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The Penguins of Madagascar
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Season One: 26 episodes
1a101aMay 09/09Popcorn Panic
1b101bNov 29/08Gone in a Flash
2a102aApr 09/09Tangled in the Web
2b102bJul 09/09Crown Fools
3a103aMar 28/09Launchtime
3b103bMar 28/09Haunted Habitat
4a104aMar 30/09Operation: Plush & Cover
4b104bMar 31/09Happy King Julien Day!
5a105aApr 01/09Paternal Egg-Stinct
5b105bApr 02/09Assault & Batteries
6a106aApr 06/09Penguiner Takes All
6b106bApr 07/09Two Feet High and Rising
7a107aApr 18/09The Hidden
7b107bApr 18/09Kingdom Come
8a108aApr 24/09Little Zoo Coupe
8b108bApr 24/09All Choked Up
9a109aMay 30/09Go Fish
9b109bMay 30/09Miracle on Ice
10a110aJun 06/09Needle Point
10b110bJun 06/09Eclipsed
11a111aJun 26/09Mort Unbound
11b111bJun 26/09Roomies
12a112aAug 17/09Roger Dodger
12b112bAug 01/09Lemur See, Lemur Do
13a113aAug 18/09Otter Gone Wild
13b113bAug 19/09Cat's Cradle
14a114aAug 01/09Misfortune Cookie
14b114bAug 20/09Monkey Love
15a115aAug 17/09Skorca
15b115bAug 21/09Tagged
16a116aSep 19/09What Goes Around
16b116bSep 19/09Mask of the Racoon
17117Feb 15/10Dr. Blowhole's Revenge
18a118aOct 12/09Out of the Groove
18b118bOct 12/09Jungle Law
19a119aOct 24/09I Was a Penguin Zombie
19b119bOct 24/09Sting Operation
20a120aNov 27/09Command Crisis
20b120bNov 27/09Truth Ache
21a121aNov 14/09All King, No Kingdom
21b121bNov 14/09Untouchable
22a122aDec 05/09An Elephant Never Forgets
22b122bDec 05/09Otter Things Have Happened
23a123aNov 27/09Miss Understanding
23b123bNov 27/09Over Phil
24a124aJan 16/10Jiggles
24b124bJan 02/10Zoo Tube
25a125aJan 02/10Snakehead!
25b125bFeb 06/10The Falcon and the Snow Job
26a126aFeb 06/10The Penguin Stays in the Picture
26b126bOct 09/10Huffin and Puffin

Season Two: 39 episodes
27a201aMar 13/10The Red Squirrel
27b201bMar 13/10It's About Time
28a202aSep 11/10Kaboom and Kabust
28b202bSep 11/10The Helmet
29a203aSep 04/10Stop Bugging Me
29b203bSep 11/10Field Tripped
30a204aMay 15/10Gator Watch
30b204bMay 15/10In the Line of Doody
31205Jul 19/10The Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel
32a206aSep 18/10Night and Dazed
32b206bSep 18/10The Big Squeeze
33a207aJun 19/10Can't Touch This
33b207bJun 19/10Hard Boiled Eggy
34a208aOct 02/10Wishful Thinking
34b208bOct 02/10April Fools
35a209aOct 09/10Hello, Dollface
35b209bJul 19/10Fit to Print
36a210aJul 19/10Operation: Cooties
36b210bOct 23/10Driven to the Brink
37a211aJul 19/10Mr. Tux
37b211bJul 19/10Concrete Jungle Survival
38a212aOct 23/10Friend-in-a-Box
38b212bSep 04/10Badger Pride
39a213aOct 16/10Invention Intervention
39b213bOct 16/10Cradle and All
40214Dec 12/10The All Nighter Before Christmas
41a215aNov 06/10Work Order
41b215bNov 06/10Hot Ice
42a216aJan 15/11Whispers and Coups
42b216bJan 15/11Brush With Danger!
43a217aMar 31/12Alienated
43b217bApr 18/12The Otter Woman
44a218aFeb 12/11The Officer X Factor
44b218bFeb 12/11Love Hurts
45a219aOct 08/11Operation: Good Deed
45b219bOct 08/11When the Chips are Down
46a220aMar 19/11Kanga Management
46b220bMar 19/11Rat Fink
47a221aFeb 26/11Right Hand Man
47b221bFeb 26/11Brain Drain
48a222aApr 02/11Cute-Astrophe
48b222bMar 26/11King Julien For a Day
49a223aJun 17/11A Visit From Uncle Nigel
49b223bMar 26/11Maurice at Peace
50a224aMar 19/11Danger Wears a Cape
50b224bMar 19/11Operation: Break-Speare
51a225aJun 13/11Operation: Neighbor Swap
51b225bJun 16/11Herring Impaired
52a226aJun 15/11Rock-a-Bye Birdie
52b226bJun 14/11All Tied Up With a Boa
53a227aFeb 11/12Loathe at First Sight
53b227bFeb 11/12The Trouble With Jiggles
54a228aMay 06/12Hair Apparent
54b228bMay 06/12Love Takes Flightless
55229Aug 20/11The Hoboken Surprise
56a230aSep 24/11Pets Peeved
56b230bSep 24/11Byte-Sized
57a231aNov 26/11Arch-Enemy
57b231bNov 26/11The Big S.T.A.N.K.
58a232aMar 31/12The Most Dangerous Game Night
58b232bMay 27/12Street Smarts
59a233aOct 10/11Time Out
59b233bOct 10/11Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan
60234Sep 09/11The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, Part 1
61235Sep 09/11The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole, Part 2
62a236aOct 10/11Gut Instinct
62b236bOct 10/11I Know Why the Caged Bird Goes Insane
63237Jan 16/12Operation: Antarctica
64a238aMay 27/12Nighty Night Ninja
64b238bJun 17/12Siege the Day
65a239aJan 16/12The Big Move
65b239bJan 16/12Endangerous Species

Season Three: 15 episodes
66a301aMay 13/12Littlefoot
66b301bMay 13/12Smotherly Love
67a302aJun 03/12A Kipper For Skipper
67b302bJun 03/12High Moltage
68303Apr 22/12Operation: Big Blue Marble
69a304aApr 16/12Feline Fervor
69b304bApr 19/12Action Reaction
70a305aJun 17/12Mental Hen
70b305bApr 20/12Thumb Drive
71a306aMay 20/12Antics on Ice
71b306bMay 20/12Showdown on Fairway 18
72a307aApr 17/12King Me
72b307bJul 29/12Private and the Winky Factory
73a308aDec 11/12(UK)Best Foes
73b308bDec 11/12(UK)Night of the Vesuviuses
74309Dec 12/12(AU)Operation: Lunacorn Apocalypse
75a310aJun 10/12Nuts to You
75b310bJun 10/12The Terror of Madagascar
76a311aNov 03/12Best Laid Plantains
76b311bJul 29/12P.E.L.T.
77a312aDec 01/12Operation: Swap-panzee
77b312bDec 01/12Snowmageddon
78a313aFeb 05/13(RU)Tunnel of Love
78b313bNov 03/12Skipper Makes Perfect
79314Feb 07/13(RU)The Penguin Who Loved Me
80a315aNov 10/12Marble Jarhead
80b315bNov 10/12Goodnight and Good Chuck

Movies & Specials
May 27/05(US)Madagascar (85 mins)
Oct 07/05(US)The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper (12 mins)
Nov 07/08(US)Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (89 mins)
Nov 17/09(US)Merry Madagascar (28 mins)
Jun 08/12(US)Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (93 mins)
Jan 29/13(DVD)Madly Madagascar (22 mins)
The Penguins of Madagascar
Genre: comedy, adventure
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 80 (149 stories)
Broadcast Run: 2008 - 2012
Starring: Tom McGrath
John DiMaggio
Jeff Bennett
James Patrick Stuart
Danny Jacobs
Kevin Michael Richardson
Andy Richter
Based on Characters Created By: Tom McGrath
Eric Darnell
Mireille Soria
Directed By: Bret Haaland
Broadcast Network: Nickelodeon
Production Company: DreamWorks Animation
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: The Penguins of Madagascar