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Highway to Heaven
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Jonathan Smith is a probationary angel sent down to earth to earn his wings. There, he partners with cynical ex-cop Mark Gordon and they travel the country doing assignments for "the Boss", helping people to overcome their problems or see the error of their ways.

Season One: 25 episodes
1/27849Sep 19/84Highway to Heaven (two hours)
37803Sep 26/84To Touch the Moon
47805Oct 03/84The Return of the Masked Rider
57807Oct 17/84Song of the Wild West
67806Oct 24/84One Fresh Batch of Lemonade, Part 1
77809Oct 31/84One Fresh Batch of Lemonade, Part 2
87810Nov 07/84A Divine Madness
97808Nov 14/84Catch a Falling Star
107811Nov 21/84Help Wanted: Angel
117804Nov 28/84Dust Child
127812Dec 12/84Hotel of Dreams
137813Dec 19/84Another Song For Christmas
147814Jan 09/85Plane Death
157815Jan 16/85One Winged Angels
167816Jan 23/85Going Home, Going Home
177817Jan 30/85As Difficult as ABC
187818Feb 06/85A Child of God
197819Feb 20/85A Match Made in Heaven
207820Feb 27/85The Banker and the Bum
217821Mar 06/85The Brightest Star
227822Mar 13/85An Investment in Caring
237823Mar 27/85The Right Thing
247824May 01/85Thoroughbreds, Part 1
257825May 08/85Thoroughbreds, Part 2

Season Two: 24 episodes
267851Sep 18/85A Song For Jason, Part 1
277852Sep 25/85A Song For Jason, Part 2
287853Oct 02/85Bless the Boys in Blue
297856Oct 16/85Popcorn, Peanuts and Cracker Jacks
307854Oct 23/85Cindy
317857Oct 30/85The Devil and Jonathan Smith
327859Nov 06/85Birds of a Feather
337860Nov 20/85The Smile in the Third Row
347855Nov 27/85The Secret
357861Dec 04/85The Monster, Part 1
367862Dec 11/85The Monster, Part 2
377858Dec 18/85The Good Doctor
387863Jan 08/86Alone
397864Jan 15/86Close Encounters of the Heavenly Kind
407866Jan 29/86Change of Life
417865Feb 05/86Keep Smiling
427867Feb 12/86The Last Assignment
437868Feb 19/86To Bind the Wounds
447869Feb 26/86Heaven on Earth
457870Mar 05/86Summit
467871Mar 12/86The Torch
477872Apr 02/86Sail Away
487873Apr 30/86Children's Children
497874May 07/86Friends

Season Three: 25 episodes
507901Sep 24/86A Special Love, Part 1
517902Oct 01/86A Special Love, Part 2
527903Oct 08/86For the Love of Larry
537904Oct 15/86Another Kind of War, Another Kind of Peace
547905Oct 29/86That's Our Dad
557908Nov 05/86Love at Second Sight
56/577907Nov 12/86Love and Marriage (two hours)
587906Nov 19/86Code Name: Freak
597910Nov 26/86Man to Man
607909Dec 03/86Jonathan Smith Goes to Washington
617912Dec 10/86Oh Lucky Man
627913Dec 17/86Basinger's New York
637911Jan 07/87All That Glitters
647914Jan 14/87Wally
657917Jan 21/87A Song of Songs
667916Jan 28/87A Night to Remember
677915Feb 04/87A Mother and a Daughter
687918Feb 11/87Normal People
697919Feb 18/87The Hero
707920Feb 25/87Parents' Day
717921Mar 04/87A Father's Faith
727922Mar 18/87Heavy Date
737923Apr 01/87Ghost Rider
747924May 06/87Gift of Life

Season Four: 24 episodes
757951Sep 16/87Man's Best Friend, Part 1
767952Sep 23/87Man's Best Friend, Part 2
777955Sep 30/87Fight For Your Life
787956Oct 21/87The People Next Door
797958Oct 28/87I Was a Middle-Aged Werewolf
807954Nov 04/87Playing For Keeps
817957Nov 11/87Amazing Man
827960Nov 18/87All the Colors of the Heart
837961Nov 25/87Why Punish the Children?
847962Dec 02/87A Dream of Wild Horses
857963Dec 09/87In With the "In" Crowd
867959Dec 23/87With Love, the Claus
877964Jan 06/88A Mother's Love
887953Jan 13/88Country Doctor
897965Jan 20/88Time in a Bottle
907967Feb 03/88Back to Oakland
917966Feb 10/88We Have Forever, Part 1
927968Feb 17/88We Have Forever, Part 2
937969Feb 24/88The Correspondent
947970Mar 02/88Aloha
957971Mar 16/88A Dolphin Song For Lee, Part 1
967972Mar 23/88A Dolphin Song For Lee, Part 2
977973Mar 30/88Heaven Nose, Mister Smith
987974Apr 27/88The Whole Nine Yards

Season Five: 13 episodes
99Oct 12/88Whose Trash is it Anyway?
1008003Dec 07/88Hello and Farewell, Part 1
1018003Dec 07/88Hello and Farewell, Part 2
102Mar 21/89The Silent Bell
103Jun 02/89The Reunion
104Jun 09/89The Source
105Jun 16/89The Squeaky Wheel
106Jun 23/89Goodbye, Mr. Zelinka
107Jun 30/89Choices
108Jul 14/89Summer Camp
109Jul 21/89The Inner Limits
110Jul 28/89It's a Dog's Life
111Aug 04/89Merry Christmas From Grandpa
Highway to Heaven
Genre: drama, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 111
Broadcast Run: 1984 - 1989
Starring: Michael Landon
Victor French
Created By: Michael Landon
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Michael Landon Productions
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Highway to Heaven