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Season One: 30 episodes
1101Sep 29/68(UK)The Most Special Agent
2102Oct 20/68(UK)Hi-Jacked
3103Nov 24/68(UK)Splashdown
4104Dec 15/68(UK)Operation McClaine
5105Jan 19/69(UK)Three's a Crowd
6106Nov 17/68(UK)International Concerto
7107Dec 01/68(UK)Big Fish
8108Dec 22/68(UK)The Unorthodox Shepherd
9109Dec 08/68(UK)Relative Danger
10110Dec 29/68(UK)Business Holiday
11111Nov 10/68(UK)King For a Day
12112Jan 12/69(UK)Double Agent
13113Oct 06/68(UK)Most Special Astronaut
14114Jan 05/69(UK)Arctic Adventure
15115Nov 03/68(UK)The Fortress
16116Oct 27/68(UK)Colonel McClaine
17117Oct 13/68(UK)Project 90
18118Feb 02/69(UK)The Race
19119Jan 26/69(UK)The Professional
20120Mar 09/69(UK)Lone-Handed 90
21121Mar 16/69(UK)Attack of the Tiger
22122Feb 09/69(UK)Talkdown
23123Feb 16/69(UK)Breakout
24124Mar 30/69(UK)Mission X-41
25125Apr 06/69(UK)Test Flight
26126Feb 23/69(UK)Child of the Sun God
27127Apr 13/69(UK)Trial at Sea
28128Mar 02/69(UK)See You Down There
29129Apr 20/69(UK)The Birthday (clip show)
30130Mar 23/69(UK)Viva Cordova
Joe 90
AKA: The Adventures of Joe 90 (UK)
Genre: action, adventure, science fiction
Show Type: supermarionation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 30
Broadcast Run: 1968 - 1969
Starring: Len Jones
Rupert Davies
Keith Alexander
David Healy
Created By: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Broadcast Network: ATV
Production Company: Century 21 Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
IMDb: Joe 90