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Human Target
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Christopher Chance is a unique private contractor / security guard who is called upon when there is an unusual or imminent threat that can't be solved by normal means. He immerses himself in every detail of his clients lives, putting himself in the line of fire. What dark secrets lay buried in the past of a man that would make him willingly become a Human Target?

Season One: 12 episodes
1296758Jan 15/10(CA)Pilot
22J5154Jan 19/10(CA)Rewind
32J5152Jan 25/10(CA)Embassy Row
42J5155Feb 01/10(CA)Sanctuary
52J5151Feb 08/10(CA)Run
62J5156Feb 15/10(CA)Lockdown
72J5157Mar 10/10(US)Salvage & Reclamation
82J5158Mar 14/10(CA)Baptiste
92J5159Mar 21/10(CA)Corner Man
102J5153Mar 28/10(CA)Tanarak
112J5160Apr 04/10(CA)Victoria
122J5161Apr 11/10(CA)Christopher Chance

Season Two: 13 episodes
132J5701Nov 17/10Ilsa Pucci
142J5702Nov 24/10The Wife's Tale
152J5703Dec 01/10Taking Ames
162J5704Dec 08/10The Return of Baptiste
172J5705Dec 15/10Dead Head
182J5708Dec 22/10The Other Side of the Mall
192J5706Jan 05/11A Problem Like Maria (part 1)
202J5707Jan 05/11Communication Breakdown (part 2)
212J5709Jan 14/11Imbroglio
222J5710Jan 14/11Cool Hand Guerrero
232J5711Jan 31/11Kill Bob
242J5712Feb 02/11The Trouble With Harry
252J5713Feb 09/11Marshall Pucci
Human Target
Genre: crime, action
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 25
Broadcast Run: 2010 - 2011
Starring: Mark Valley
Chi McBride
Jackie Earle Haley
Indira Varma (season 2)
Janet Montgomery (season 2)
Based on DC Comics Characters Created By: Len Wein
Carmine Infantino
Developed By: Jonathan E. Steinberg
Showrunner: Jonathan E. Steinberg (season 1)
Matt Miller (season 2)
Broadcast Network: CTV
Production Company: Bonanza Productions
Wonderland Sound and Vision
DC Comics
Copyright: © 2010-2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Human Target