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Mission Impossible
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Season One
Peter Graves ... Jim Phelps
Thaao Penghlis ... Nicholas Black
Tony Hamilton ... Max Harte
Phil Morris ... Grant Collier
Terry Markwell ... Casey Randall (1-12)
Jane Badler ... Shannon Reed (12-19)
Bob Johnson ... Voice on the Disc
  • Ep: 1
  • The Killer
  • Guest Starring: John de Lancie (Matthew Drake)
  • Special Guest Star: Ted Hamilton (Chambers)
  • Featuring: Virginia Hey (The Woman), Reg Gilliam (The Fisherman), Vince Martin (Copperfield), Patrick McCarville (The Priest), Paul Smith (Tim), William Riley (The Doorman), Steve Kuhn (The Policeman)
  • Written By: Arthur Weiss
  • Directed By: Cliff Bole
  • Ep: 2
  • The System
  • Guest Starring: James Sloyan (Frank Marley)
  • Featuring: Gus Mercurio (Connors), Roger Ward (Wilson), Jaye Paul (Carl), Michael Cadogan (Cashier), Craig Cronin (Webber), Rosemary Traynor (Webber's Wife), John E. Regan (Chuck)
  • Written By: Robert Hamner
  • Directed By: Cliff Bole
  • Ep: 3
  • The Holograms
  • Guest Starring: Gerard Kennedy (Colonel Gregory Usher)
  • Special Guest Star: William Zappa (Duvall)
  • Featuring: Gavin Harrison (Kieron), Stanley Walsh (Busker), John Allen (Reporter), Bryon Williams (U.S. Marshall), Simon Burville-Jones (Crewmember)
  • Written By: Robert Brennan
  • Directed By: Kim Manners
  • Ep: 4
  • The Condemned
  • Special Guest Appearance By: Greg Morris (Barney Collier)
  • Special Guest Star: Adrian Wright (Hamidou)
  • Featuring: Steven Jacobs (Stanton), Errol O'Neill (Sirlak), Anna-Maria Monticelli (Lydia), Malcolm Cork (Sailboard Instructor), Tony Carew (Police Officer), Peter Knapman (Hangman), Sarina (Bellydancer)
  • Teleplay By: Ted Roberts & Michael Fisher
  • Story By: John Truman
  • Directed By: Cliff Bole
  • Ep: 5
  • The Legacy
  • Guest Starring: Judson Scott (Ernst Graff), Steven Grives (Maximillian Brucker), Shane Briant (Alfred Kubler)
  • Featuring: Wayne Cull (Wolfe), Ivar Kants (Von Schau), Ray Duparc (Sommelier), Chuck McKinney (Attendant)
  • Written By: Michael Lynn & Alan Balter
  • Directed By: Kim Manners
  • Ep: 6
  • The Wall
  • Guest Starring: Alan Cassell (Dr. Wolfgang Gerstner), Peter Curtin (Colonel Joseph Batz)
  • Featuring: Anya Molina (Ilse Bruck), Richard Piper (First Guard), Bill French (Kirov), Carstin Eisenschmidt (TV Broadcaster), Brett Swain (Passport Officer), Tony Adam (Mr. Bruck), Peter Scheidel (Klein Father), Kerry Fountain (Klein Mother), Melinda Fiddling (Klein Daughter)
  • Written By: David Phillips
  • Directed By: Colin Budds
  • Ep: 7
  • The Cattle King
  • Guest Starring: David Bradshaw (Douglas Matthews)
  • Featuring: Warren Owens (Mulwarra), Sal Sharah (Terrorist), Maurice Hughes (Guard), Pat Galvin (Carlton)
  • Written By: Ted Roberts
  • Directed By: Mike Vejar
  • Ep: 8
  • The Pawn
  • Guest Starring: Bryan Marshall (Gregor Antonov), Rowena Wallace (Major Natalia Zorbuskaya)
  • Featuring: Justin Monjo (Bakunin), Phillip Hinton (Ruttka), Max Phipps (Rudensky), Brian Cahill (Judge), Simon Burvill-Holmes (Reporter), David Brown (Yuri), Donna Cameron (Woman), Allen Harvey (The Receptionist), Brian Hinselwood (Krensky), Ainsley McWhirter (Sasha), Tim Reuther (Chessboard Attendant)
  • Written By: Billy Marshall-Stoneking
  • Directed By: Brian Trenchard-Smith
  • Ep: 9
  • The Haunting
  • Guest Starring: Parker Stevenson (Champ Foster)
  • And: Janis Paige (Katherine Foster)
  • Featuring: Joanna Lockwood (Rita), Anthony Wong (Tu), Laurence Hodge (Commodore Anderson), Lyn Treadgold (Women at Dance), Bradwin Saylor (Hawaiian Boy), Richard-George Pedicini (Fatman), Jeffrey Wilkin (Princess' Father), Dawn Sutton (Princess Jehan), Miguel Martin (Mario), David Barnes (Otto)
  • Written By: Michael Fisher
  • Directed By: Mike Vejar
  • Ep: 10
  • The Lions
  • Guest Starring: James Shigeta (Ki)
  • Featuring: Diane Craig (Michelle), Jeremy Angison (Mike), John O'Brien (Jaru), Linda Cunningham (Attendant), Francis Yin (High Priest), Jack Ng (Ki's Guard), Terry Woo (Older Priest)
  • Teleplay By: David Phillips
  • Story By: James Crown
  • Directed By: Rob Stewart
  • Ep: 11
  • The Greek
  • Guest Starring: Cesare Danova (Socrates Colonnades)
  • And: Nicholas Hammond (Woodward)
  • Featuring: Dina Panozzo (Serena), Terry Gill (Patterson), Joe Spano (Alvarado), Terry Redell (Boat Captain), Jim Manser (Brewery Master), Simon Palomares (Sailor)
  • Written By: Ted Roberts
  • Directed By: Colin Budds
  • Ep: 12
  • The Fortune
  • Starring: Jane Badler (Shannon Reed)
  • And: Barbara Luna (Emilia Berezan), Michael Pate (Luis Berezan)
  • Featuring: Noel Trevarthen (Mr. Crothers), Richard Williams (Anchorman), Jamie O'Connor (Mono Rail Attendant), Michael Murdock (Guard)
  • Written By: Robert Brennan
  • Directed By: Rod Hardy
  • Ep: 13
  • The Fixer
  • Guest Starring: Richard Romanus (Arthur Six), John Calvin (Doyle), Terence Donovan (Senator Tom Oxenford)
  • Featuring: Roger Newcombe (TV Announcer), Anthony Ingersent (Judge Vossberg), Peter Marshall (Male Reporter), Alison Venning (Female Reporter), Paul Paye (News Vendor)
  • Written By: Walter Brough
  • Directed By: Colin Budds
  • Ep: 14
  • The Spy
  • Guest Starring: Tim Hughes (John Christie), Shane Briant (Dr. Yuri Nikolai)
  • Featuring: Johnathan Sweet (Crosby), Lee A. Rice II (Carl), Francine Bell (Heather), Leroy Loggins (Terrorist), Mary Cheng (Chinese Woman), Raymond Chan (Trap)
  • Written By: Michael Fisher
  • Directed By: Rob Stewart
  • Ep: 15
  • The Devils
  • Guest Starring: John Stanton (Lord Holman)
  • Featuring: Ron Graham (Challis), Russell Newman (Egerton), Robin Bowering (Dunston), Beatrice Howe (Doctor), Murray Foy (Russell), George Haywood (Fisherman), Tiffany Lamb (Lucy), Paul Mason (Fordley), Kylie Fitzpatrick (Girl), Hetty Richer (Cook)
  • Written By: Ted Roberts
  • Directed By: Arch Nicholson
  • Ep: 16
  • The Plague
  • Guest Starring: Maud Adams (Catherine Balzac), Gary Day (Laroux)
  • Featuring: Bryon Williams (General Dupuis), Megan Shapcott (Dolphin Trainer), Jerry Lowley (Professor Lotte)
  • Written By: Rick Maier
  • Directed By: Colin Budds
  • Ep: 17
  • The Reprisal
  • Special Guest Star: Lynda Day George (Lisa Casey)
  • Guest Starring: David Cameron (Russell Acker)
  • Featuring: Marshall Napier (Talbot), Ralph Cotterill (Dr. Vincent), Chelsea Brown (Laura Ann), Paula Goodman (Marilyn), Peter Rollo (Pawn Broker), Ann Brisk (Pianist), Christina Ongley (Female Newsreader)
  • Written By: Walter Brough
  • Directed By: Rob Stewart
  • Ep: 18
  • The Submarine
  • Guest Starring: Mitchell Ryan (Admiral Edgar Sheppard)
  • Special Guest Star: Andrew Clarke (Captain O'Neill)
  • Featuring: Jonathan Hardy (Etienne Reynard), Noel Sheridan (Computer Operator), Malcolm Cork (Radio Operator), Andrew Booth (Navigator), John Eyeson-Annan (African Arms Dealer), Nancy Croll (Senior Customs Officer), David Woodley (Pilot)
  • Written By: Dale Duguid
  • Directed By: Colin Budds
  • Ep: 19
  • The Bayou
  • Guest Starring: Paula Kelly (Pepper Leveau), Frank Thring (Jake Morgan)
  • Featuring: Danielle Spencer (Diane Martin), Darren Dubb (Assistant Director)
  • Written By: Jeffrey M. Hayes
  • Directed By: Don Chaffey