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Doom Patrol
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The World's Strangest Heroes

Season One: 15 episodes
Nov 02/18Doom Patrol (Titans episode)
1T50.10101Feb 15/19Pilot
2T50.10102Feb 22/19Donkey Patrol
3T50.10103Mar 01/19Puppet Patrol
4T50.10104Mar 08/19Cult Patrol
5T50.10105Mar 15/19Paw Patrol
6T50.10106Mar 22/19Doom Patrol Patrol
7T50.10107Mar 29/19Therapy Patrol
8T50.10108Apr 05/19Danny Patrol
9T50.10109Apr 12/19Jane Patrol
10T50.10110Apr 19/19Hair Patrol
11T50.10111Apr 26/19Frances Patrol
12T50.10112May 03/19Cyborg Patrol
13T50.10113May 10/19Flex Patrol
14T50.10114May 17/19Penultimate Patrol
15T50.10115May 24/19Ezekiel Patrol

Season Two: 9 episodes
16T50.10301Jun 25/20Fun Size Patrol
17T50.10302Jun 25/20Tyme Patrol
18T50.10303Jun 25/20Pain Patrol
19T50.10304Jul 02/20Sex Patrol
20T50.10305Jul 09/20Finger Patrol
21T50.10306Jul 16/20Space Patrol
22T50.10307Jul 23/20Dumb Patrol
23T50.10308Jul 30/20Dad Patrol
24T50.10309Aug 06/20Wax Patrol

Season Three: 10 episodes
25T50.10401Sep 23/21Possibilities Patrol
26T50.10402Sep 23/21Dead Patrol
27T50.10403Sep 23/21Vacay Patrol
28T50.10404Sep 30/21Undead Patrol
29T50.10405Oct 07/21Dada Patrol
30T50.10406Oct 14/211917 Patrol
31T50.10407Oct 21/21Bird Patrol
32T50.10408Oct 28/21Subconscious Patrol
33T50.10409Nov 04/21Evil Patrol
34T50.10410Nov 11/21Amends Patrol

Season Four: 12 episodes
Part One
35T50.10501Dec 08/22Doom Patrol (48:57)
36T50.10502Dec 08/22Butt Patrol (51:06)
37T50.10503Dec 15/22Nostalgia Patrol (45:12)
38T50.10504Dec 22/22Casey Patrol (40:11)
39T50.10505Dec 29/22Youth Patrol (54:28)
40T50.10506Jan 05/23Hope Patrol (45:59)
Part Two
41T50.10507Oct 12/23Orqwith Patrol (38:25)
42T50.10508Oct 12/23Fame Patrol (42:36)
43T50.10509Oct 19/23Immortimas Patrol (53:41)
44T50.10510Oct 26/23Tomb Patrol (51:09)
45T50.10511Nov 02/23Portal Patrol (47:38)
46T50.10512Nov 09/23Done Patrol (52:11)
Doom Patrol
Genre: action, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 46
Broadcast Run: 2019 - 2023
Starring: Diane Guerrero
April Bowlby
Joivan Wade
Matt Bomer
Brendan Fraser
Riley Shanahan
Matthew Zuk
Skye Roberts (season 3-4)
Alan Tudyk (season 1)
Developed By: Jeremy Carver
Based on Characters Created By: Arnold Drake
Bob Haney
Bruno Premiani
Showrunner: Jeremy Carver
Broadcast Network: DC Universe
HBO Max (season 2-4)
Production Company: Berlanti Productions
Jeremy Carver Productions
DC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Doom Patrol
See Also: Titans (2018)
IMDb: Doom Patrol