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The dragon is power
Once they were our equals
Today, humans control the dragon
To race, compete and fight
Nearly two hundred miles per hour

Now, dragons are once again ready to be released and the powerful dragon of legend will choose a young hero to save the planet -- the Dragon Booster!

Season One: 13 episodes
1Oct 23/04(US)The Choosing, Part 1
2Oct 30/04(US)The Choosing, Part 2
3Nov 06/04(US)Into the Fire
4Nov 13/04(US)Opposing Force
5Nov 20/04(US)Fanning the Flames
6Nov 30/04(CA)The Stand
7Jan 04/05(CA)The Horn of Libris
8Jan 12/05(CA)All is Not Lost
9Jan 04/05(CA)Three Times a Hero
10Jan 12/05(CA)The Lost Track of Doom
11Feb 01/05(CA)Pride of the Hero
12Mar 01/05(CA)Misjudged
13Mar 22/05(CA)The Chromatic Dragon

Season Two: 13 episodes
14Apr 12/05(CA)If it Ain't Broke
15May 03/05(CA)The Rules of Power
16May 24/05(CA)Broken Bonds
17Jun 14/05(CA)Faster Than Fear
18Aug 15/05(CA)The Leap of Lorius
19Aug 16/05(CA)The Wraith Booster
20Aug 17/05(CA)Artha the Drac
21Oct 17/05(CA)The Prophet's Motive
22Oct 30/05(CA)Still Waters Freeze
23Nov 01/05(CA)The Mechanist
24Nov 10/05(CA)Darkness Falls
25Dec 03/05(CA)The Return of Drakkus, Part 1
26Dec 31/05(CA)The Return of Drakkus, Part 2

Season Three: 13 episodes
27Jan 23/06(CA)Paynn Rising
28Mar 03/06(CA)The Changelings
29Mar 10/06(CA)Framed
30Mar 24/06(CA)The Eye of the Dragon
31Apr 25/06(CA)No Paynn, No Gain
32May 13/06(CA)When Opposites Attract
33Oct 21/06(US)The Defiants
34Oct 28/06(US)Silthercorp
35Oct 05/06(ZA)The Mouth That Roared
36Oct 12/06(ZA)Professor Stubborn
37Oct 19/06(ZA)Cain's Mutiny
38Oct 26/06(ZA)Battle For the Ages
39Nov 02/06(ZA)Damaged Goods
Dragon Booster
Genre: action, adventure
Show Type: cel shaded cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 39
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2006
Starring: Matt Hill
Kathleen Barr
Lee Tockar
Mark Oliver
Trevor Devall
Lenore Zann
Created By: Kevin Mowrer
Rob Travalino
Broadcast Network: CBC
Production Company: Nerd Corps Entertainment
The Story Hat
Alliance Atlantis
Copyright: © 2004 ApolloProScreen GmbH and Co. Filmproduktion KG.
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Dragon Booster