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The Hardy Boys
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Season One: 13 episodes
1Dec 04/20Welcome to Your Life
2Dec 04/20Where the Light Can't Find You
3Dec 04/20Of Freedom and Pleasure
4Dec 04/20Secrets and Lies
5Dec 04/20The Drop
6Dec 04/20In Plain Sight
7Dec 04/20A Figure in Hiding
8Dec 04/20What Happened in Bridgeport
9Dec 04/20The Key
10Dec 04/20The Secret Room
11Dec 04/20No Getting Out
12Dec 04/20Eye to Eye
13Dec 04/20While the Clock Ticked

Season Two: 10 episodes
14Apr 06/22A Disappearance
15Apr 06/22Conflicting Reports
16Apr 06/22The Missing Camera
17Apr 06/22A Clue on Film
18Apr 06/22Heading For Destruction
19Apr 06/22Hunting an Intruder
20Apr 06/22The Doctor's Orders
21Apr 06/22A Midnight Scare
22Apr 06/22Captured!
23Apr 06/22An Unexpected Return

Season Three: 8 episodes
24Jul 26/23A Strange Inheritance
25Jul 26/23A Vanishing Act
26Jul 26/23A Promise of Trouble
27Jul 26/23The Crash
28Jul 26/23Revelation
29Jul 26/23The Spider's Net
30Jul 26/23At the Old House
31Jul 26/23A Wild Ride
The Hardy Boys
Genre: mystery, drama, supernatural
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 31
Broadcast Run: 2020 - 2023
Starring: Rohan Campbell
Alexander Elliot
Keana Lyn
Linda Thorson
Bea Santos
Adam Swain
Atticus Mitchell
Riley O'Donnell
Ari Cohen (season 3)
Steven McCarthy (season 3)
Sergio Di Zio (season 3)
Raoul Bhaneja (season 3)
Bailee Madison (season 3)
Anthony Lemke (season 2-3)
Cristian Perri (season 2-3)
Krista Nazaire (season 2-3)
Alli Chung (season 2-3)
Jake Epstein (season 2-3)
Philip Williams (season 2)
Raven Dauda (season 2)
Sadie Munroe (season 2)
James Tupper (season 1)
Laara Sadiq (season 1)
Developed By: Steve Cochrane
Jason Stone
Based on the Book Series Created By: Edward Stratemeyer
Broadcast Network: Hulu (US)
Production Company: Nelvana
Lambur Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
Official Website: The Hardy Boys
IMDb: The Hardy Boys