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The Phoenix
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Season One
Judson Scott ... Bennu of the Golden Light
Richard Lynch ... Agent Jason Preminger
  • Ep:
  • The Phoenix
  • Starring: Judson Scott (Bennu), Fernando Allende (Diego DeVarga)
  • And: E.G. Marshall (Dr. Ward Frazier)
  • Guest Stars: Shelley Smith (Noel Marshall), Daryl Anderson (Dr. Clifford Davis), Hersha Parady (Lynn), Jimmy Mair (Tim), Lyman Ward (Howard), Carmen Argenziano (Kingston), Stanley Kamel (Murray), Angus Duncan (Surgeon)
  • Co-Starring: Richard Lynch (Preminger), Patricia Conklin (Nurse), Terry Jastrow (Hood), James Malinda (Croupier), Paul Marin (Anesthesiologist), Wayne Storm (Patrolman), Brett Williams (Technician)
  • Written By: Anthony and Nancy Lawrence
  • Directed By: Douglas Hickox

  • Ep: 1
  • In Search of Mira
  • Cast: E.G. Marshall (Dr. Ward Frazier), Jenny Parsons (Darlene), Bert Remsen (Hal Massey), John Vernon (Harry Atkins), Sandy Ward (Unger), Terry Wills (Woods), Britt Leach (Sheriff)
  • Written By: Leigh Vance
  • Directed By: Douglas Hickox
  • Ep: 2
  • One of Them
  • Guest Starring: Andrea Marcovicci (Dr. DeLacey Coleman), Carmen Zapata (Carlo), Lawrence Casey (Aide)
  • Also Starring: Peter Michael Goetz (Professor), Gene Ross (Police Chief), Behrouz Vossi (Abe), Sheila Frazier (Mira), Debbie Richter (Co-ed), Marshall Teague (), Josh Cadman (George), Marc Alaimo (Sheriff), John Zenda (Dog Handler)
  • Written By: Mark Carliner
  • Directed By: Reza Badiyi
  • Ep: 3
  • A Presence of Evil
  • Guest Starring: Lee Purcell (Cindy Houghton), Kaz Garas (Jack Houghton)
  • And: Jeremy Licht (Roddy)
  • Co-Starring: Robert O'Reilly (Dolfo), Jim Staskel (George), Tobias Anderson (Buck), Carol Vogel (Mrs. Carpenter), Nancy Grahn (Holly), Bill Dearth (First Cop), Joan Foley (Freda), Rudy Daniels (Preminger's Aide), Lisa Morton (Penny)
  • Written By: David Guthrie
  • Directed By: Douglas Hickox
  • Ep: 4
  • The Fire Within
  • Also Starring: John Milford (Harry Cartwright), Tracey Gold (Jan), Eileen Davidson (Ellie), Peter Icangelo (Fred Barford), Woody Eney (Aide), Karen Anders (News Stand Lady), Carmen Argenziano (Dave), Bret Shryer (Robby), Rick Grassi (), Nocona Aranda (Mr. Fast), Ned Bellamy (Electrician), Noel Conlon (Fire Captain), Fred Franklin (Tardoff), Sam Laws (Albert), Nelson Mashita (Doorman)
  • Written By: David Guthrie
  • Directed By: Reza Badiyi