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Thurgood Stubbs is a building superintendant in the Hilton-Jacobs projects who is always getting into trouble with (or because of) his wacky neighbors.

Season One: 14 episodes
1P-703Jan 10/99Hangin' With Mr. Super
2P-707Jan 12/99Bone, Bugs 'n' Harmony
3P-701Jan 19/99The Door
4P-704Jan 26/99Journal Fever
5P-702Feb 02/99Rich Man, Porn Man
6P-705Feb 09/99Bougie Nights
7P-708Feb 16/99A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Super
8P-709Feb 23/99He's Gotta Have It
9P-710Apr 06/99Boyz 'n' the Woods
10P-711Apr 13/99Operation Gumbo Drop
11P-712May 04/99U Go Kart
12P-713May 11/99House Potty
13P-706May 18/99Haiti Sings the Blues
14P-723Dec 17/99How the Super Stole Christmas

Season Two: 17 episodes
15P-715May 30/00Home School Daze
16P-716May 30/00The Postman's Always Shot Twice
17P-719Jun 06/00The Preacher's Life
18P-718Jun 13/00The HJs
19P-717Jun 13/00Haiti and the Tramp
20P-720Jun 27/00Smokey the Squatter
21P-721Jun 27/00Weaves Have a Dream
22P-731Jul 04/00Let's Get Ready to Crumble
23P-725Jul 04/00Who Da Boss
24P-726Jul 11/00Fear of a Black Rat
25P-722Jul 11/00Ghetto Superstars
26P-728Jul 18/00What's Eating Juicy Hudson?
27P-714Jul 25/00The Jeffersons
28P-729Aug 01/00Robbin' HUD
29P-735Aug 15/00Cliffhangin' With Mr. Super
30P-727Aug 29/00The Last Affirmative Action Hero
31P-730Sep 05/00A Parole Officer and a Gentleman

Season Three: 12 episodes
32P-732Oct 08/00Boyz Under the Hood
33P-724Dec 31/00Scarthroat
34237501Feb 04/01Smoke Gets in Your High Rise
35237502Feb 11/01National Buffoon's European Vacation
36237503Feb 18/01Cruising For a Bluesing
37237504Feb 25/01It Takes a Thurgood
38237505Apr 29/01Miracle Cleaner on 134th Street
39237506May 06/01Survival in tha Hood
40237507May 13/01Let's Get Ready to Rumba
41237508May 20/01A Race to His Credit
42P-733unairedClip Show
43P-734unairedRed Man's Burden
The PJs
Genre: comedy
Show Type: stop-motion animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 43
Broadcast Run: 1999 - 2001
Starring: Eddie Murphy
Loretta Devine
James Black
Michael P. Chan
Cassi Davis
Ja'net DuBois
Cheryl Francis Harrington
Shawn M. Howard
Jenifer Lewis
Crystal Scales
Michele Morgan
Kevin Michael Richardson
Pepe Serna
Marc Wilmore
Mark Moseley
Created By: Eddie Murphy
Steve Tompkins
Larry Wilmore
Broadcast Network: FOX (season 1-2)
The WB (season 3)
Production Company: Imagine Television
The Murphy Company
Will Vinton Studios
Touchstone Television
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: The PJs