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Maniac Mansion
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Meet the Edisons. Just a typical family that lives in a mansion with a supernatural meteor in the basement. Well, except for 4-year-old Turner who has the body of a WWF wrestler. And poor Uncle Harry... wait, don't swat that fly! Hopefully one of Dr. Fred's experiments will change them back, someday.

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Sep 14/90Tenth Anniversary Special
2102Sep 21/90Flystruck
3103Sep 28/90Trapped Like Rats
4104Oct 05/90Love Thy Neighbour
5105Oct 12/90Fred's A-Courtin'
6106Oct 19/90The Sandman Cometh
7107Oct 26/90Good On Ya
8108Nov 02/90Bring Me Harry Orca
9109Nov 09/90Dad's Bummed Out
10110Nov 16/90Webs, the Really Tangled Kind
11111Nov 23/90National Security Risk
12112Nov 30/90A Little Old Time Jazz
13113Dec 07/90Hawaii Blues
14114Dec 14/90Good Cheer On Ya
15115Dec 28/90Brainiac Mansion
16116Jan 04/91Little Big Fly
17117Jan 11/91Money Dearest
18118Jan 18/91Turner, the Boss
19119Feb 01/91The Case of the Broken Record
20120Feb 15/91The Live Show
21121Feb 22/91Tina's Excellent Adventure
22122Mar 15/91Cliffhangers

Season Two: 22 episodes
23Sep 04/91Luck Be a Lady This Season
24Sep 11/91The New Look
25Sep 18/91Late Night Harry
26Sep 25/91Turner, the Rebellious Years
27Oct 02/91Man and Machine
28Oct 09/91Driving Miss Idella
29Oct 16/91The Celebrity Visitor
30Oct 23/91The Attack of Killer Keifer
31Oct 30/91Lenny... One Amour Time
32Nov 06/91Lenny... One Amour Time, Part 2
33Nov 13/91Ugly Like Me
34Dec 04/91A Hatful of Brain
35Dec 11/91Buried By the Mob
36Jan 08/92Misery Loves Company
37Jan 15/92Down and Out in Cedar Springs
38Jan 29/92Ike's Got It Bad... Real Bad
39Mar 04/92Turnernator Too
40Mar 11/92Baby Heat
41Mar 18/92A Streetcar Named Idella
42Mar 25/92Turner's Imaginary Friend
43Apr 01/92Idella's Breakdown
44Apr 15/92Sophisticated Lady

Season Three: 22 episodes
45Sep 07/92The Long Hot Mansion
46Sep 14/92Raging Lenny
47Sep 21/92College Days
48Sep 28/92The Prince's Broad
49Oct 05/92Ike's Black Eye
50Oct 19/92Science is Only Skin Deep
51Oct 26/92Ike's New Buddy
52Nov 02/92As the Worm Turns
53Nov 09/92Cape Scary
54Nov 16/92Wrestling With The Truth
55Nov 23/92The Science Fair
56Nov 30/92Love, Turner Style
57Jan 25/93Atoms Gone Wild
58Feb 01/93Walter Under the Bridge
59Feb 08/93Tina and the Teardrops
60Feb 15/93Ike For President
61Feb 22/93Freddie Had a Little Lamb
62Mar 07/93Idella's New Career
63Mar 14/93Love Letters
64Mar 21/93It Ain't Over 'Til Uncle Joe Sings
65Mar 28/93Uncle Harry Ain't Feeling So Good
66Apr 04/93The Way We Was
Maniac Mansion
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 66
Broadcast Run: 1990 - 1993
Starring: Joe Flaherty
Deborah Theaker
Kathleen Robertson
Avi Phillips
George Buza
Mary Charlotte Wilcox
John Hemphill
Created By: Eugene Levy
Michael Short
John Hemphill
Paul Flaherty
Developed By: Cliff Ruby
Elana Lesser
Bob Carrau
Based on an Original Computer Game By: Lucasfilm Games
Broadcast Network: YTV
The Family Channel
Production Company: Atlantis Films
Location Filming: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Maniac Mansion