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Dr. Samantha Waters is a forensic psychologist working for the Violent Crimes Task Force, with an elite team of specialists, profiling the worst criminals in the country. But she also has a personal agenda: to find the serial killer known only as Jack of All Trades, who killed her husband and has been stalking her for years.

Season One: 22 episodes
1Sep 21/96Insight
2Sep 28/96Ring of Fire
3Oct 19/96Unholy Alliance
4Oct 26/96I'll Be Watching You
5Nov 02/96Unsoiled Sovereignty
6Nov 09/96Modus Operandi
7Nov 16/96Night Dreams
8Dec 14/96Cruel & Unusual
9Jan 04/97Sorcerer's Apprentice
10Jan 11/97Shattered Silence
11Jan 18/97Doppelganger
12Feb 01/97Learning From the Masters
13Feb 08/97The House That Jack Built
14Feb 15/97Shadow of Angels, Part I
15Feb 15/97Shadow of Angels, Part II
16Mar 08/97Film at Eleven
17Mar 22/97Crisis
18Apr 05/97Blue Highway
19Apr 12/97FTX: Field Training Exercise
20Apr 26/97Into the Abyss
21May 10/97Venom, Part I
22May 10/97Venom, Part II

Season Two: 20 episodes
23Nov 01/97Ambition in the Blood
24Nov 08/97Primal Scream
25Nov 15/97It Cuts Both Ways
26Nov 22/97Second Best
27Dec 06/97Power Corrupts
28Dec 13/97Old Acquaintance (part 1)
29Jan 03/98Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick (part 2)
30Jan 10/98Victims of Victims
31Jan 17/98Birthright
32Jan 31/98Dying to Live
33Feb 07/98Ties That Bind
34Mar 07/98Shoot to Kill
35Mar 14/98Bloodlust
36Mar 21/98Every Five Minutes
37Mar 28/98Breaking Point
38Apr 04/98Lethal Obsession
39Apr 11/98Cycle of Violence
40May 02/98Die Beautiful
41/42May 09/98The Root of All Evil (two hours)

Season Three: 22 episodes
4362951Oct 17/98Coronation
4462952Oct 24/98Cravings
4562953Oct 31/98Do the Right Thing
4662954Nov 07/98Double Vision
4762955Nov 14/98The Sum of Her Parts
4862956Nov 21/98The Monster Within
4962957Dec 05/98Perfect Helen
5062958Dec 12/98Home For the Homicide
5162959Jan 02/99All in the Family
5262960Jan 09/99Ceremony of Innocence
5362961Jan 16/99Where or When?
5462962Feb 06/99Inheritance
5562963Feb 13/99Heads, You Lose
5662964Feb 20/99Otis, California
5762965Feb 27/99Spree of Love
5862966Mar 20/99Burnt Offerings
5962967Apr 03/99Three Carat Crisis
6062968Apr 10/99Seduction
3ABP19May 08/99End Game (part 1 - Pretender episode)
6162969May 08/99Grand Master (part 2 - Pretender crossover)
6262970Jun 05/99What's Love Got to Do With It?
63/6462971May 15/99La Brisas (two hours)

Season Four: 20 episodes
6563351Sep 25/99Reunion, Part I
6663351Oct 02/99Reunion, Part II
6763353Oct 30/99Blind Eye
6863354Nov 06/99Old Ghosts
6963355Nov 13/99Infidelity
7063356Dec 04/99To Serve & Protect
7163358Dec 11/99Original Sin
7263357Jan 08/00Train Man
7363359Jan 15/00Quid Pro Quo
4ABP12Feb 05/00Spin Doctor (part 1 - Pretender episode)
7463361Feb 05/00Clean Sweep (part 2 - Pretender crossover)
7563360Feb 12/00Random Act
7663362Feb 19/00Besieged
7763363Feb 26/00Proteus
7863364Mar 11/00Paradise Lost
7963365Mar 18/00The Long Way Home
8063366Mar 25/00House of Cards
8163367Apr 22/00Mea Culpa
8263368Apr 29/00Pianissimo (Pretender crossover)
8363369Jul 01/00Tsuris
8463370May 06/00On Your Marks
Genre: crime, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 84
Broadcast Run: 1996 - 2000
Starring: Ally Walker
Robert Davi
Julian McMahon
Roma Maffia
Michael Whaley
Peter Frechette
Erica Gimple
Caitlin Wachs
Created By: Cynthia Saunders
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Three Putt Productions
Sander/Moses Productions
NBC Studios
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: The Pretender (1996)
IMDb: Profiler