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Mysterious Island
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A group of American Civil War refugees are escaping from a Confederate prison in a balloon when a storm sweeps them far out to sea. After many days they are approaching land when they are shot down over what they come to learn is an uncharted volcanic island. Their assailant remains hidden, not only watching them but influencing their environment for his own mysterious ends.

Season One: 22 episodes
1Jun 15/95Genesis (Genesis / The Island)
2Jun 22/95Down Under (Down Under / The Greenlight)
3Jun 29/95Safe Haven (Landslide / Granite House)
4Jul 06/95White Water (Gift From the Sea / White Water)
5Jul 13/95A Death in the Family (Message in a Bottle / A Death in the Family)
6Jul 20/95Love Thy Neighbour (Love Thy Neighbour / Manhunt)
7Jul 27/95All That Glitters (Treasure Hunt / To Sit in Judgement)
8Aug 03/95The Price of Vengeance (Cutler Returns / And Then There Were Four)
9Aug 10/95The Phantom's Lair (Into the Breach / A Meeting of Minds)
10Aug 17/95It Should be an Englishman (It Should be an Englishman / Gratitude For You)
11Aug 24/95No One Rules Me (Fire, Water and Rock / No One Rules Me)
12Aug 31/95He's Not Heavy (Watch Your Step / He's Not Heavy)
13Sep 07/95Make Yourselves a Home (Make Yourselves a Home / No Reservations)
14Sep 14/95First Impressions Are Skin Deep (A Man On a Mission / Today I Am a Man)
15Sep 21/95Gideon's Tale (Gideon's Tale, Part One / Gideon's Tale, Part Two)
16Sep 28/95Last Rites of Spring (Women of the World / A Duel or a Jewel)
17Oct 05/95Labours Lost (Labours Lost, Part One / Labours Lost, Part Two)
18Oct 12/95The Visitor (The Visitor, Part One / The Visitor, Part Two)
19Oct 19/95What Are You Afraid Of? (What Are You Afraid Of? / A Brief Encounter)
20Oct 26/95Plan and Attack (The Plan / The Attack)
21Nov 02/95A Pact With the Devil (Face to Face / A Pact With the Devil)
22Nov 09/95Going, Going... (Falling Apart / No Place Like Home)
* After it's original run the series was edited into 44 half hour episodes for syndication.
Mysterious Island
Genre: adventure, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour (original run)
half hour (syndication)
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22 (44 in syndication)
Broadcast Run: 1995
Starring: Alan Scarfe
C. David Johnson
Colette Stevenson
Stephen Lovatt
Gordon Michael Woolvett
Andy Marshall
John Bach
Inspired by the Novel "The Mysterious Island" By: Jules Verne
Broadcast Network: Family
Production Company: Atlantis Films
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Mysterious Island