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Land of the Giants
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On a routine sub-orbital passenger flight to London, the spaceship Spindrift is pulled into a spacial anomaly and ends up crash-landing on a planet that appears to be very similar to Earth but with one very major difference -- everything, including the inhabitants, is about 12 times larger than normal.

Season One: 26 episodes
12401Sep 22/68The Crash
22414Sep 29/68Ghost Town
32408Oct 06/68Framed
42411Oct 20/68Underground
52416Nov 03/68Terror-Go-Round
62410Nov 10/68The Flight Plan
72407Nov 17/68Manhunt
82403Nov 24/68The Trap
92409Dec 01/68The Creed
102412Dec 08/68Double-Cross
112402Dec 22/68The Weird World
122405Dec 29/68The Golden Cage
132406Jan 05/69The Lost Ones
142415Jan 12/69Brainwash
152404Jan 19/69The Bounty Hunter
162413Jan 26/69On a Clear Night You Can See Earth
172419Feb 02/69Deadly Lodestone
182420Feb 16/69Night of Thrombeldinbar
192421Feb 23/69Seven Little Indians
202422Mar 02/69Target: Earth
212418Mar 09/69Genius at Work
222424Mar 16/69Return of Inidu
232423Mar 23/69Rescue
242417Mar 30/69Sabotage
252425Apr 13/69Shell Game
262426Apr 20/69The Chase

Season Two: 25 episodes
274703Sep 21/69The Mechanical Man
284706Sep 28/69Six Hours to Live
294701Oct 05/69The Inside Rail
304709Oct 12/69Deadly Pawn
314707Oct 19/69The Unsuspected
324705Oct 26/69Giants and All That Jazz
334704Nov 02/69Collector's Item
344711Nov 09/69Every Dog Needs A Boy
354702Nov 16/69Chamber of Fear
364713Nov 23/69Comeback
374712Nov 30/69The Clones
384708Dec 07/69A Place Called Earth
394710Dec 14/69Land of the Lost
404715Dec 21/69Home Sweet Home
414716Dec 28/69Our Man O'Reilly
424714Jan 04/70Nightmare
434718Jan 11/70Pay the Piper
444719Jan 18/70The Secret City of Limbo
454717Jan 25/70Panic
464722Feb 01/70The Deadly Dart
474720Feb 15/70Doomsday
484724Feb 22/70A Small War
494725Mar 01/70The Marionettes
504721Mar 08/70Wild Journey
514723Mar 22/70Graveyard of Fools
Land of the Giants
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 51
Broadcast Run: 1968 - 1970
Starring: Gary Conway
Don Matheson
Stefan Arngrim
Don Marshall
Deanna Lund
Heather Young
Kurt Kasznar
Created By: Irwin Allen
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: Irwin Allen Productions
Kent Productions
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Land of the Giants