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While on a dig, archeologist Jackie Chan finds a magic talisman which puts him on the radar of a criminal organisation called the Dark Hand, who want the talisman. Then, an old friend shows up, Captain Black, and puts him under the protection of his secret government organisation, Section 13. Now, Jackie must recover 11 more talismans to stop the Dark Hand from unleashing an ancient evil upon the world.

Season One: 16 episodes
1101Sep 09/00The Dark Hand
2102Sep 16/00The Power Within
3103Sep 23/00The Mask of El Toro Fuerte
4238Dec 01/01Snake Hunt
5104Sep 30/00Enter the Viper
6105Oct 07/00Project A, For Astral
7106Oct 14/00Shell Game
8239Dec 01/01Through the Rabbit Hole
9107Oct 28/00Bullies
10108Nov 18/00Tough Break
11109Nov 25/00The Rock
12237Dec 01/01The Warrior Incarnate
13110Dec 02/00The Dog and Piggy Show
14111Dec 09/00The Jade Monkey
15112Jan 13/01The Tiger and the Pussycat (part 1)
16113Jan 20/01Day of the Dragon (part 2)

Season Two: 36 episodes
17201Oct 06/01The Stronger Evil (part 1)
18202Oct 13/01The J-Team (part 1)
19203Oct 20/01Jade Times Jade
20204Oct 27/01Rumble in the Big House
21205Nov 03/01And He Does His Own Stunts
22206Nov 10/01Queen of the Shadowkhan
23207Nov 17/01Shanghai Moon
24208Nov 24/01Armor of the Gods
25209Dec 08/01Tale of the Demon Tail aka Demon in Di-Skies
26210Mar 09/02The New Atlantis
27211Mar 11/02The Eighth Door
28212Mar 12/02Demon World
29213Mar 13/02Demon World, Part 2
30214Dec 01/01Mother of All Battles
31215Jan 12/02Danger in the Deep Freeze
32216Jan 19/02Into the Mouth of Evil
33217Jan 26/02Lost City of the Muntabs
34218Mar 14/02The Lotus Temple
35219Mar 15/02The Curse of El Chupacabra
36220Mar 16/02Showdown in the Old West
37221Feb 02/02Origami
38222Mar 23/02Agent Tag
39223Dec 15/01The Return of the Pussycat
40224Dec 22/01Scouts Honor
41225Mar 02/02The King and Jade
42226Mar 30/02Enter the Cat
43227Apr 06/02Pleasure Cruise
44228Apr 20/02The Chosen One
45229Feb 09/02Glove Story
46230Apr 13/02Tough Luck
47231Sep 21/02The Amazing T-Girl
48232Apr 27/02The Chan Who Knew Too Much
49233Sep 07/02Shrink Rap
50234May 11/02(US)I'll Be a Monkey's Puppet
51235May 04/02Chi of the Vampire
52236May 11/02(CA)The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute

Season Three: 17 episodes
53301Sep 28/02Re-Enter the J-Team
54302Oct 05/02The Powers Unleashed
55303Oct 12/02Monkey a Go-Go
56304Oct 19/02Aztec Rat Race
57305Oct 26/02Viva Las Jackies
58306Nov 02/02When Pigs Fly
59307Nov 09/02The Invisible Mom
60308Nov 16/02Sheep In, Sheep Out
61309Nov 23/02Rabbit Run
62310Nov 30/02A Jolly J-Team X-Mas
63311Dec 07/02Little Valmont, Big Jade
64312Dec 14/02The Ox-Head Incident
65314Dec 28/02Animal Crackers
66313Dec 21/02Re-Enter the Dragon
67315Jan 06/02A Night at the Opera
68316Jan 13/02Tohru Who?
69317Jan 20/02Attack of the J-Clones

Season Four: 13 episodes
70401Sep 13/03The Masks of the Shadowkhan
71402Sep 20/03Samurai Ratso
72403Sep 27/03The Amazing T-Troop
73404Oct 04/03Black Magic
74405Oct 11/03The Demon Behind
75406Oct 25/03Fright Fight Night
76407Nov 15/03The Shadow Eaters
77408Nov 01/03Half a Mask of Kung-Fu
78409Nov 22/03The Good Guys
79410Jan 31/04J2: Rise of the Dragons
80411Feb 07/04The J-Tots
81412Jan 17/04Deja Vu
82413Feb 14/04Ninja Twilight

Season Five: 13 episodes
83501Sep 11/04Relics of Demons Past
84502Sep 18/04It's All in the Game
85503Sep 25/04Black and White and Chi All Over
86504Oct 16/04Dragon Scouts
87505Jun 04/05The Demon Beneath My Wings
88506Jun 04/05Mirror, Mirror
89507Jun 11/05Antler Action
90508Jun 11/05Clash of the Titanics
91509Jun 18/05Stealing Thunder
92510Jun 18/05Weight and See
93511Jul 08/05J2 Revised
94512Jun 25/05The Powers That Be
95513Jun 25/05The Powers That Be, Part 2
Jackie Chan Adventures
Genre: action, adventure, comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 95
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2005
Starring: Jackie Chan
James Sie
Stacie Chan
Sab Shimono
Noah Nelson
Clancy Brown
Adam Baldwin
Developed By: John Rogers
Duane Capizzi
Jeff Kline
Broadcast Network: Kids WB
Production Company: Adelaide Productions
Blue Train Entertainment
The JC Group
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Jackie Chan Adventures