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Misfits follows five outsiders on community service who get struck by a flash storm and lumbered with special powers. Hard as nails Kelly can suddenly hear people's thoughts, shamed sporting hero Curtis discovers he has the ability to turn back time when he regrets something, and party girl Alisha can send people into a sexual frenzy when they touch her skin. Even painfully shy Simon can make himself invisible when he feels he's being ignored, which makes it all the more hard to swallow for smart aleck Nathan, who seems to have been unaffected, much to his dismay. Unlike their more conventional counterparts, our misfits don't swap their ankle tags and mobile phones for capes and tights. Instead, they discover what a pain in the arse life can be when you're stuck with a super power you didn't want.

Season One: 6 episodes
1Nov 12/09(UK)Episode 1
2Nov 19/09(UK)Episode 2
3Nov 26/09(UK)Episode 3
4Dec 03/09(UK)Episode 4
5Dec 10/09(UK)Episode 5
6Dec 17/09(UK)Episode 6

Season Two: 7 episodes
7Nov 11/10(UK)Episode 1
8Nov 18/10(UK)Episode 2
9Nov 25/10(UK)Episode 3
10Dec 02/10(UK)Episode 4
11Dec 09/10(UK)Episode 5
12Dec 16/10(UK)Episode 6
13Dec 23/10(UK)Episode 7

Season Three: 8 episodes
Sep 15/11(internet)Vegas Baby! (9 mins)
14Oct 30/11(UK)Episode 1
15Nov 06/11(UK)Episode 2
16Nov 13/11(UK)Episode 3
17Nov 20/11(UK)Episode 4
18Nov 27/11(UK)Episode 5
19Dec 04/11(UK)Episode 6
20Dec 11/11(UK)Episode 7
21Dec 18/11(UK)Episode 8

Season Four: 8 episodes
22Oct 28/12(UK)Episode 1
23Nov 04/12(UK)Episode 2
24Nov 11/12(UK)Episode 3
25Nov 18/12(UK)Episode 4
26Nov 25/12(UK)Episode 5
27Dec 02/12(UK)Episode 6
28Dec 09/12(UK)Episode 7
29Dec 16/12(UK)Episode 8

Season Five: 8 episodes
30Oct 23/13(UK)Episode 1
31Oct 30/13(UK)Episode 2
32Nov 06/13(UK)Episode 3
33Nov 13/13(UK)Episode 4
34Nov 20/13(UK)Episode 5
35Nov 27/13(UK)Episode 6
36Dec 04/13(UK)Episode 7
37Dec 11/13(UK)Episode 8
Genre: drama, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 37
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2013
Starring: Matt Stokoe (season 5)
Karla Crome (season 4-5)
Nathan McMullen (season 4-5)
Natasha O'Keeffe (season 4-5)
Joseph Gilgun (season 3-5)
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (season 1-4)
Iwan Rheon (season 1-3)
Lauren Socha (season 1-3)
Antonia Thomas (season 1-3)
Robert Sheehan (season 1-2)
Created By: Howard Overman
Broadcast Network: E4
Production Company: Clerkenwell Films
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Official Website: Misfits
IMDb: Misfits