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The Librarians
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Heroes like these are long overdue

Season One: 10 episodes
Dec 05/04The Librarian: Quest For the Spear (two hours)
Dec 03/06The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (two hours)
Dec 07/08The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (two hours)
1101Dec 07/14And the Crown of King Arthur
2102Dec 07/14And the Sword in the Stone
3104Dec 14/14And the Horns of a Dilemma
4107Dec 21/14And Santa's Midnight Run
5109Dec 28/14And the Apple of Discord
6103Jan 04/15And the Fables of Doom
7106Jan 11/15And the Rule of Three
8105Jan 11/15And the Heart of Darkness
9108Jan 18/15And the City of Light
10110Jan 18/15And the Loom of Fate

Season Two: 10 episodes
11Nov 01/15And the Drowned Book
12Nov 01/15And the Broken Staff
13Nov 08/15And What Lies Beneath the Stones
14Nov 15/15And the Cost of Education
15Nov 22/15And the Hollow Men
16Nov 29/15And the Infernal Contract
17Dec 06/15And the Image of Image
18Dec 13/15And the Point of Salvation
19Dec 20/15And the Happily Ever Afters
20Dec 27/15And the Final Curtain

Season Three: 10 episodes
21Nov 20/16And the Rise of Chaos
22Nov 27/16And the Fangs of Death
23Dec 04/16And the Reunion of Evil
24Dec 11/16And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
25Dec 18/16And the Tears of a Clown
26Dec 25/16And the Trial of the Triangle
27Jan 01/17And the Curse of Cindy
28Jan 08/17And the Eternal Question
29Jan 15/17And the Fatal Separation
30Jan 22/17And the Wrath of Chaos

Season Four: 12 episodes
31Dec 13/17And the Dark Secret
32Dec 13/17And the Steal of Fortune
33Dec 20/17And the Christmas Thief
34Dec 20/17And the Silver Screen
35Dec 27/17And the Bleeding Crown
36Dec 27/17And the Graves of Time
37Jan 03/18And the Disenchanted Forest
38Jan 10/18And the Hidden Sanctuary
39Jan 17/18And a Town Called Feud
40Jan 24/18And Some Dude Named Jeff
41Jan 31/18And the Trial of the One (part 1)
42Feb 07/18And the Echoes of Memory (part 2)
The Librarians
Genre: fantasy, action, comedy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 42
Broadcast Run: 2014 - 2018
Starring: Rebecca Romijn
Christian Kane
Lindy Booth
John Kim
John Larroquette
Showrunner: John Rogers
Broadcast Network: TNT
Production Company: Electric Entertainment
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: The Librarians
IMDb: The Librarians