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We've gone too far.

Season One: 10 episodes
1Dec 14/15Dulcinea
2Dec 15/15The Big Empty
3Dec 22/15Remember the Cant
4Dec 29/15CQB
5Jan 05/16Back to the Butcher
6Jan 12/16Retrofit
7Jan 19/16Windmills
8Jan 26/16Salvage
9Feb 02/16Critical Mass
10Feb 02/16Leviathan Wakes

Season Two: 13 episodes
Dec 28/16The Expanse Expanded (half hour special)
11Feb 01/17Safe
12Feb 01/17Doors and Corners
13Feb 08/17Static
14Feb 15/17Godspeed
15Feb 22/17Home
16Mar 01/17Paradigm Shift
17Mar 08/17The Seventh Man
18Mar 15/17Pyre
19Mar 22/17The Weeping Somnambulist
20Mar 29/17Cascade
21Apr 05/17Here There Be Dragons
22Apr 12/17The Monster and the Rocket
23Apr 19/17Caliban's War

Season Three: 13 episodes
24Apr 11/18Fight or Flight
25Apr 18/18IFF
26Apr 25/18Assured Destruction
27May 02/18Reload
28May 09/18Triple Point
29May 16/18Immolation
30May 23/18Delta-V
31May 30/18It Reaches Out
32Jun 06/18Intransigence
33Jun 13/18Dandelion Sky
34Jun 20/18Fallen World
35Jun 27/18Congregation
36Jun 27/18Abaddon's Gate

Season Four: 10 episodes
37EXPA401Dec 13/19New Terra
38EXPA402Dec 13/19Jetsam
39EXPA403Dec 13/19Subduction
40EXPA404Dec 13/19Retrograde
41EXPA405Dec 13/19Oppressor
42EXPA406Dec 13/19Displacement
43EXPA407Dec 13/19A Shot in the Dark
44EXPA408Dec 13/19The One-Eyed Man
45EXPA409Dec 13/19Saeculum
46EXPA410Dec 13/19Cibola Burn

Season Five: 10 episodes
47EXPA501Dec 16/20Exodus
48EXPA502Dec 16/20Churn
49EXPA503Dec 16/20Mother
50EXPA504Dec 23/20Guagamela
51EXPA505Dec 30/20Down and Out
52EXPA506Jan 06/21Tribes
53EXPA507Jan 13/21Oyedeng
54EXPA508Jan 20/21Hard Vacuum
55EXPA509Jan 27/21Winnipesaukee
56EXPA510Feb 03/21Nemesis Games

Season Six: 6 episodes
57EXPA601Dec 10/21Strange Dogs
58EXPA602Dec 17/21Azure Dragon
59EXPA603Dec 24/21Force Projection
60EXPA604Dec 31/21Redoubt
61EXPA605Jan 07/22Why We Fight
62EXPA606Jan 14/22Babylon's Ashes
The Expanse
Genre: drama, science fiction, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 62
Broadcast Run: 2015 - 2022
Starring: Steven Strait
Dominique Tipper
Wes Chatham
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Nadine Nicole (season 5-6)
Keon Alexander (season 5-6)
Jasai Chase-Owens (season 5-6)
Cara Gee (season 4-6)
Frankie Adams (season 2-6)
Cas Anvar (season 1-5)
Shawn Doyle (season 1-3)
Thomas Jane (season 1-2)
Florence Faivre (season 1-2)
Paulo Costanzo (season 1)
Developed By: Mark Fergus
Hawk Ostby
Based on the Novels By: James S.A. Corey (aka Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck)
Showrunner: Naren Shankar
Mark Fergus
Hawk Ostby
Broadcast Network: SyFy (season 1-3)
Amazon (season 4-6)
Production Company: Penguin in a Parka
Sean Daniel Co
Alcon Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: The Expanse
IMDb: The Expanse