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The Good

The Evil

The Beginning

Season One: 22 episodes
1276072/T15.10112Sep 22/14Pilot
24X6652/T13.18652Sep 29/14Selina Kyle
34X6653/T13.18653Oct 06/14The Balloonman
44X6654/T13.18654Oct 13/14Arkham
54X6655/T13.18655Oct 20/14Viper
64X6656/T13.18656Oct 27/14Spirit of the Goat
74X6657/T13.18657Nov 03/14Penguin's Umbrella
84X6658/T13.18658Nov 10/14The Mask
94X6659/T13.18659Nov 17/14Harvey Dent
104X6660/T13.18660Nov 24/14Lovecraft
114X6661/T13.18661Jan 05/15Rogues' Gallery
124X6662/T13.18662Jan 19/15What the Little Bird Told Him
134X6663/T13.18663Jan 26/15Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
144X6664/T13.18664Feb 02/15The Fearsome Dr. Crane
154X6665/T13.18665Feb 09/15The Scarecrow
164X6666/T13.18666Feb 16/15The Blind Fortune Teller
174X6667/T13.18667Feb 23/15Red Hood
184X6668/T13.18668Mar 02/15Everyone Has a Cobblepot
194X6669/T13.18669Apr 13/15Beasts of Prey
204X6670/T13.18670Apr 20/15Under the Knife
214X6671/T13.18671Apr 27/15The Anvil or the Hammer
224X6672/T13.18672May 04/15All Happy Families Are Alike

Season Two: 22 episodes
Gotham: Rise of the Villains
234X6201/T13.19201Sep 21/15Damned if You Do...
244X6202/T13.19202Sep 28/15Knock, Knock
254X6203/T13.19203Oct 05/15The Last Laugh
264X6204/T13.19204Oct 12/15Strike Force
274X6205/T13.19205Oct 19/15Scarification
284X6206/T13.19206Oct 26/15By Fire
294X6207/T13.19207Nov 02/15Mommy's Little Monster
304X6208/T13.19208Nov 09/15Tonight's the Night
314X6209/T13.19209Nov 16/15A Bitter Pill to Swallow
324X6210/T13.19210Nov 23/15The Son of Gotham
334X6211/T13.19211Nov 30/15Worse Than a Crime
Gotham: Wrath of the Villains
344X6212/T13.19212Feb 29/16Mr. Freeze
354X6213/T13.19213Mar 07/16A Dead Man Feels No Cold
364X6214/T13.19214Mar 14/16This Ball of Mud and Meanness
374X6215/T13.19215Mar 21/16Mad Grey Dawn
384X6216/T13.19216Mar 28/16Prisoners
394X6217/T13.19217Apr 11/16Into the Woods
404X6218/T13.19218Apr 18/16Pinewood
414X6219/T13.19219May 02/16Azrael
424X6220/T13.19220May 09/16Unleashed
434X6221/T13.19221May 16/16A Legion of Horribles
444X6222/T13.19222May 23/16Transference

Season Three: 22 episodes
Gotham: Mad City
45T13.19901Sep 19/16Better to Reign in Hell...
46T13.19902Sep 26/16Burn the Witch
47T13.19903Oct 03/16Look Into My Eyes
48T13.19904Oct 10/16New Day Rising
49T13.19905Oct 17/16Anything For You
50T13.19906Oct 24/16Follow the White Rabbit
51T13.19907Oct 31/16Red Queen
52T13.19908Nov 07/16Blood Rush
53T13.19909Nov 14/16The Executioner
54T13.19910Nov 21/16Time Bomb
55T13.19911Nov 28/16Beware the Green-Eyed Monster
56T13.19912Jan 16/17Ghosts
57T13.19913Jan 23/17Smile Like You Mean It
58T13.19914Jan 30/17The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Gotham: Heroes Rise
59T13.19915Apr 24/17How the Riddler Got His Name
60T13.19916May 01/17These Delicate and Dark Obsessions
61T13.19917May 08/17The Primal Riddle
62T13.19918May 15/17Light the Wick
63T13.19919May 22/17All Will Be Judged
64T13.19920May 29/17Pretty Hate Machine
65T13.19921Jun 05/17Destiny Calling
66T13.19922Jun 05/17Heavydirtysoul

Season Four: 22 episodes
Gotham: A Dark Knight
67T40.10001Sep 21/17Pax Penguina
68T40.10002Sep 28/17The Fear Reaper
69T40.10003Oct 05/17They Who Hide Behind Masks
70T40.10004Oct 12/17The Demon's Head
71T40.10005Oct 19/17The Blade's Path
72T40.10006Oct 26/17Hog Day Afternoon
73T40.10007Nov 02/17A Day in the Narrows
74T40.10008Nov 09/17Stop Hitting Yourself
75T40.10009Nov 16/17Let Them Eat Pie
76T40.10010Nov 30/17Things That Go Boom
77T40.10011Dec 07/17Queen Takes Knight
78T40.10012Mar 01/18Pieces of a Broken Mirror
79T40.10013Mar 08/18A Beautiful Darkness
80T40.10014Mar 15/18Reunion
81T40.10015Mar 22/18The Sinking Ship, the Grand Applause
82T40.10016Mar 29/18One of My Three Soups
83T40.10017Apr 05/18Mandatory Brunch Meeting
84T40.10018Apr 12/18That's Entertainment
85T40.10019Apr 19/18To Our Deaths and Beyond
86T40.10020May 03/18That Old Corpse
87T40.10021May 10/18One Bad Day
88T40.10022May 17/18No Man's Land

Season Five: 12 episodes
Gotham: Legend of the Dark Knight
89T40.10051Jan 03/19Year Zero
90T40.10052Jan 10/19Trespassers
91T40.10053Jan 17/19Penguin, Our Hero
92T40.10054Jan 24/19Ruin
93T40.10055Jan 31/19Pena Dura
94T40.10056Feb 14/1913 Stitches
95T40.10057Feb 21/19Ace Chemicals
96T40.10061Feb 28/19Nothing's Shocking
97T40.10062Mar 07/19The Trial of Jim Gordon
98T40.10058Mar 21/19I Am Bane
99T40.10059Apr 18/19They Did What?
100T40.10060Apr 25/19The Beginning...
Genre: crime, drama, thriller
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 100
Broadcast Run: 2014 - 2019
Starring: Ben McKenzie
Donal Logue
David Mazouz
Sean Pertwee
Robin Lord Taylor
Erin Richards
Camren Bicondova
Cory Michael Smith
Jessica Lucas (season 2-5)
Chris Chalk (season 2-5)
Morena Baccarin (season 2-5)
Drew Powell (season 2-4)
Alexander Siddig (season 4)
Maggie Geha (season 3)
Benedict Samuel (season 3)
Michael Chiklis (season 2-3)
Nicholas D'Agosto (season 2)
James Frain (season 2)
Zabryna Guevara (season 1-2)
Jada Pinkett Smith (season 1)
Victoria Cartagena (season 1)
Andrew Stewart-Jones (season 1)
John Doman (season 1)
Based on Characters Created By: Bob Kane
Bill Finger
Showrunner: Bruno Heller
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: Primrose Hill Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Gotham
IMDb: Gotham