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Normal just left town.

Season One: 13 episodes
11001Jul 09/10(US)Welcome to Haven
21003Jul 16/10(US)Butterfly
31004Jul 23/10(US)Harmony
41002Jul 30/10(US)Consumed
51005Aug 06/10(US)Ball and Chain
61006Aug 13/10(US)Fur
71007Aug 20/10(US)Sketchy
81008Aug 27/10(US)Ain't No Sunshine
91009Sep 10/10(US)As You Were
101010Sep 17/10(US)The Hand You're Dealt
111011Sep 24/10(US)The Trial of Audrey Parker
121012Oct 01/10(US)Resurfacing
131013Oct 08/10(US)Spiral

Season Two: 13 episodes
14201Jul 15/11A Tale of Two Audreys
15202Jul 22/11Fear and Loathing
16203Jul 29/11Love Machine
17204Aug 05/11Sparks and Recreation
18205Aug 12/11Roots
19206Aug 19/11Audrey Parker's Day Off
20207Aug 26/11The Tides That Bind
21208Sep 02/11Friend or Faux
22209Sep 09/11Lockdown
23210Sep 16/11Who, What, Where, Wendigo?
24211Sep 23/11Business as Usual
25212Sep 30/11Sins of the Fathers
26213Dec 06/11Silent Night (stand-alone Christmas episode)

Season Three: 13 episodes
27301Sep 21/12301
28302Sep 28/12Stay
29303Oct 05/12The Farmer
30304Oct 12/12Over My Head
31305Oct 19/12Double Jeopardy
32306Oct 26/12Real Estate
33307Nov 02/12Magic Hour
34308Nov 09/12Magic Hour, Part 2
35309Nov 16/12Sarah
36310Nov 30/12Burned
37311Dec 07/12Last Goodbyes
38312Jan 17/13Reunion
39313Jan 17/13Thanks For the Memories

Season Four: 13 episodes
40401Sep 13/13Fallout
41402Sep 20/13Survivors
42403Sep 27/13Bad Blood
43404Oct 04/13Lost and Found
44405Oct 11/13The New Girl
45406Oct 18/13Countdown
46407Oct 25/13Lay Me Down
47408Nov 01/13Crush
48409Nov 08/13William
49410Nov 15/13The Trouble With Troubles
50411Nov 22/13Shot in the Dark
51412Dec 06/13When the Bough Breaks
52413Dec 13/13The Lighthouse

Season Five: 26 episodes
53501Sep 11/14See No Evil
54502Sep 18/14Speak No Evil
55503Sep 25/14Spotlight
56504Oct 02/14Much Ado About Mara
57505Oct 10/14The Old Switcheroo, Part 1
58506Oct 17/14The Old Switcheroo, Part 2
59507Oct 24/14Nowhere Man
60508Oct 31/14Exposure
61509Nov 07/14Morbidity
62510Nov 14/14Mortality
63Nov 21/14Reflections
64Nov 28/14Chemistry
65Dec 05/14Chosen
66Oct 08/15New World Order
67Oct 08/15Power
68Oct 15/15The Trial of Nathan Wuornos
69Oct 22/15Enter Sandman
70Oct 29/15Wild Card
71Nov 05/15Perditus
72Nov 12/15Just Passing Through
73Nov 19/15Close to Home
74Nov 26/15A Matter of Time
75Dec 03/15Blind Spot
76Dec 10/15The Widening Gyre
77Dec 17/15Now
78Dec 17/15Forever
Genre: supernatural, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 78
Broadcast Run: 2010 - 2015
Starring: Emily Rose
Lucas Bryant
Eric Balfour
Richard Donat (season 1)
John Dunsworth (season 1)
Nicholas Campbell (season 1)
Developed By: Sam Ernst
Jim Dunn
Based on the Novella "The Colorado Kid" By: Stephen King
Showrunner: Scott Shepherd
Matt McGuinness
Broadcast Network: SyFy
Production Company: Entertainment One Television
Big Motion Pictures
Location Filming: Lunenberg, Nova Scotia, Canada
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
IMDb: Haven