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Scientist Adam Kane was a pioneer in genetic research, manipulating DNA to save human lives. But in many, their genes unexpectedly mutated and they developed superhuman abilities. Together, four of the most powerful fight to protect a world that doesn't even know they exist. They are -- Mutant X.

Season One: 22 episodes
1101Oct 01/01(US)The Shock of the New (part 1)
2102Oct 08/01(US)I Scream the Body Electric (part 2)
3103Oct 15/01(US)Russian Roulette
4104Oct 22/01(US)Fool For Love
5105Oct 29/01(US)Kilohertz
6106Nov 05/01(US)The Meaning of Death
7107Nov 12/01(US)Lit Fuse
8108Nov 19/01(US)In the Presence of Mine Enemies
9109Nov 26/01(US)Crime of the New Century
10110Dec 19/01(UK)Dark Star Rising
11111Jan 21/02(US)Whiter Shade of Pale
12112Jan 28/02(US)Double Vision
13113Feb 04/02(US)Blood Ties
14114Feb 11/02(US)Altered Ego
15115Feb 18/02(US)Lazarus Syndrome
16116Feb 25/02(US)Interface
17117Apr 04/02(UK)Presumed Guilty
18118Apr 11/02(UK)Ex Marks the Spot
19119Apr 11/02(UK)Nothing to Fear
20120Apr 17/02(UK)Deadly Desire
21122May 01/02(UK)Dancing on the Razor
22121May 01/02(UK)A Breed Apart

Season Two: 22 episodes
23201Sep 21/02(CA)Past as Prologue
24202Sep 28/02(CA)Power Play
25203Oct 11/02(CA)Time Squared
26204Oct 26/02(CA)Whose Woods Are These?
27205Nov 02/02(CA)The Future Revealed
28206Nov 09/02(CA)No Man Left Behind
29207Nov 11/02(US)Crossroads of the Soul
30208Nov 18/03(US)Sign From Above
31209Nov 25/03(US)Body & Soul
32210Jan 13/03(US)Understudy
33211Jan 20/03(US)The Grift
34212Jan 27/03(US)At Destiny's End
35213Feb 03/03(US)Within These Walls
36214Feb 10/03(US)Hard Time
37215Feb 17/03(US)Under the Cloak of War
38216Feb 24/03(US)Once Around
39217Mar 08/03(CA)Final Judgement
40218Apr 04/03(CA)Inferno
41219Apr 11/03(CA)One Step Closer
42220Apr 18/03(CA)Reality Check
43221Apr 25/03(CA)Reawakening
44222May 02/03(CA)Lest He Become

Season Three: 22 episodes
45301Sep 29/03(US)Into the Moonless Night
46302Oct 06/03(US)Wages of Sin
47303Oct 13/03(US)The Breed
48304Oct 22/03(US)Where Evil Dwells
49305Oct 27/03(US)The Taking of Crows
50306Nov 03/03(US)Shadows of Darkness
51307Nov 10/03(US)The Hand of God
52308Nov 17/03(US)Wasteland
53309Jan 12/04(US)No Exit
54310Jan 19/04(US)Brother's Keeper
55311Jan 26/04(US)Possibilities
56312Feb 02/04(US)Conspiracy Theory
57313Feb 09/04(US)Art of Attraction
58314Feb 16/04(US)A Normal Life
59315Feb 23/04(US)Divided Loyalties
60316Apr 05/04(US)Age of Innocence
61317Apr 12/04(US)She's Come Undone
62318Apr 19/04(US)In Between
63319Apr 26/04(US)Dream Lover
64320May 03/04(US)The Prophecy
65321May 10/04(US)Cirque des Merveilles
66322May 17/04(US)The Assault
Mutant X
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 66
Broadcast Run: 2001 - 2004
Starring: Forbes March
Victoria Pratt
Victor Webster
Karen Cliche (season 3)
Lauren Lee Smith (season 1-2)
John Shea (season 1-2)
Tom McCamus (season 1)
Based on a Concept Created By: Avi Arad
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Fireworks Entertainment
Marvel Studios
Tribune Entertainment
Copyright: © 2001-2004 Mutant X Productions Ltd.
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
IMDb: Mutant X