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My name's Dante. My friends Wyatt, Lyle and I broke the internet by accidently setting free one of the most powerful villains from our online video game. But, we did what any responsible, elite gamer clan would do -- we kicked his butt and put him back in his game.

Now, the internet's still leaking trolls and barbarians and all these other crazy things, and it's up to us to us, oh, and our friends Angie (and I stress, NOT much of a gamer), and Max Ross, (a multi-billionaire game designer), to set things right.

Life's never dull in Daventry Hills; there's always a reason for us to level up.

Get ready to Level Up!

Season One: 22 episodes
Nov 23/11Pilot (90 mins)
1101Jun 12/12Leveling Up
2102Mar 13/12Max Squared
3103Apr 24/12Headquarters
4104Jul 03/12Wanted
5105Apr 10/12The Charm Bracelet
6106Jan 24/12Barbarian
7107Feb 28/12Sole Provider
8108Feb 20/12Leroy
9109Feb 07/12Wyatt Presents: Avatar in 3D
10110Jan 31/12A Heart-Worming Tale
11111Apr 17/12You Don't Know Jack
12112Feb 14/12Bicyclops
13113Apr 03/12Blasta-ton 2.0
14114Jun 26/12The Conspiracy Club
15115Jun 05/12Acid Spittin' Mini Dragon
16116Feb 21/12Hampire Weeknight
17117Aug 14/12The Swirling Giver
18118Jul 31/12The Dark Marts
19119Aug 21/12Invizio's Revenge
20120Sep 04/12Heckfire Tiger
21121Sep 11/12Wyatt Crosses Over
22122Sep 18/12So You Think You Can Go to the Dance?

Season Two: 13 episodes
23Oct 23/12Little HQ of Horrors
24Oct 30/12Lice Guys Bathe Last
25Nov 06/12Should She Stay or Should She Go
26Nov 13/12Intelligence Potion #9
27Nov 20/12A Wizza's Best Friend
28Nov 27/12A Leak Among Us
29Dec 04/12Thomas Jeffer, Son of Frankenstein
30Jan 22/13Max vs Hideo
31Jan 29/13All's Lies That Ends Lies
32Feb 05/13A Little Help, Please
33Feb 12/13Dante and Angie's Mascot Skating Video
34Feb 19/13The 4 Harolds! What? Oh. The 4 Heralds!
35Feb 19/13War Hammer Time
Level Up
Genre: comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action / cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 35
Broadcast Run: 2012 - 2013
Starring: Gaelan Connell
Connor Del Rio
Jessie T. Usher
Aimee Carrero
Lonny Ross
Created By: Derek Guiley
David Schneiderman
Broadcast Network: Cartoon Network
Production Company: Cartoon Network Studios
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Level Up