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Phil of the Future
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A comedy that's ahead of it's time

Season One: 21 episodes
1101Aug 13/04Future Tutor
2102Aug 13/04Future Jock
3103Apr 08/05Corner Pocket
4104Aug 13/04You Say Toe-Mato
5105Jun 18/04Meet the Curtis
6106Aug 06/04Pheremonally Yours
7107Mar 25/05Milkin' It
8108Oct 01/04We'll Fix it in Editing
9109Jan 01/05Double Trouble
10110Jun 18/04Unification Day
11111Jun 18/04Your Cheatin' Heart
12112Nov 12/04Age Before Beauty
13113Jun 18/04Phillin' In
14114Jul 23/04Daddy Dearest
15115Jul 09/04My Way
16116Oct 28/05Team Diffy
17117Aug 27/04Doggie Daycare
18118Jun 25/04Tanner
19119Oct 08/04Halloween
20120Jul 02/04Raging Bull
21121Dec 10/04Neander-Phil

Season Two: 22 episodes
22201Jun 26/05Virtu-Date
23202Jun 25/05Versa Day
24203Jul 24/05Dinner Time
25204Jul 09/05The Giggle
26205Sep 09/05Mummy's Boy
27206Aug 05/05Tia, Via or Me... Uhh
28207Aug 05/05Get Ready to Go-Go
29208Aug 21/05Phil Without a Future
30209Mar 31/06Happy Nird-day
31210Aug 27/05Time Release Capsule
32211Sep 23/05Maybe-Sitting
33212Jun 24/06Ill of the Future
34213Dec 02/05Christmas Break
35214Sep 30/05Good Phil Hunting
36215Jan 06/06Stuck in the Meddle With You
37216Jul 07/06Where's the Wizard?
38217Oct 21/05Pim-cipal
39218Nov 27/05It's a Wonder-Phil Life
40219Mar 24/06Broadcast Blues
41220Nov 11/05Phil of the Garage
42221Aug 11/06Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa
43222Aug 19/06Back to the Future (Not the Movie)
Phil of the Future
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 43
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2006
Starring: Ricky Ullman
Amy Bruckner
Craig Anton
Lise Simms
Alyson Michalka
Created By: Douglas Tuber
Tim Maile
Broadcast Network: Disney
Production Company: 2121 Productions
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Phil of the Future