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The Highwayman
  • Ep:
  • Terror on the Blacktop
  • They say he came into this world from someplace off the clock,
    And his mother was an ice-cold wind, his pa a fiery rock.

    It's told that on some starless nights his rig could up and blow,
    And folks who say they saw it coming swear they didn't see it go.

    Now you hear a lot of legends told when you ride the long hard slab,
    Of some who say the man is good and some who say he's bad.

    But all agree who've ever tried to play a cheatin' hand,
    You only get one chance to draw against the Highwayman.

    Most crimes in our society begin or end on some stretch of road, where laws often terminate at county lines. Combating these legal blackouts is a new breed of lawman, working in secret, they are known simply as Highwaymen. This is the story, and the legend, of one such man... the Highwayman.

  • Starring: Sam Jones (The Highwayman), Claudia Christian (Dawn), Stanford Egi (Toto)
  • Special Guest Star: Jimmy Smits (Bo Ziker)
  • Guest Stars: Wings Hauser (Sheriff Wyatt), Jennifer Runyon (Amanda Merrick), Lyle Alzado (Iron Butt), Rowdy Roddy Piper (Preacher), Ken Morrison (Travis Ziker), Theresa Saldana (Angela Brown), Bill McKinney ( ), Jon Menick ( )
  • And: G. Gordon Liddy (Ed Merrick)
  • Co-Starring: John Quade (Bartender), Paul Drake (Deputy Bricker), Tommy Lamey (Deputy Dogget), Branscombe Richmond (Geronimo), Michael Berryman (Chromedome), Mickey Jones (Pepper Hansen), Michael Carr (Deputy Turley), Keith Barbour (Entertainer #1), Michael McGinnis (Entertainer #2), Mindi Iden (Hot Tub Girl #1), Joanne Wolf (Hot Tub Girl #2), Carmen Kotta (Woman Controller), Ed Hooks (Guard), James Griffith (Old Duffer #1), Patrick Cranshaw (Old Duffer #2), Marion Wright (Woman), Maura Soden (Reporter)
  • Written By: Glen A Larson & Douglas Heyes
  • Directed By: Douglas Heyes
  • Ep: 1
  • Road Ranger
  • Guest Starring: Clarence Williams III (Jessie Holmes), Anne Lockhart (Shelly North), Clyde Kusatsu (Mr. Moritana), George McDaniel ( ), George Murdock (Doc North), Darby Hinton ( ), Jesse Dizon ( )
  • Special Guest Star: Kent McCord (Steve "Road Ranger" North)
  • Featuring: Len Carli (Auctioneer), Andy Schwiebert (Davey North), Mark DeMichele (Driver Deputy), Steve Easterling (Shotgun Deputy), Mark Jones (Nebbish)
  • Written By: Glen A. Larson & Mark Jones
  • Directed By: Dan Haller
  • Ep: 2
  • The Hitchhiker
  • Guest Starring: Joe Regalbuto (Major Fury), James Staley ( ), Robert Doqui ( ), Wendie Malick (Scientist)
  • And: Arlen Dean Snyder (General Nordhoff)
  • Special Guest Star: Christina Raines-Crowe (Pepper McKenzie)
  • Featuring: Stuart Grant (Dr. Long), Will Hannah (M.P.), Toby Noakes (Brig M.P.), Robin Wayne (Gate M.P.), Ron Brott (General's Pilot)
  • Written By: Glen A. Larson
  • Directed By: Larry Shaw
  • Ep: 3
  • 'Til Death Duel Us Part
  • Guest Starring: Joseph Bottoms (Cody Teague)
  • Special Guest Star: Chad Everett (Ron Bonham)
  • Featuring: Jim Maniaci (Tattoo), Melissa Grier (Turbo), George Salazar (Prison Doctor), Corelio Hernandez (Guard #1), Albert Ruiz (Guard #2), Marcus Wright (Derek Sutton), Rusty Lee (Old Timer)
  • Written By: Jonathan Day & Steven L. Sears & Burt Pearl
  • Directed By: Larry Shaw
  • Ep: 4
  • Haunted Highway
  • Guest Starring: Marla Heasley (Liz Redstone), Paul Koslo ( ), Rodger Gibson (Jake Redstone), Michael Horse (Sheriff Jerry New Eagle), Dehl Berti ( ), Gary Grubbs (Harrison), Tim Rossovich ( ), Andy Romano ( ), Jean-Pierre Dorleac ( )
  • And: Steven Keats (Snyder)
  • Featuring: Larry Soller (Prosecutor), Don Champlin (Judge), Steven Carry (Borcher), Frank Sprague (Bernie), Donna Brown (Reporter #1), Joe Corocoran (Reporter #2), Ana Auther (Model), Jacky Christian (Model), Carol Gossler (Model), Chon Linesch (Model), Tess Swaim (Model)
  • Teleplay By: William Rabkin & Lee Goldberg & Burt Pearl & Steven L. Sears
  • Story By: William Rabkin & Lee Goldberg
  • Directed By: Don Weis
  • Ep: 5
  • Summer of 45
  • Guest Starring: Bill Hudson (Donald Travers), Greg Mullavey (Edward Travers), Liz Keifer (Leslie), Patrick St. Esprit ( ), Les Brown, Jr. ( )
  • Special Guest Star: Lloyd Bochner ( )
  • Featuring: Richard Kelley (Guard at Gate), Peppi Sanders (Helen), Gary Clarke (Sheriff), Donald Hall (Deputy), Paul Mancuso (Larry), Nick Young (M.P.), Dan Mara (M.P. #1), Richard Ryan (Private)
  • Teleplay By: Mark Jones & Steven L. Sears & Burt Pearl
  • Story By: Glen A. Larson & Mark Jones
  • Directed By: Rob Bowman
  • Ep: 6
  • Send in the Clones
  • Guest Starring: J.D. Cannon (Chief Clifton), Terry Carter (Lieutenant Broadside), Pamela Shoop (Dr. Chadway), Gary Lockwood (Colonel Westcourt), Greta Blackburn (Prostitute), Michael Pataki (Detective)
  • And: Howie Long (Mac)
  • Featuring: Tony Acierto (Hood), Perry D'Marco (Hood), Mel Young (Reporter #1), Margie Ghigo (Girl's Mom), Nicole Frierson (Little Girl), John L. Wade (Clone #1), Michael Morris (Clone #2), Shawn Patterson (Clone #3), Warner McKay (Bum), William Forsythe (Mounted Cop), Phil Allen (TV Announcer), Jan Sandwich (Wendy), Henry M. Kendrick (Mayor)
  • Written By: Glen A. Larson & David Garber & Bruce E. Kalish
  • Directed By: Allan Holzman
  • Ep: 7
  • Billionaire Body Club
  • Special Appearance By: Christopher McDonald (Joshua Towler)
  • Guest Starring: Cindy Morgan (Mary Mincowitz), Kim Ulrich (Melissa), Ken Swofford (Mayor), Mark Lonow ( ), Ed Hooks ( )
  • And: Nicholas Guest (Mason)
  • Co-Starring: Blackie Dammett (Jazz), Kim Milford (Cotten)
  • Featuring: Blueberry (Lead Girl), JoAnne Wolf (Model)
  • Written By: Glen A. Larson
  • Directed By: Ivan Nagy
  • Ep: 8
  • Warzone
  • Special Guest Star: Roger Davis (Chief Jim Townsend)
  • Guest Starring: Ted Lange (Mayor John Fletcher), Terry Kiser (Colonel Halsted), Lara Parker (Dr. Terwishe), Mark Thomas Miller ( )
  • Special Appearance By: Wayne Newton (Bartlett)
  • Featuring: Joe Faust (Police Captain), Heather McNair (Virginia)
  • Written By: Tom Blomquist
  • Directed By: Rob Bowman
  • Ep: 9
  • Frightmare
  • Guest Starring: Stanley Kamel (Cisco), Jack Ging (Admiral Conti), Alex Courtney (Dr. Sebring), Otto Felix ( ), Janet Curtis ( ), Judd Omen (Bronson), Zitto Kazann ( )
  • Special Guest Star: Vince Edwards (Manetti)
  • Featuring: Michael Waltman (Dan Wheeler), Doug Cotner (Doctor #3), Ed Gabel (Agent #1), Stephen Hastings (Lieutenant), Thom Khaler (FBI Agent), Fred Nelson (Plain Clothes Agent), Harold Dixon (Morgue Doctor #1)
  • Teleplay By: Glen A. Larson & David Garber & Bruce E. Kalish
  • Story By: Burt Pearl
  • Directed By: Rob Bowman

Season One
Sam Jones ......................... The Highwayman
Jacko ...................................... Jetto
Jane Badler ....................... Tania Winthrop
Tim Russ ............................ D.C. Montana
William Conrad .......................... Narrator