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Meet Jack Ryder, perpetually unemployed Sociology graduate who survives by taking one temp job after another. From hamster wrangling to being a corpse in a terrorist drill, no job is too odd for our Jack.

Season One: 13 episodes
EpPNAirdateOdd JobTitle
1101Mar 05/03(CA)MorticianDeath & Life
2102Jun 28/03(CA)Security GuardI Watch the Watchmen
3103Jul 05/03(CA)Hamster WranglerThe Wheel is Not Enough
4104Jul 12/03(CA)Test SubjectEasy Ryder
5105Jul 19/03(CA)WaiterWaiting For Gordo
6106Jul 26/03(CA)Tree PlanterGo West, Young Ryder
7107Jul 01/04(CA)Dental AssistantFatal Extraction
8108Jul 12/04(CA)Ride AttendantHolyland
9109Jul 22/04(CA)StockbrokerBroke & Broker
10110Jul 28/04(CA)Assistant CoachSkateballs of Steel
11111Aug 02/04(CA)RoadieAlmost Wormless
12112Aug 06/04(CA)Game TesterFantasy Atoll
13113Aug 14/04(CA)Wienermobile DriverAmerican Wiener

Season Two: 13 episodes
EpPNAirdateOdd JobTitle
14201Jul 23/05(CA)Ad WhizThe Two Marketeers
15202Jul 30/05(CA)Teacher's AssistantThe Lord of the Three Ringed Binder
16203Aug 06/05(CA)Game Show ContestantThe Iron Temp
17204Aug 13/05(CA)StagehandOrgy: The Musical
18205Aug 20/05(CA)Personal AssistantYou Suck!
19206Aug 27/05(CA)SoldierJack Ryder Goes to War
20207Sep 03/05(CA)Odd Job John
21208Sep 10/05(CA)DoulaThe Ten Labours of Jack Ryder
22209Sep 17/05(CA)Meter MaidNight of the Flesh-Eating Zombie Meter Maids
23210Sep 24/05(CA)Gift WrapperA Christmas Coma
24211Oct 01/05(CA)BellhopThe Biggest Bang
25212Oct 08/05(CA)AstronautClose Encounters of the Uncomfortable Kind
26213Oct 15/05(CA)Court ReporterLaw & Lawlessness

Season Three: 13 episodes
EpPNAirdateOdd JobTitle
27301Jul 22/06(CA)CroupierTwenty-One, You're Dead
28302Jul 29/06(CA)ArchaeologistJack Ryder and the Fountain of Life
29303Aug 05/06(CA)Royal TimekeeperThe Temp, the Slut, the Queen and Her Corgis
30304Aug 12/06(CA)Substitute TeacherKindergarten Temp
31305Aug 19/06(CA)Construction WorkerDragon Dueler
32306Aug 26/06(CA)Garbage DetectiveThe Big Dump
33307Sep 02/06(CA)Corpse29.5
34308Sep 09/06(CA)Campaign AssistantA Candidacy of Dunces
35309Sep 16/06(CA)Hip-Hop ClownThe Great White Joke
36310Sep 23/06(CA)NoseThe Man Who Smelled Too Much
37311Sep 30/06(CA)Crab FishermanClaws
38312Oct 07/06(CA)Social WorkerJack Ryder Gets Hitched (part 1)
39313Oct 14/06(CA)MissionaryMy Big Miserable African Honeymoon (part 2)

Season Four: 13 episodes
EpPNAirdateOdd JobTitle
40401Jul 22/07(CA)Corporate MascotNo One Likes a Gorilla
41402Jul 29/07(CA)Magician's AssistantJack Ryder: Mindhumper
42403Aug 05/07(CA)LocksmitheeThe Good Locksmith
43404Aug 12/07(CA)ExterminatorInsecticidal Tendencies
44405Aug 19/07(CA)Flight AttendantThe Flight of the Bumbling Idiot
45406Aug 26/07(CA)Plastic Surgeon AssistantThe Beauty Beast
46407Sep 02/07(CA)Limousine DriverRyder's Ride
47408Sep 09/07(CA)Egg FarmerJack to the Future
48409Sep 16/07(CA)Career CounselorMaster of Temps
49410Sep 23/07(CA)Spray TannerRevolving Jack (clip show)
50411Sep 30/07(CA)Process ServerYou Almost Got Served!
51412Oct 07/07(CA)HoKing Whore
52413Oct 14/07(CA)AnimatorJack and the Magic Pencil
Odd Job Jack
Genre: comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2003 - 2007
Starring: Don McKellar
Matthew Ferguson
Jeremy Diamond
Teress Morton (season 1-3)
Created By: Adrian Carter
Denny Silverthorne
Jeremy Diamond
Broadcast Network: The Comedy Network
Production Company: Smiley Guy Studios
Country of Origin: Canada
Official Website: Odd Job Jack
IMDb: Odd Job Jack