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On October 6, the planet blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds. The whole world saw the future.

Season One: 22 episodes
1Sep 24/09No More Good Days
2Oct 01/09White to Play
3Oct 08/09137 Sekunden
4Oct 15/09Black Swan
5Oct 22/09Gimme Some Truth
6Oct 29/09Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
7Nov 05/09The Gift
8Nov 12/09Playing Cards With Coyote
9Nov 19/09Believe
10Nov 30/09(UK)A561984
Mar 16/10What Did You See? (recap)
11/12Mar 18/10Revelation Zero (two hours)
13Mar 25/10Blowback
14Apr 01/10Better Angels
15Apr 08/10Queen Sacrifice
16Apr 15/10Let No Man Put Asunder
17Apr 22/10The Garden of Forking Paths
18Apr 29/10Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
19May 06/10Course Correction
20May 13/10The Negotiation
21May 20/10Countdown
22May 27/10Future Shock
Genre: science fiction, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (unresolved)
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2010
Starring: Joseph Fiennes
John Cho
Jack Davenport
Zachary Knighton
Peyton List
Dominic Monaghan
Brian F. O'Byrne
Courtney B. Vance
Sonya Walger
Christine Woods
Created By: David S. Goyer
Brannon Braga
Based on the Novel by: Robert J. Sawyer
Showrunner: Mark Guggenheim
David S. Goyer
Jessika Goyer
Lisa Zwerling
Timothy J. Lea
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: ABC Studios
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: FlashForward