaire