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Season One
James Purefoy ... Teddy Rist
Neve Campbell ... Olivia Maidstone
Michael Kenneth Williams ... Dax Vahagn
Lindy Booth ... A.J. Butterfield
Jesse L. Martin ... Philip Maidstone
  • Ep: 1
  • Guest Starring: Krista Allen (Julia Rist), Bonnie Henna (Chima Balo), Treva Etienne (The Dealer), Gloria Votsis (Luellen)
  • Co-Starring: James Albrecht (Gerard Kim), Obed Baloyi (Native Man), Mary Anne Barlow (Interviewer), Hlayani Molatana (Oumar), James Ngcobo (Health Minister), Lindani Nkosi (Government Greeter), Anthony Oseyemi (Hotel Manager), Nat Ramabulana (Concierge), Alex Ramsay-Farber (Bobby Rist), Malusi Skenjana (Sergeant), Nigel Whitmey (DEA Commander), Glenn Wrage (Agent Perry)
  • Teleplay By: Tom Fontana
  • Story By: Tom Fontana & Charlie Corwin & Jim Juvonen
  • Directed By: Peter Horton
  • Ep: 2
  • Myanmar
  • Guest Starring: David Clennon (DeWitt), Alain Uy (Saw Maung), Lucy Brown (Deborah Rogeaux)
  • Co-Starring:
  • Teleplay By: Brant Englestein
  • Story By: Lukas Reiter & Brant Englestein
  • Directed By: Ed Fraiman
  • Ep: 3
  • Paris
  • Guest Starring: Karel Roden (Bayonne / Krivosheenko), Lambert Wilson (Yves Moehringer), Linda Hardy (Isabelle), Marc Duret (Detective Collin)
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By: Hannah Shalespeare
  • Directed By: Duane Clark
  • Ep: 4
  • Nigeria, Part 2
  • Guest Starring: Bonnie Henna (Chima Balo), Danny Johnson (), Treva Etienne (The Dealer), Julian Joseph (Duane Glynn), Daniel Kaluuya (), Wale Ojo (Chief Bankole)
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By: Tom Fontana
  • Directed By: Jonas Pate
  • Ep: 5
  • Kosovo
  • Guest Starring: Krista Allen (Julia Rist), Nick Chinlund (Ray Burn), Marcel Iures (Perovich)
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By: John McNamara
  • Directed By: John Strickland
  • Ep: 6
  • San Diego
  • Guest Starring: Mark Pellegrino (Walter), Jesse Lee Soffer (Private Dean Fitzsimmons), Eddie McGee (Bill), Jake McLaughlin (Corporal Michael Whitmere), Kari Matchett (Renee Adams), Eve Gordon (Brenda Fitzsimmons), Michael Whaley (Colonel Halden)
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By: Kyle Bradstreet & Brant Englestein
  • Directed By: Charles Beeson
  • Ep: 7
  • Kashmir
  • Guest Starring: Sarita Choudhury (Rhada Shivpuri), Zach Grenier (Tyler Timson), Silas Carson (), Alyy Khan ()
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By: Jim Juvonen
  • Directed By: Andy Wilson
  • Ep: 8
  • Haiti
  • Guest Starring: Jonathan Adams (Jean), Anthony Armatrading (Minister of Finance), Enuka Okuma (Martine Joix), Reno Wilson (Luc)
  • Co-Starring:
  • Written By: John McNamara
  • Directed By: Jonas Pate