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Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.

Season One: 23 episodes
Volume One: Genesis
11001Sep 25/06Chapter One:In His Own Image
21002Oct 02/06Chapter Two:Don't Look Back
31003Oct 09/06Chapter Three:One Giant Leap
41004Oct 16/06Chapter Four:Collision
51005Oct 23/06Chapter Five:Hiros
61006Oct 30/06Chapter Six:Better Halves
71007Nov 06/06Chapter Seven:Nothing to Hide
81008Nov 13/06Chapter Eight:Seven Minutes to Midnight
91009Nov 20/06Chapter Nine:Homecoming
101010Nov 27/06Chapter Ten:Six Months Ago
111011Dec 04/06Chapter Eleven:Fallout
121012Jan 22/07Chapter Twelve:Godsend
131013Jan 29/07Chapter Thirteen:The Fix
141014Feb 05/07Chapter Fourteen:Distractions
151015Feb 12/07Chapter Fifteen:Run!
161016Feb 19/07Chapter Sixteen:Unexpected
171017Feb 25/07(CA)Chapter Seventeen:Company Man
181018Mar 04/07(CA)Chapter Eighteen:Parasite
191019Apr 23/07Chapter Nineteen:.07%
201020Apr 30/07Chapter Twenty:Five Years Gone
211021May 07/07Chapter Twenty-One:The Hard Part
221022May 14/07Chapter Twenty-Two:Landslide
231023May 21/07Chapter Twenty-Three:How to Stop an Exploding Man

Season Two: 11 episodes
Volume Two: Generations
242001Sep 24/07Chapter One:Four Months Later...
252002Oct 01/07Chapter Two:Lizards
262003Oct 08/07Chapter Three:Kindred
272004Oct 15/07Chapter Four:The Kindness of Strangers
282005Oct 22/07Chapter Five:Fight or Flight
292006Oct 29/07Chapter Six:The Line
302007Nov 05/07Chapter Seven:Out of Time
312008Nov 12/07Chapter Eight:Four Months Ago...
322009Nov 19/07Chapter Nine:Cautionary Tales
332010Nov 26/07Chapter Ten:Truth & Consequences
342011Dec 03/07Chapter Eleven:Powerless

Season Three: 25 episodes
Volume Three: Villains
Sep 22/08Countdown to the Premiere (special)
353001Sep 22/08Chapter One:The Second Coming
363002Sep 22/08Chapter Two:The Butterfly Effect
373003Sep 29/08Chapter Three:One of Us, One of Them
383004Oct 06/08Chapter Four:I Am Become Death
393005Oct 13/08Chapter Five:Angels and Monsters
403006Oct 20/08Chapter Six:Dying of the Light
413007Oct 27/08Chapter Seven:Eris Quod Sum
423008Nov 10/08Chapter Eight:Villains
433009Nov 17/08Chapter Nine:It's Coming
443010Nov 24/08Chapter Ten:The Eclipse
453011Dec 01/08Chapter Eleven:The Eclipse, Part 2
463012Dec 08/08Chapter Twelve:Our Father
473013Dec 15/08Chapter Thirteen:Dual
Volume Four: Fugitives
483014Feb 02/09Chapter One:A Clear and Present Danger
493015Feb 09/09Chapter Two:Trust and Blood
503016Feb 16/09Chapter Three:Building 26
513017Feb 23/09Chapter Four:Cold Wars
523018Mar 02/09Chapter Five:Exposed
533019Mar 09/09Chapter Six:Shades of Gray
543020Mar 23/09Chapter Seven:Cold Snap
553021Mar 30/09Chapter Eight:Into Asylum
563022Apr 06/09Chapter Nine:Turn and Face the Strange
573023Apr 13/09Chapter Ten:1961
583024Apr 20/09Chapter Eleven:I Am Sylar
593025Apr 27/09Chapter Twelve:An Invisible Thread

Season Four: 19 episodes
Volume Five: Redemption
60/614001/02Sep 21/09Chapter One:Orientation (two hours)
624004Sep 28/09Chapter Two:Ink
634003Oct 05/09Chapter Three:Acceptance
644005Oct 12/09Chapter Four:Hysterical Blindness
654006Oct 19/09Chapter Five:Tabula Rasa
664007Oct 26/09Chapter Six:Strange Attractors
674008Nov 02/09Chapter Seven:Once Upon a Time in Texas
684009Nov 09/09Chapter Eight:Shadowboxing
694010Nov 16/09Chapter Nine:Brother's Keeper
704011Nov 23/09Chapter Ten:Thanksgiving
714012Nov 30/09Chapter Eleven:The Fifth Stage
724013Jan 04/10Chapter Twelve:Upon This Rock
734014Jan 04/10Chapter Thirteen:Let it Bleed
744015Jan 11/10Chapter Fourteen:Close to You
754016Jan 18/10Chapter Fifteen:Pass / Fail
764017Jan 25/10Chapter Sixteen:The Art of Deception
774018Feb 01/10Chapter Seventeen:The Wall
784019Feb 08/10Chapter Eighteen: Brave New World

Season Five: 13 episodes
Heroes Reborn - Volume One: Awakening
79Sep 24/15Chapter One:Brave New World
80Sep 24/15Chapter Two:Odessa
81Oct 01/15Chapter Three:Under the Mask
82Oct 08/15Chapter Four:The Needs of the Many
83Oct 15/15Chapter Five:The Lion's Den
84Oct 22/15Chapter Six:Game Over
85Oct 29/15Chapter Seven:June 13th, Part 1
86Nov 05/15Chapter Eight:June 13th, Part 2
87Nov 12/15Chapter Nine:Sundae, Bloody Sundae
88Nov 19/15Chapter Ten:11:53 to Odessa
89Jan 07/16Chapter Eleven:Send in the Clones
90Jan 14/16Chapter Twelve:Company Woman
91Jan 21/16Chapter Thirteen:Project Reborn

Heroes: The Webseries
Going Postal
1Jul 14/08Chapter One: A Nifty Trick (3:29)
2Jul 21/08Chapter Two: The House Guest (3:16)
3Jul 28/08Chapter Three: Let's Talk (3:25)
1Nov 10/08Chapter One: Let Us Pray (5:05)
2Nov 17/08Chapter Two: Intervention (4:20)
3Nov 24/08Chapter Three: Capture (6:43)
4Dec 01/08Chapter Four: Escape (6:41)
The Recruit
1Dec 15/08Chapter One: Private Mills (3:47)
2Dec 22/08Chapter Two: It Was Nothing (3:05)
3Dec 29/08Chapter Three: We Do What We Have to Do (3:25)
4Jan 05/09Chapter Four: Day of Reckoning (3:18)
5Jan 12/09Chapter Three: The Truth Within (4:21)
Hard Knox
1Dec 22/08Chapter One: Choices (2:58)
2Dec 22/08Chapter Two: Get Straight (2:06)
3Dec 29/08Chapter Three: Fear (2:25)
4Dec 29/08Chapter Four: The Main Man Now (1:29)
Nowhere Man
1Apr 20/09Chapter One: Puppet Master (5:24)
2Apr 27/09Chapter Two: Statement of Character (3:22)
3May 05/09Chapter Three: Pulling the Strings (4:13)
4May 11/09Chapter Four: A New Beginning (3:55)
Slow Burn
1Sep 29/09Chapter One: Part 1 (1:50)
2Oct 05/09Chapter Two: Part 2 (1:23)
3Oct 12/09Chapter Three: Part 3 (1:33)
4Oct 19/09Chapter Four: Part 4 (1:29)
5Oct 26/09Chapter Five: Part 5 (1:30)
6Nov 03/09Chapter Six: Part 6 (1:21)
7Nov 09/09Chapter Seven: Part 7 (1:49)
8Nov 16/09Chapter Eight: Part 8 (1:18)
9Nov 23/09Chapter Nine: Part 9 (1:19)
10Nov 30/09Chapter Ten: Part 10 (1:40)
Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters
1Jul 09/15Where Are the Heroes? (6:24)
2Jul 22/15Phoebe (7:53)
3Jul 22/15Registered (7:19)
4Jul 22/15June 13th (4:57)
5Jul 22/15Renautas (11:30)
6Jul 22/15Where the Truth Lies (5:55)
Genre: mystery, thriller, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 91
Broadcast Run: 2006 - 2010, 2015 - 2016
Starring: Jack Coleman
Zachary Levi (season 5)
Robbie A. Kay (season 5)
Kiki Sukezane (season 5)
Ryan Guzman (season 5)
Rya Kihlstedt (season 5)
Gatlin Green (season 5)
Henry Zebrowski (season 5)
Judith Shekoni (season 5)
Danika Yarosh (season 5)
Greg Grunberg (season 1-4)
Ali Larter (season 1-4)
Masi Oka (season 1-4)
Hayden Panettiere (season 1-4)
Adrian Pasdar (season 1-4)
Sendhil Ramamurthy (season 1-4)
Milo Ventimiglia (season 1-4)
James Kyson Lee (season 3-4)
Cristine Rose (season 3-4)
Zachary Quinto (season 2-4)
Robert Knepper (season 4)
Dania Ramirez (season 2-3)
Noah Gray-Cabey (season 1-2)
David Anders (season 2)
Kristen Bell (season 2)
Dana Davis (season 2)
Santiago Cabrera (season 1)
Tawny Cypress (season 1)
Leonard Roberts (season 1)
Created By: Tim Kring
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Tailwind Productions
Universal Television
Imperative Entertainment (season 5)
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Heroes
See Also: Heroes Unmasked (2007)
IMDb: Heroes
Heroes Reborn