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Jason of Star Command
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Danger hides in the stars. This is the world of Jason of Star Command. A space-age soldier of fortune determined to stop the most sinister force in the universe: Dragos, Master of the Cosmos. Aiding Jason in his battle against evil is a talented team of experts, all working together in a secret section of Space Academy.

Jason of Star Command!

Season One: 16 episodes
1Sep 09/78Attack of the Dragonship
2Sep 16/78Prisoner of Dragos
3Sep 23/78Escape From Dragos
4Sep 30/78A Cry For Help
5Oct 07/78Wiki to the Rescue
6Oct 14/78Planet of the Lost
7Oct 21/78Marooned in Time
8Oct 28/78Attack of the Dragons
9Nov 04/78Peepo's Last Chance
10Nov 11/78The Disappearing Man
11Nov 18/78The Haunted Planet
12Nov 25/78Escape From Kesh
13Dec 02/78Return of the Creature
14Dec 09/78Peepo on Trial
15Dec 16/78The Trojan Horse
16Dec 23/78The Victory of Star Command

Season Two: 12 episodes
17Sep 15/79Mission to the Stars
18Sep 22/79Frozen in Space
19Sep 29/79Web of the Star Witch
20Oct 06/79Beyond the Stars!
21Oct 13/79Secret of the Ancients
22Oct 20/79The Power of the Star Disk
23Oct 27/79Through the Stargate
24Nov 03/79Face to Face
25Nov 10/79Phantom Force
26Nov 17/79Little Girl Lost
27Nov 24/79Mimi's Secret
28Dec 01/79Battle For Freedom
Jason of Star Command
Genre: adventure, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: quarter hour (season 1)
half hour (season 2)
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 28
Broadcast Run: 1978 - 1979
Starring: Craig Littler
Sid Haig
Susan O'Hanlon
Charlie Dell
James Doohan
John Russell
Tamara Dobson
Created By: Arthur H. Nadel
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Filmation
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Space Academy (1977)
IMDb: Jason of Star Command