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My Secret Identity
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After being hit by a photon beam in his friend's lab, Andrew Clements gains super-powers. For the comic-loving teen, this is a dream come true.

Season One: 24 episodes
1Oct 03/88Pilot
2Oct 10/88A Walk on the Wild Side
3Oct 17/88Only Trying to Help
4Oct 24/88The Track Star
5Oct 31/88Memories
6Nov 07/88You've Got a Friend
7Nov 14/88For Old Time's Sake
8Nov 21/88The Lost Weekend
9Nov 28/88Forbidden Ground
10Dec 05/88It Only Hurts For a Little While
11Dec 12/88Grounded
12Jan 23/89The Eyes of the Shadow
13Jan 30/89The Video Connection
14Feb 06/89Toxic Time Bomb
15Feb 13/89Two Faces Have I
16Feb 20/89One on One
17Feb 27/89Stranger in the House
18Mar 06/89Secret Code
19Apr 24/89Look Before You Leap
20May 01/89Breaking the Ice
21May 08/91Give the Guy a Chance
22May 15/89When the Sun Goes Down
23May 22/89Lookin' For Trouble
24May 29/89The Set Up

Season Two: 24 episodes
25Oct 02/89Out of Control
26Oct 09/89Not So Fast
27Oct 16/89Nowhere to Hide
28Oct 23/89Photon Blues
29Oct 30/89Heading For Trouble
30Nov 06/89Long Shot
31Nov 13/89Along For the Ride
32Nov 20/89Collision Course
33Nov 27/89Troubled Waters
34Dec 04/89Don't Look Down
35Dec 11/89Caught in the Middle
36Jan 22/90Secrets For Sale
37Jan 29/90Running Home
38Feb 05/90Missing
39Feb 12/90Stolen Melodies
40Feb 19/90Toe to Toe
41Feb 26/90Reluctant Hero
42Apr 23/90Split Decision
43Apr 30/90Misfire
44May 07/90White Lies
45May 14/90Off the Record
46May 21/90Best Friends
47May 28/90More Than Meets the Eye
48Jun 04/90Seems Like Only Yesterday

Season Three: 24 episodes
49Oct 01/90Ground Control
50Oct 08/90Trading Places
51Oct 15/90Drop Out
52Oct 22/90Sour Grapes
53Oct 29/90First Love
54Nov 05/90Novel Idea
55Nov 12/90David's Dream
56Nov 19/90Bump in Time
57Nov 26/90Calendar Boy
58Feb 03/90Moving Out
59Jan 14/91Teen Hot Line
60Jan 21/91Trial by Peers
61Jan 28/91A Life in the Day of Dr. J
62Feb 04/91My Other Secret Identity
63Feb 11/91Pirate Radio
64Feb 18/91From the Trenches
65Feb 25/91The Invisible Dr. J
66Mar 04/91Three Men and a Skull
67Mar 11/91The Great Indoors
68Apr 22/91Dr. J's Brain Machine
69Apr 29/91Slave For a Day
70May 06/91Big Business
71May 13/91My Old Flame
72May 20/91A Bank, a Holdup, a Robber and a Hero
My Secret Identity
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 72
Broadcast Run: 1988 - 1991
Starring: Derek McGrath
Jerry O'Connell
Wanda Cannon
Marsha Moreau
Christopher Bolton (season 3)
Created By: Brian Levant
Fred Fox, Jr.
Broadcast Network: CTV
Production Company: Sunrise Films
Scholastic Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: My Secret Identity