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Patrick Jane used to use his amazing skills of observation to pass as a psychic medium until he attracted the attention of a serial killer, known as Red John, who murdered his wife and daughter. Now he is a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation, helping them solve crimes while also using their resources to track down his family's killer.

Season One: 23 episodes
1276040Sep 23/08Pilot
23T7801Sep 30/08Red Hair and Silver Tape
33T7803Oct 14/08Red Tide
43T7802Oct 21/08Ladies in Red
53T7804Oct 28/08Redwood
63T7807Nov 11/08Red Handed
73T7808Nov 18/08Seeing Red
83T7806Nov 25/08The Thin Red Line
93T7810Dec 02/08Flame Red
103T7805Dec 16/08Red Brick and Ivy
113T7809Jan 06/09Red John's Friends
123T7811Jan 13/09Red Rum
133T7812Jan 18/09Paint it Red
143T7813Feb 10/09Crimson Casanova
153T7814Feb 17/09Scarlett Fever
163T7815Mar 17/09Blood Shot
173T7816Mar 24/09Carnelian, Inc.
183T7817Mar 31/09Russet Potatoes
193T7818Apr 07/09A Dozen Red Roses
203T7819Apr 28/09Red Sauce
213T7820May 05/09Miss Red
223T7822May 12/09Blood Brothers
233T7821May 19/09Red John's Footsteps

Season Two: 23 episodes
243X5351Sep 24/09Redemption
253X5352Oct 01/09The Scarlet Letter
263X5353Oct 08/09Red Badge
273X5354Oct 15/09Red Menace
283X5355Oct 29/09Red Scare
293X5356Nov 05/09Black Gold and Red Blood
303X5358Nov 12/09Red Bulls
313X5359Nov 19/09His Red Right Hand
323X5360Dec 10/09A Price Above Rubies
333X5357Dec 17/09Throwing Fire
343X5361Jan 14/10Rose-Colored Glasses
353X5362Jan 21/10Bleeding Heart
363X5363Feb 04/10Redline
373X5364Feb 11/10Blood In, Blood Out
383X5365Mar 04/10Red Herring
393X5366Mar 11/10Code Red
403X5367Apr 01/10The Red Box
413X5368Apr 08/10Aingavite Baa
423X5369Apr 22/10Blood Money
433X5370Apr 29/10Red All Over
443X5371May 06/1018-5-4
453X5372May 13/10Red Letter
463X5373May 20/10Red Sky in the Morning

Season Three: 24 episodes
473X6401Sep 23/10Red Sky at Night
483X6402Sep 30/10Cackle-Bladder Blood
493X6403Oct 07/10The Blood on His Hands
503X6404Oct 14/10Red Carpet Treatment
513X6405Oct 21/10The Red Ponies
523X6406Oct 28/10Pink Chanel Suit
533X6407Nov 04/10Red Hot
543X6408Nov 11/10Ball of Fire
553X6409Nov 18/10Red Moon
563X6410Dec 09/10Jolly Red Elf
573X6411Jan 06/11Bloodsport
583X6412Jan 20/11Bloodhounds
593X6413Feb 03/11Red Alert
603X6414Feb 10/11Blood For Blood
613X6415Feb 17/11Red Gold
623X6416Feb 24/11Red Queen
633X6417Mar 10/11Bloodstream
643X6418Mar 31/11The Red Mile
653X6419Apr 07/11Every Rose Has its Thorn
663X6420Apr 28/11Redacted
673X6421May 05/11Like a Redheaded Stepchild
683X6422May 12/11Rhapsody in Red
69/703X6423-24May 19/11Strawberries and Cream (two hours)

Season Four: 24 episodes
713X6801Sep 22/11Scarlet Ribbons
723X6802Sep 29/11Little Red Book
733X6803Oct 06/11Pretty Red Balloon
743X6804Oct 13/11Ring Around the Rosie
753X6805Oct 20/11Blood and Sand
763X6806Oct 27/11Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien
773X6807Nov 03/11Blinking Red Light
783X6808Nov 17/11Pink Tops
793X6809Dec 08/11The Redshirt
803X6810Dec 15/11Fugue in Red
813X6811Jan 12/11Always Bet on Red
823X6812Jan 19/12My Bloody Valentine
833X6813Feb 02/12Red is the New Black
843X6814Feb 09/12At First Blush
853X6815Feb 16/12War of the Roses
863X6816Feb 23/12His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
873X6817Mar 08/12Cheap Burgundy
883X6818Mar 09/12Ruddy Cheeks
893X6819Mar 29/12Pink Champagne on Ice
903X6820Apr 05/12Something's Rotten in Redmund
913X6821Apr 26/12Ruby Slippers
923X6822May 03/12So Long and Thanks for All the Red Snapper
933X6823May 10/12Red Rover, Red Rover
943X6824May 17/12The Crimson Hat

Season Five: 22 episodes
953X7951Sep 30/12The Crimson Ticket aka The Red Glass Bead
963X7952Oct 07/12Devil's Cherry
973X7953Oct 14/12Not One Red Cent
983X7954Oct 21/12Blood Feud
993X7956Oct 28/12Red Dawn
1003X7955Nov 04/12Cherry Picked
1013X7957Nov 11/12If it Bleeds, it Leads
1023X7958Nov 18/12Red Sails in the Sunset
1033X7959Nov 25/12Black Cherry
1043X7960Dec 09/12Panama Red
1053X7961Jan 06/13Days of Wine and Roses
1063X7962Jan 13/13Little Red Corvette
1073X7963Jan 27/13The Red Barn
1083X7964Feb 17/13Red in Tooth and Claw
1093X7965Mar 03/13Red Lacquer Nail Polish
1103X7966Mar 10/13There Will Be Blood
1113X7967Mar 17/13Red, White and Blue
1123X7968Mar 24/13Behind the Red Curtain
1133X7969Apr 14/13Red Letter Day
1143X7971Apr 21/13Red Velvet Cupcakes
1153X7970Apr 28/13Red and Itchy
1163X7972May 05/13Red John's Rules

Season Six: 22 episodes
1174X5601Sep 29/13The Desert Rose
1184X5602Oct 06/13Black-Winged Redbird
1194X5603Oct 13/13Wedding in Red
1204X5604Oct 20/13Red Listed
1214X5605Oct 27/13The Red Tattoo
1224X5606Nov 03/13(CA)Fire and Brimstone
1234X5608Nov 17/13The Great Red Dragon
1244X5607Nov 24/13Red John
1254X5609Dec 01/13My Blue Heaven
1264X5610Dec 08/13Green Thumb
1274X5611Jan 05/14White Lines
1284X5612Jan 12/14The Golden Hammer
1294X5613Mar 09/14Black Helicopters
1304X5614Mar 16/14Grey Water
1314X5615Mar 23/14White as the Driven Snow
1324X5616Mar 30/14Violets
1334X5617Apr 13/14Silver Wings of Time
1344X5618Apr 20/14Forest Green
1354X5619Apr 27/14Brown Eyed Girls
1364X5620May 04/14Il Tavolo Bianco
1374X5621May 11/14Black Hearts
1384X5622May 18/14Blue Bird

Season Seven: 13 episodes
1394X5952/T13.18952Nov 30/14Nothing But Blue Skies
1404X5953/T13.18953Dec 07/14The Greybar Hotel
1414X5951/T13.18951Dec 14/14Orange Blossom Ice Cream
1424X5954/T13.18954Dec 21/14Black Market
1434X5955/T13.18955Dec 28/14The Silver Briefcase
1444X5956/T13.18956Jan 07/15Green Light
1454X5957/T13.18957Jan 14/15Little Yellow House
1464X5957/T13.18957Jan 21/15The Whites of His Eyes
1474X5958/T13.18958Jan 28/15Copper Bullet
1484X5959/T13.18959Feb 04/15Nothing Gold Can Stay
1494X5960/T13.18960Feb 11/15Byzantium
1504X5961/T13.18961Feb 18/15Brown Shag Carpet
1514X5962/T13.18962Feb 18/15White Orchids
The Mentalist
Genre: crime, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (resolved)
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 151
Broadcast Run: 2008 - 2015
Starring: Simon Baker
Robin Tunney
Tim Kang
Owain Yeoman (season 1-6)
Amanda Righetti (season 1-6)
Rockmond Dunbar (season 6-7)
Emily Swallow (season 6)
Joe Adler (season 7)
Josie Loren (season 7)
Created By: Bruno Heller
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Primrose Hill Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: The Mentalist