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Centuries have passed. A cataclysm has blasted the Earth into thousands upon thousands of asteroids. Yet, civilization perseveres, for upon many of these floating islands humans thrive, though in a medieval state. Their biggest threat lies in the proliferation of mutant monsters of all shapes and sizes, collectively known as "dragons". Thus, the hunting of such beasts is a noble and profitable profession. Our story follows two such Dragon Hunters, Gwizdo and Lian Chu...

Season One: 26 episodes
1101Oct 25/06(US)The Name is Dragon
2102Oct 29/06(US)It's a Dragon's Life
3103Nov 06/06(US)Desperately Seeking Zoria
4104Nov 13/06(US)The Return of Roger
5105Nov 20/06(US)Little Rumble on the Prairie
6106Feb 04/06(US)The Isle of Mist
7107Nov 27/06(US)A Fistful of Veggies
8108Jan 21/06(US)Dead Dragon Walking
9109Dec 04/06(US)The Deep North Dragon
10110Dec 11/06(US)Billy Toughnut
11111Dec 18/06(US)There's No Place Like Home!
12112Jan 14/06(US)The Strange Taste of Cocomak
13113Dec 25/06(US)The Conjunction of the Three Moons...
14114Jan 01/07(US)Don't Look Now
15115Jan 08/07(US)Unwelcome Guests
16116Feb 11/06(US)The Kiwajel Thrust
17117Jan 28/06(US)Gland of the Mimikar
18118Jan 15/07(US)For a Few Veggies More
19119Jan 22/07(US)The Orphan Farm
20120Mar 05/07(US)Child's Play
21121Mar 12/07(US)Collywoble Water
22122Oct 14/06(US)Who's Lost Their Head Now?
23123Oct 07/06(US)Baby-Love, Oh Baby-Love!
24124Feb 18/06(US)Can I See Your License Please?
25125Sep 16/06(US)Prince Charming
26126Sep 09/06(US)The Family Fortune

Season Two: 26 episodes
28The Borbacks Cemetery
29The Shipwrecker
30Treasure Rock
31Dragon in the Hearth
32The Cure
33The High Life
34Farewell, Lian Chu
35Porkfester's Pigfarm Island
36The Stuff of Dreams
37Baby in the Family
38She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not... She Loves Me!
39The Sweetypie Clause
41Combat Spores
42The Convoy
43The Legend of the Rain Dragon
44The Book
45Drago Menta
46The Grand Tournament
47The Body Beautiful
48City Bound
49The Master of the Dragon
50Hell Around Town
51Ghost Hunters
52The Red Dragon
Mar 20/08(RU)Dragon Hunters (80 mins)
Dragon Hunters
AKA: Chasseurs de Dragons
Genre: comedy, adventure, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2007
Starring: Rick Jones
Harry Standjofski
Sonja Ball
Annie Boivard
Created By: Arthur Qwak
Directed By: Norman J. LeBlanc (season 1)
Jean-Charles Finck (season 2)
"The Dragon Hunters Song" Written and Performed By: The Cure
Broadcast Network: FR3
Cartoon Network (season 1)
Starz (season 2)
Production Company: Futurikon
France 3
Super RTL
Your Family Entertainment
Copyright: © 2004-2007 Futurikon -- France 3
Country of Origin: France
Official Website: Dragon Hunters
IMDb: Dragon Hunters