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As a former insurance investigator, Nate Ford has tracked down thieves, hackers and grifters for years. So when he needs a team to steal something back for it's rightful owner, he knows where to recruit the world's best.

Season One: 13 episodes
1100Dec 07/08The Nigerian Job
2106Dec 09/08The Homecoming Job
3104Dec 16/08The Two-Horse Job
4107Dec 23/08The Miracle Job
5103Dec 30/08The Bank Shot Job
6108Jan 06/09The Stork Job
7101Jan 13/09The Wedding Job
8105Jan 20/09The Mile High Job
9102Jan 27/09The Snow Job
10109Feb 03/09The 12 Step Job
11110Feb 10/09The Juror #6 Job
12111Feb 17/09The First David Job
13112Feb 24/09The Second David Job

Season Two: 15 episodes
14201Jul 15/09The Beantown Bailout Job
15203Jul 22/09The Tap Out Job
16202Jul 29/09The Order 23 Job
17204Aug 05/09The Fairy Godparents Job
18205Aug 12/09The Three Days of the Hunter Job
19206Aug 19/09The Top Hat Job
20207Aug 26/09The Two Live Crew Job
21208Sep 02/09The Ice Man Job
22210Sep 09/09The Lost Heir Job
23209Jan 13/10The Runway Job
24211Jan 20/10The Bottle Job
25212Jan 27/10The Zanzibar Marketplace Job
26213Feb 03/10The Future Job
27214Feb 10/10The Three Strikes Job (part 1)
28215Feb 17/10The Maltese Falcon Job (part 2)

Season Three: 16 episodes
29301Jun 20/10The Jailhouse Job
30303Jun 20/10The Reunion Job
31305Jun 27/10The Inside Job
32302Jun 27/10The Scheherazade Job
33304Jul 11/10The Double Blind Job
34306Jul 18/10The Studio Job
35307Jul 25/10The Gone Fishin' Job
36308Aug 01/10The Boost Job
37309Aug 08/10The Three-Card Monte Job
38310Aug 15/10The Underground Job
39314Aug 22/10The Rashomon Job
40312Aug 29/10The King George Job
41311Sep 05/10The Morning After Job
42313Dec 12/10The Ho, Ho, Ho Job
43315Dec 19/10The Big Bang Job
44316Dec 19/10The San Lorenzo Job

Season Four: 18 episodes
45401Jun 26/11The Long Way Down Job
46402Jul 03/11The Ten Lil' Grifters Job
47403Jul 10/11The 15 Minutes Job
48405Jul 17/11The Van Gogh Job
49404Jul 24/11The Hot Potato Job
50406Jul 31/11The Carnival Job
51407Aug 14/11The Grave Danger Job
52408Aug 14/11The Boiler Room Job
53409Aug 21/11The Cross My Heart Job
54410Aug 28/11The Queen's Gambit Job
55414Nov 27/11The Experimental Job
56413Dec 04/11The Office Job
57411Dec 11/11The Girls Night Out Job
58412Dec 18/11The Boys Night Out Job
59415Dec 25/11The Lonely Hearts Job
60416Jan 01/12The Gold Job
61417Jan 08/12The Radio Job (part 2)
62418Jan 15/12The Last Dam Job (part 2)

Season Five: 15 episodes
63501Jul 15/12The (Very) Big Bird Job
64503Jul 22/12The Blue Line Job
65502Aug 05/12The First Contact Job
66504Aug 12/12The French Connection Job
67505Aug 19/12The Gimme a K Street Job
68506Aug 26/12The D.B. Cooper Job
69507Sep 02/12The Real Fake Car Job
70510Sep 09/12The Broken Wing Job
71512Sep 16/12The Rundown Job
72509Sep 16/12The Frame-Up Job
73511Nov 27/12The Low Low Price Job
74508Dec 04/12The White Rabbit Job
75513Dec 11/12The Corkscrew Job
76514Dec 18/12The Toy Job
77515Dec 25/12The Long Good-bye Job
Genre: crime, drama, action
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 77
Broadcast Run: 2008 - 2012
Starring: Timothy Hutton
Gina Bellman
Christian Kane
Beth Riesgraf
Aldis Hodge
Created By: John Rogers
Chris Downey
Showrunner: John Rogers
Broadcast Network: TNT
Production Company: Electric Entertainment
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Leverage: Redemption (2021)
IMDb: Leverage