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Kim Possible and her sidekick Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat Rufus fight international super-villains everyday but their biggest challenges are the rigors of high school.

Season One: 21 episodes
11F06-013Jun 07/02Crush
21F06-011Jun 07/02Sink or Swim
31F06-005Jun 07/02The New Ron
41F06-002Jun 14/02Tick, Tick, Tick
51F06-016Jun 21/02Downhill
61F06-001Jun 28/02Bueno Nacho
71F06-012Jul 12/02Number One
81F06-006Jul 19/02Mind Games
91F06-004Aug 02/02Attack of the Killer Bebes
10Aug 16/02Royal Pain
11Aug 23/02Coach Possible
121F06-009Sep 06/02Pain King Versus Cleopatra
13Sep 13/02Monkey Fist Strikes
141F06-021Oct 11/02October 31st
151F06-010Nov 01/02All the News
161F06-019Nov 15/02Kimitation Nation
171F06-008Dec 27/02The Twin Factor
18Jan 10/03Animal Attraction
191F06-014Mar 07/03Monkey Ninjas in Space
201F06-020Apr 25/03Ron the Man
211F06-015May 16/03Low Budget

Season Two: 30 episodes
22206Jul 18/03Naked Genius
23203Jul 25/03Grudge Match
24205Aug 01/03Two to Tutor
25201Aug 08/03The Ron Factor
26214Aug 15/03Car Trouble
27Aug 22/03Rufus in Show / Adventures in Rufus-Sitting
28212Aug 29/03Job Unfair
29211Sep 05/03The Golden Years
30204Sep 12/03Virtu-Ron
31210Oct 03/03The Fearless Ferret
32227Oct 07/03Exchange
33Nov 14/03Rufus Versus Commodore Puddles / Day of the Snowmen
34/35/36220/221/222Nov 28/03A Sitch in Time (one & a half hours)
37216Dec 05/03A Very Possible Christmas
38213Dec 19/03Queen Bebe
39223Jan 02/04Hidden Talent
40224Jan 16/04Return to Camp Wannaweep
41215Jan 30/04Go Team Go
42226Feb 13/04The Full Monkey
43225Feb 20/04Blush
44202Mar 12/04Partners
45228Apr 02/04Oh Boyz
46Apr 23/04Sick Day / The Truth Hurts
47217May 07/04Mother's Day
48209May 21/04Motor Ed
49230Jun 04/04Ron Millionaire
50229Jul 26/04Triple S
51232Aug 05/04Rewriting History

Season Three: 14 episodes
52301Sep 25/04Steal Wheels
53Oct 15/04Emotion Sickness
54302Oct 22/04Bonding
55304Jan 14/05Bad Boy
56231Mar 25/05Showdown at the Crooked D
57Apr 01/05Dimension Twist
58/59/60Apr 08/05So the Drama (one & a half hours)
61Apr 15/05Overdue / Roachie
62Jun 25/05Rappin' Drakken
63Aug 26/05Team Impossible
64312Sep 18/05Gorilla Fist
65310Jun 10/06And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI

Season Four: 22 episodes
66Feb 10/07Ill Suited
67Feb 10/07The Big Job
68Feb 10/07Trading Faces
69Feb 10/07The Cupid Effect
70Feb 17/07Car Alarm
71Feb 24/07Mad Dogs and Aliens
72Mar 03/07Grande Size Me
73Mar 17/07Clothes Minded
74Apr 07/07Big Bother
75Apr 14/07Fashion Victim
76Apr 28/07Odds Man In
77May 05/07Stop Team Go
78May 19/07Cap'n Drakken
79Jun 17/07Mathter and Fervent
80Jun 23/07The Mentor of Our Discontent
81Jul 01/07Oh No! Yono!
82418Jul 28/07Clean Slate
83419Aug 11/07Homecoming Upset
84414Aug 12/07Chasing Rufus / Nursery Crimes
85420Sep 01/07Larry's Birthday
86/87421/422Sep 07/07Graduation (one hour)
Disney's Kim Possible
AKA: Kim Possible
Genre: action, comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 87
Broadcast Run: 2002 - 2007
Starring: Christy Carlson Romano
Will Friedle
Nancy Cartwright
Tahj Mowry
Created By: Bob Schooley
Mark McCorkle
Broadcast Network: Disney
Production Company: Walt Disney Television Animation
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Disney's Kim Possible