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I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes. I was grown on the Cluster which is ruled by His Shadow. The food was good there. My captain is Stanley Tweedle. I blow up planets for him. Stanley used to be a security guard Class 4 on the Cluster until he became a fugitive. He is my Captain now because he got my key from heretics who wanted to steal me, but he was the one who took me away.

Stan was helped by Zev of B3K. She was made into a love slave as punishment for failing to perform her wifely duties. But things went wrong, now she is part Cluster lizard so sometimes she is not a nice lady. A robot head, 790, got part of the love slave transformation that was meant for her. He is in my crew too. Because she is a love slave, Zev likes men, except for Stanley Tweedle.

The only other man on board is Kai, last of the Brunnen-G, but he is dead so he can't make Zev happy. Two thousand years ago, Kai's planet was destroyed by His Shadow and all of his people were killed. They kept Kai's body and used him as an assassin but he got his memory back from a Divine Predecessor and then he became part of my crew. The Time Prophet said that Kai would destroy His Shadow's Order but that will be hard because his protoblood is running out and he must stay inside a very cold box.

My crew are afraid of His Shadow, the ruler of the Light universe. His Shadow wants me back and he wants his Divine Predecessors back too, but he especially wants Kai destroyed because he is afraid of the prophecy. Zev and Kai and Stan don't want that. They took me beyond His Shadow's reach through a fractal core into the Dark Zone, the universe of evil and chaos. And now we are looking for a new home.

Season One: 4 episodes
11011996(CA)Lexx 1.0I Worship His Shadow
21021996(CA)Lexx 2.0Super Nova
31031996(CA)Lexx 3.0Eating Pattern
41041996(CA)Lexx 4.0Giga Shadow

Season Two: 20 episodes
5Dec 11/98(CA)Lexx 2.01Mantrid
6Dec 18/98(CA)Lexx 2.02Terminal
7Dec 25/98(CA)Lexx 2.03Lyekka
8Jan 01/99(CA)Lexx 2.04Luvliner
9Jan 08/99(CA)Lexx 2.05Lafftrak
10Jan 15/99(CA)Lexx 2.06Stan's Trial
11Jan 22/99(CA)Lexx 2.07Love Grows
12Jan 29/99(CA)Lexx 2.08White Trash
13Feb 05/99(CA)Lexx 2.09791
14Feb 12/99(CA)Lexx 2.10Wake the Dead
15Feb 19/99(CA)Lexx 2.11Nook
16Feb 26/99(CA)Lexx 2.12Norb
17Mar 05/99(CA)Lexx 2.13Twilight
18Mar 12/99(CA)Lexx 2.14Patches in the Sky
19Mar 19/99(CA)Lexx 2.15Woz
20Mar 26/99(CA)Lexx 2.16The Web
21Apr 02/99(CA)Lexx 2.17The Net
22Apr 09/99(CA)Lexx 2.18Brigadoom
23Apr 16/99(CA)Lexx 2.19Brizon
24Apr 23/99(CA)Lexx 2.20End of the Universe

Season Three: 13 episodes
25Feb 06/00(UK)Lexx 3.01Fire and Water
26Feb 13/00(UK)Lexx 3.02May
27Feb 20/00(UK)Lexx 3.03Gametown
28Feb 27/00(UK)Lexx 3.04Boomtown
29Mar 02/00(UK)Lexx 3.05Gondola
30Mar 12/00(UK)Lexx 3.06K-Town
31Mar 19/00(UK)Lexx 3.07Tunnels
32Mar 26/00(UK)Lexx 3.08The Key
33Apr 02/00(UK)Lexx 3.09Garden
34Apr 09/00(UK)Lexx 3.10Battle
35Apr 16/00(UK)Lexx 3.11Girltown
36Apr 23/00(UK)Lexx 3.12The Beach
37Apr 30/00(UK)Lexx 3.13Heaven and Hell

Season Four: 24 episodes
38Jul 13/01(US)Lexx 4.01Little Blue Planet
39Jul 20/01(US)Lexx 4.02Texx Lexx
40Jul 27/01(US)Lexx 4.03P4X
41Aug 03/01(US)Lexx 4.04Stan Down
42Aug 10/01(US)Lexx 4.05Xevivor
43Aug 17/01(US)Lexx 4.06The Rock
44Aug 24/01(US)Lexx 4.07Walpurgis Night
45Sep 07/01(US)Lexx 4.08Vlad
46Sep 14/01(US)Lexx 4.09Fluff Daddy
47Sep 21/01(US)Lexx 4.10Magic Baby
48Oct 24/01(CA)Lexx 4.11A Midsummer's Nightmare
49Oct 31/01(CA)Lexx 4.12The Bad Carrot
50Nov 07/01(CA)Lexx 4.13769
51Feb 15/02(US)Lexx 4.14Prime Ridge
52Feb 22/02(US)Lexx 4.15Mort
53Mar 01/02(US)Lexx 4.16Moss
54Mar 08/02(US)Lexx 4.17Dutch Treat
55Mar 15/02(US)Lexx 4.18The Game
56Mar 22/02(US)Lexx 4.19Haley's Comet
57Mar 29/02(US)Lexx 4.20Apocalexx Now
58Apr 05/02(US)Lexx 4.21Viva Lexx Vegas
59Apr 12/02(US)Lexx 4.22Trip
60Apr 19/02(US)Lexx 4.23Lyekka vs Japan
61Apr 26/02(US)Lexx 4.24Yo Way Yo
AKA: Tales From a Parallel Universe (US)
Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (US)
Genre: science fiction, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: two hours (season 1)
one hour (season 2-4)
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 61
Broadcast Run: 1996 - 2002
Starring: Brian Downey
Michael McManus
Xenia Seeberg (season 2-4)
Eva Habermann (season 1-2)
Created By: Paul Donovan
Jeffrey Hirschfield
Lex Gigeroff
Broadcast Network: Global (season 1)
Production Company: Salter Street Films
TiMe Film und TV Produktion (season 1-3)
Silver Light (season 4)
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Lexx