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In 2013, Flight 828 disappeared.
Today, it came home.

Season One: 16 episodes
1T33.01003Sep 24/18Pilot
2T30.10102Oct 01/18Reentry
3T30.10103Oct 08/18Turbulence
4T30.10104Oct 15/18Unclaimed Baggage
5T30.10105Oct 22/18Connecting Flights
6T30.10106Nov 05/18Off Radar
7T30.10107Nov 12/18S.N.A.F.U.
8T30.10108Nov 19/18Point of No Return
9T30.10109Nov 26/18Dead Reckoning
10T30.10110Jan 07/19Crosswinds
11T30.10111Jan 14/19Contrails
12T30.10112Jan 21/19Vanishing Point
13T30.10113Jan 28/19Cleared For Approach
14T30.10114Feb 04/19Upgrade
15T30.10115Feb 11/19Hard Landing
16T30.10116Feb 18/19Estimated Time of Depature

Season Two: 13 episodes
17T30.10201Jan 06/20Fasten Your Seatbelts
18T30.10202Jan 13/20Grounded
19T30.10203Jan 20/20False Horizon
20T30.10204Jan 27/20Black Box
21T30.10205Feb 03/20Coordinated Flight
22T30.10206Feb 10/20Return Trip
23T30.10207Feb 17/20Emergency Exit
24T30.10208Mar 02/20Carry On
25T30.10209Mar 09/20Airplane Bottles
26T30.10210Mar 16/20Course Deviation
27T30.10211Mar 23/20Unaccompanied Minors
28T30.10212Mar 30/20Call Sign
29T30.10213Apr 06/20Icing Conditions

Season Three: 13 episodes
30T30.10301Apr 01/21Tailfin
31T30.10302Apr 08/21Deadhead
32T30.10303Apr 15/21Wingman
33T30.10304Apr 22/21Tailspin
34T30.10305Apr 29/21Water Landing
35T30.10306Apr 29/21Graveyard Spiral
36T30.10307May 06/21Precious Cargo
37T30.10308May 06/21Destination Unknown
38T30.10309May 13/21Bogey
39T30.10310May 20/21Compass Calibration
40T30.10311Jun 03/21Duty Free
41T30.10312Jun 10/21Mayday, Part 1
42T30.10313Jun 10/21Mayday, Part 2

Season Four: 20 episodes
43T30.10401Nov 04/22Touch-and-Go
44T30.10402Nov 04/22All-Call
45T30.10403Nov 04/22High Flight
46T30.10404Nov 04/22Go-Around
47T30.10405Nov 04/22Squawk
48T30.10406Nov 04/22Relative Bearing
49T30.10407Nov 04/22Romeo
50T30.10408Nov 04/22Full Upright and Locked Position
51T30.10409Nov 04/22Rendezvous
52T30.10410Nov 04/22Inversion Illusion
53T30.10411Jun 02/23Final Descent
54T30.10412Jun 02/23Bug Out
55T30.10413Jun 02/23Ghost Plane
56T30.10414Jun 02/23Fata Morgana
57T30.10415Jun 02/23Throttle
58T30.10416Jun 02/23Furball
59T30.10417Jun 02/23Threshold
60T30.10418Jun 02/23Lift/Drag
61T30.10419Jun 02/23Formation
62T30.10420Jun 02/23Final Boarding
Genre: drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 62
Broadcast Run: 2018 - 2023
Starring: Melissa Roxburgh
Josh Dallas
J.R. Ramirez
Luna Blaise
Parveen Kaur
Daryl Edwards (season 4)
Ty Doran (season 4)
Holly Taylor (season 3-4)
Matt Long (season 2-4)
Athena Karkanis (season 1-3)
Jack Messina (season 1-3)
Created By: Jeff Rake
Broadcast Network: NBC (season 1-3)
Netflix (season 4)
Production Company: Compari Entertainment
Jeff Rake Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Manifest (NBC)
Manifest (Netflix)
IMDb: Manifest