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House of Anubis
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Long Live Sibuna!

Season One: 30 episodes
1aJan 01/11House of Secrets
1bJan 01/11House of Attitude
2aJan 01/11House of the Black Bird
2bJan 01/11House of Dares
3aJan 01/11House of Lies
3bJan 02/11House of Locks
4aJan 02/11House of Eyes
4bJan 02/11House of Agendas
5aJan 02/11House of Keys
5bJan 10/11House of Discovery
6aJan 10/11House of Hyper
6bJan 11/11House of Cheats
7aJan 11/11House of Rumors
7bJan 12/11House of Intruders
8aJan 12/11House of Proof
8bJan 13/11House of Confrontation
9aJan 13/11House of Alarms
9bJan 14/11House of Flames
10aJan 14/11House of Passages
10bJan 18/11House of Kidnap
11aJan 18/11House of Cat-Nap
11bJan 19/11House of Cameras
12aJan 19/11House of Numbers
12bJan 20/11House of Scares
13aJan 20/11House of Fakers
13bJan 21/11House of Identity
14aJan 21/11House of Emergency
14bJan 24/11House of Reunion
15aJan 24/11House of Memories
15bJan 25/11House of Drama
16aJan 25/11House of Codes
16bJan 26/11House of Risks
17aJan 26/11House of Thieves
17bJan 27/11House of Hazard
18aJan 27/11House of Charades
18bJan 31/11House of Rendezvous
19aJan 31/11House of Rescue
19bFeb 01/11House of Arrest
20aFeb 01/11House of Hoax
20bFeb 02/11House of Time
21aFeb 02/11House of Aliens
21bFeb 03/11House of Masks
22aFeb 03/11House of Pursuit
22bFeb 04/11House of Yesterday
23aFeb 04/11House of Victory
23bFeb 14/11House of Bribes
24aFeb 14/11House of Venom
24bFeb 15/11House of Stars
25aFeb 15/11House of Harsh
25bFeb 16/11House of Lights
26aFeb 16/11House of Allegiance
26bFeb 17/11House of Pests
27aFeb 17/11House of Betrayal
27bFeb 18/11House of Reservation
28aFeb 18/11House of Heavy
28bFeb 19/11House of Hush
29aFeb 19/11House of Spies
29bFeb 19/11House of Sting
30aFeb 19/11House of Never
30bFeb 19/11House of Forever

Season Two: 45 episodes
31aJan 07/12House of Hello
31bJan 07/12House of Dolls
32aJan 10/12House of Spirits
32bJan 10/12House of Blackmail
33aJan 11/12House of Rivals
33bJan 11/12House of Faces
34aJan 12/12House of Myths
34bJan 12/12House of Nightmares
35aJan 13/12House of Combinations
35bJan 13/12House of Heartbreak
36aJan 16/12House of Tunnels
36bJan 16/12House of Goodbye
37aJan 17/12House of Protection
37bJan 17/12House of Letters
38aJan 18/12House of Who?
38bJan 18/12House of Frauds
39aJan 19/12House of Chance
39bJan 19/12House of Divides
40aJan 20/12House of Crushes
40bJan 20/12House of Vertigo
41aJan 23/12House of Pressure
41bJan 23/12House of Deja Vu
42aJan 24/12House of Hoods
42bJan 24/12House of Deceit
43aJan 25/12House of Sibuna
43bJan 25/12House of Payback
44aJan 26/12House of Pendulums
44bJan 26/12House of Impasse
45aJan 27/12House of Help
45bJan 27/12House of Phobias
46aJan 30/12House of Isis aka House of Barriers
46bJan 30/12House of Curfews
47aJan 31/12House of Dead-Ends
47bJan 31/12House of Webs
48aFeb 01/12House of Fronts
48bFeb 01/12House of Keepers
49aFeb 02/12House of Hacks
49bFeb 02/12House of Stings
50aFeb 03/12House of Double-Cross
50bFeb 03/12House of Wires
51aFeb 06/12House of Envy
51bFeb 06/12House of Names
52aFeb 07/12House of Evidence
52bFeb 07/12House of Genius
53aFeb 08/12House of Slander
53bFeb 08/12House of Hasty
54aFeb 09/12House of Sorry
54bFeb 09/12House of Hex
55aFeb 10/12House of Silence
55bFeb 10/12House of Warnings
56aFeb 13/12House of Status
56bFeb 13/12House of Laments
57aFeb 14/12House of Heists
57bFeb 14/12House of Alibis
58aFeb 15/12House of Oblivion
58bFeb 15/12House of Snoops
59aFeb 16/12House of Reflections
59bFeb 16/12House of Stooges
60aFeb 17/12House of Zodiacs
60bFeb 17/12House of Reckoning
61aFeb 21/12House of Trades
61bFeb 21/12House of Magic
62aFeb 22/12House of Tricks
62bFeb 22/12House of Whispers
63aFeb 23/12House of Duplicity
63bFeb 23/12House of Hauntings
64aFeb 24/12House of Collections
64bFeb 24/12House of Speculation
65aFeb 27/12House of Sabotage
65bFeb 27/12House of Nine Lives
66aFeb 28/12House of Forgeries
66bFeb 28/12House of Hijack
67aFeb 29/12House of Freeze
67bFeb 29/12House of Timeout
68aMar 01/12House of Reflectors
68bMar 01/12House of Illusions
69aMar 02/12House of Dreams
69bMar 02/12House of Pitfalls
70aMar 05/12House of Phantoms
70bMar 05/12House of Surrender
71aMar 06/12House of Strategy
71bMar 06/12House of Memory
72aMar 07/12House of Pretenders
72bMar 07/12House of Trouble
73aMar 08/12House of Traps
73bMar 08/12House of Stakes
74aMar 09/12House of Missions
74bMar 09/12House of Captives
75aMar 09/12House of the Chosen
75bMar 09/12House of Freedom

Season Three: 40 episodes
76Jan 03/13House of Arrivals
77Jan 03/13House of Presents
78Jan 10/13House of Truth
79Jan 10/13House of Hieroglyphs
80Jan 17/13House of Revelations
81Jan 17/13House of Questions
82Jan 24/13House of Pi
83Jan 24/13House of Mistrust
84Jan 31/13House of Trickery
85Jan 31/13House of Unity
86Feb 07/13House of Entrapment
87Feb 07/13House of Sisters
88Feb 25/13House of Tombs
89Feb 26/13House of Smuggling
90Feb 27/13House of Anticipation
91Feb 28/13House of Close Calls
92Mar 04/13House of Hustle
93Mar 05/13House of Set-Up
94Mar 06/13House of History
95Mar 07/13House of Eclipse
96Mar 11/13House of Awakening
97Mar 12/13House of Sarcophagi
98Mar 13/13House of Possession
99Mar 14/13House of Greed
100Mar 18/13House of Deceptions
101Mar 19/13House of Rainbows
102Mar 20/13House of Enemies aka House of Signals
103Mar 21/13House of Surprise
104Mar 25/13House of Winning
105Mar 26/13House of Moonlighting
106Mar 27/13House of Treachery
107Mar 28/13House of Imposters
108Apr 01/13House of Cunning
109Apr 02/13House of Suspicion
110Apr 03/13House of Capture
111Apr 04/13House of Heartbreaks
112Apr 08/13House of Hog
113Apr 09/13House of Defeat
114Apr 10/13House of Ammut
115Apr 11/13House of Heroes
Jun 17/13The Touchstone of Ra (two hours)
House of Anubis
Genre: drama, mystery, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 115
Broadcast Run: 2011 - 2013
Starring: Brad Kavanagh
Jade Ramsey
Ana Mulvoy Ten
Tasie Dhanraj
Eugene Simon
Alex Sawyer
Klariza Clayton
Nathalia Ramos (season 1-2)
Bobby Lockwood (season 1-2)
Burkely Duffield (season 2-3)
Louisa Connolly-Burnham (season 3)
Alexandra Shipp (season 3)
Created By: Gert Verhulst
Hans Bourlon
Broadcast Network: Nickelodeon
Production Company: Studio 100
Lime Pictures
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: House of Anubis