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King Arthur's Disasters
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An overly enthusiastic King Arthur spends all his time questing for rare and exotic items at the request of his true love, Princess Guinevere, in the vain hope that one day she will finally consent to be his wife.

Season One: 13 episodes
1101Apr 11/05(UK)Splinters in the Knight
2102Jun 13/05(UK)The Yodelling Dolphin of Kirkwall
3103Apr 18/05(UK)The Parchment of Arusella
4104May 16/05(UK)The Labyrinth of Lost Souls
5105May 09/05(UK)The Surprise Quest
6106May 02/05(UK)The Glass Rose
7107Apr 25/05(UK)The Viking Venture
8108Jun 20/05(UK)Mission Implausible
9109May 23/05(UK)The Fountain of Youth
10110May 30/05(UK)Circus Calamity
11111Jul 11/05(UK)The Bear Necessities
12112Jun 06/05(UK)The Peacocks of Penzance
13113Jul 04/05(UK)The Ice Palace

Season Two: 13 episodes
14201Nov 13/06(UK)The Forest of Dark Forces
15202Nov 07/06(UK)King of the Moon
16203Nov 14/06(UK)King Guinevere
17204Nov 06/06(UK)The Quest For the Orange Orange
18205Nov 20/06(UK)Worms of Regret
19206Nov 21/06(UK)A Tower With a View
20207Nov 27/06(UK)The Salmon of Knowledge
21208Nov 28/06(UK)Rocket Man
22209Dec 04/06(UK)Baa Baa Green Goat
23210Dec 05/06(UK)Double Double Wizard Trouble
24211Dec 11/06(UK)A Dope on a Rope
25212Dec 12/06(UK)Donkey Kong King
26213Feb 01/07(UK)Tournament of Terror
King Arthur's Disasters
Genre: comedy, fantasy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 26
Broadcast Run: 2005 - 2007
Starring: Rik Mayall
Matt Lucas
Morwenna Banks
Phil Cornwell
Created By: Paul Parkes
Will Ashurst
Directed By: Ed Bignell (season 1)
David Freedman (season 2)
Broadcast Network: CITV
Production Company: Neptuno Films
Zenith Entertainment (season 1)
Coolabi Productions (season 2)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
IMDb: King Arthur's Disasters