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Mysterious Ways
Season One - 22 episodes
1Jul 24/00(US)Amazing Grace
2Jul 31/00(US)The Gray Lady
3Aug 07/00(US)The Midas Touch
4Aug 14/00(US)Camp Sanopi
5Aug 21/00(US)Spirit Junction
6Aug 28/00(US)Twins
7Sep 04/00(US)Crazy
8Sep 11/00(US)The Ties That Bind
9Sep 12/00(US)Demons
10Nov 07/00(US)Crystal Clear
11Nov 14/00(US)Stranger in the Mirror
12Nov 21/00(US)Handshake
13Nov 28/00(US)Intentions
14Dec 19/00(US)Reason to Cry
15Jan 01/01(US)The Greater Good
16Jan 08/01(US)Yesterday
17Jan 09/01(US)19A
18Jan 15/01(US)Strike Two
19Jan 22/01(US)Dead Dog Walking
20Jan 29/01(US)Wonderful
21Feb 06/01(US)Do You See What I See?
22May 01/01(US)John Doe No. 28

Season Two - 22 episodes
23Jul 13/01(US)Phoenix
24Jul 20/01(US)One of Us
25Jul 27/01(US)Pure of Heart
26Aug 03/01(US)Condemned
27Sep 04/01(US)Lost Souls
28Sep 18/01(US)Spike
29Oct 02/01(US)Child of Wonder
30Oct 09/01(US)29
31Oct 16/01(US)Love is Divine
32Nov 06/01(US)The Big Picture
33Nov 13/01(US)A Time To Every Purpose
34Nov 27/01(US)Doctor in the House
35Dec 11/01(US)The Last Dance
36Jan 15/02(US)Free Spirit
37Jan 22/02(US)Spark of Life
38Feb 05/02(US)Face in the Crowd
39Feb 26/02(US)Logan Miller
40Mar 19/02(US)Friends in Need
41Mar 26/02(US)A Man of God
42Apr 30/02(US)Muti
43May 07/02(US)Listen
44May 14/02(US)Something Fishy

Ever since he survived being buried in an avalanche, Professor Declan Dunn has been fascinated by so-called miracles and spends all of his free time investigating 'miraculous phenomona' with the help of his friends, Dr. Peggy Fowler, a psychiatrist at a nearby hospital, and Miranda, his reaearch assistant.

Mysterious Ways
Genre: drama, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 44
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2002
Starring: Adrian Pasdar
Rae Dawn Chong
Alisen Down
Created By: Peter O'Fallon
Broadcast Network: PAX
Production Company: Paxson Entertainment
Lions Gate Television
Crescent Entertainment
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
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