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Lightning Point
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Season One: 26 episodes
1May 29/12(US)Wipeout
2May 30/12(US)Microwave
3May 31/12(US)Wires Crossed
4Jun 04/12(US)Feelings
5Jun 05/12(US)Good Vibrations
6Jun 06/12(US)Crushed
7Jun 07/12(US)Alien Abduction
8Jun 11/12(US)Risky Business
9Jun 12/12(US)The Cane Field
10Jun 13/12(US)Circle of Friends
11Jun 14/12(US)Close Encounter
12Jun 18/12(US)Kiki Revealed
13Jun 19/12(US)Space Ship
14Jun 20/12(US)Distracted
15Jun 21/12(US)Poles Apart
16Jun 21/12(US)Family Ties
17Oct 29/12(US)Alien Attraction
18Oct 30/12(US)See the Light
19Oct 31/12(US)Vanished
20Nov 01/12(US)Power Up
21Nov 07/12(US)Heartbreak
22Nov 07/12(US)Connections
23Nov 14/12(US)Surf's Up
24Nov 14/12(US)Meltdown
25Nov 21/12(US)Investigation
26Nov 21/12(US)Flight
Lightning Point
AKA: Alien Surf Girls (US,UK)
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 26
Broadcast Run: 2012
Starring: Philippa Coulthard
Lucy Fry
Jessica Green
Kenji Fitzgerald
Paige Houden
Andrew J. Morley
Created By: Jonathan M. Shiff
Broadcast Network: Network Ten
Production Company: Jonathan M. Shiff Productions
Country of Origin: Australia
IMDb: Lightning Point