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The twenty-first century faces a new kind of threat. The old school spies have had their day and M.I.9 must create a new breed of skilled undercover agent.

Hidden in a place no villain will think to look...

Welcome to M.I.High.

Season One: 10 episodes
1Jan 08/07(UK)The Sinister Prime Minister
2Jan 08/07(UK)Eyes on Their Stars
3Jan 15/07(UK)The Big Freeze
4Jan 22/07(UK)The Power Thief
5Jan 29/07(UK)Nerd Alert
6Feb 05/07(UK)Super Blane
7Feb 12/07(UK)Spy Animals
8Feb 19/07(UK)Forever Young
9Feb 26/07(UK)Red Button Rampage
10Mar 05/07(UK)The Fugitive

Season Two: 13 episodes
11Jan 07/08(UK)It's a Kind of Magic
12Jan 07/08(UK)You Can Call Me AL
13Jan 14/08(UK)Evil by Design
14Jan 21/08(UK)Fit Up
15Jan 28/08(UK)Face Off
16Feb 04/08(UK)Big Sister
17Feb 11/08(UK)The Cold War
18Feb 18/08(UK)Nano Nits
19Feb 25/08(UK)The Others
20Mar 04/08(UK)The Big Bling
21Mar 10/08(UK)Spy Plane
22Mar 17/08(UK)Greenfinger
23Mar 24/08(UK)Asteroid Attack

Season Three: 13 episodes
24Jan 05/09(UK)Art Attacks
25Jan 12/09(UK)The Mole
26Jan 19/09(UK)Agent X
27Jan 26/09(UK)The Mind Machine
28Feb 02/09(UK)Dark Star
29Feb 09/09(UK)Fit to Wurst
30Feb 16/09(UK)The New Grand Master
31Feb 23/09(UK)Think Tank
32Mar 02/09(UK)Family Tree
33Mar 09/09(UK)The Glove
34Mar 16/09(UK)The Visit
35Mar 23/09(UK)Operation Flopsy
36Mar 30/09(UK)Moontaker

Season Four: 13 episodes
37Jan 04/10(UK)Run Carrie Run
38Jan 04/10(UK)The Bunny Whisperer
39Jan 11/10(UK)Quakermass
40Jan 18/10(UK)Mrs. King - License to Spy
41Jan 18/10(UK)Don't Cook Now
42Jan 25/10(UK)Return of the Mummy
43Feb 01/10(UK)Doppelgangers
44Feb 08/10(UK)High School Spy Movie
45Feb 15/10(UK)Black Hole
46Feb 22/10(UK)Three Spies and a Baby
47Mar 01/10(UK)Millionaire Flatley
48Mar 08/10(UK)Skuldiggery
49Mar 15/10(UK)The Octopus

Season Five: 13 episodes
50Jan 10/11(UK)Vote SKUL
51Jan 10/11(UK)The B Team
52Jan 17/11(UK)Ghosts
53Jan 24/11(UK)Total Eclipse
54Jan 31/11(UK)The Gran Master
55Feb 07/11(UK)The Patient
56Feb 14/11(UK)The Crystal of St. Helena
57Feb 21/11(UK)The Wasp
58Feb 28/11(UK)Bully Elliot
59Mar 07/11(UK)Tim Brown's SKUL Days
60Mar 14/11(UK)The First to Crack
61Mar 21/11(UK)Day of the Jacket
62Mar 21/11(UK)The Lost Hero

Season Six: 13 episodes
63Jan 07/13(UK)The Fall of SKUL (part 1)
64Jan 07/13(UK)Trojan KORPS (part 2)
65Jan 14/13(UK)Grosse Encounters
66Feb 25/13(UK)The Face of Revenge
67Jan 21/13(UK)Mission Incredible
68Jan 28/13(UK)The Hive
69Feb 04/13(UK)Old School
70Feb 11/13(UK)The Germinator
71Feb 18/13(UK)The Dark Wizard
72Mar 04/13(UK)One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage
73Mar 11/13(UK)Prison Break
74Mar 18/13(UK)Inheritance
75Mar 25/13(UK)The Final Endgame

Season Seven: 13 episodes
76Jan 13/14(UK)The Mayze
77Jan 20/14(UK)Frankenstein
78Jan 27/14(UK)The Man Who Drew Tomorrow
79Feb 03/14(UK)Revenge is Sweet
80Feb 10/14(UK)The Shadow Games
81Feb 17/14(UK)The Beginning
82Feb 24/14(UK)Return of the Dark Wizard
83Mar 03/14(UK)Free Runner
84Mar 10/14(UK)The League of Mata Hari
85Mar 17/14(UK)Sad Men
86Mar 24/14(UK)The Problem Probe
87/88Mar 31/14(UK)The Last Stand (one hour)
M.I. High
Genre: adventure, crime
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 88
Broadcast Run: 2007 - 2014
Starring: Moustafa Chousein-Oglou (season 1-2)
Rachel Petladwala (season 1-5)
Bel Powley (season 1-2)
Danny John-Jules (season 1-2)
Ben Kerfoot (season 3-5)
Charlene Osuagwu (season 3-5)
Jonny Freeman (season 3-)
Sam Strike (season 6-7)
Oyiza Momoh (season 6-7)
Oscar Jacques (season 6-7)
Natasha Watson (season 6-7)
Julia Brown (season 7)
Created By: Keith Brumpton
Broadcast Network: CBBC
Production Company: Kudos Film and Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
IMDb: M.I. High